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Conversation Between Kudryavka and Seishi
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  1. Kudryavka
    2010-08-24 20:27
    The IRC? Oh yah I forgot I had it. But I won't come back until I join MAL. Which will be when I start throwing most of my life to anime. Which will be between three years from now and never.
  2. Seishi
    2010-08-24 20:25
    It's quite alright. If you can handle my IRC chan then you can hang out there too, if you want. I haven't seen you around for a while.
  3. Kudryavka
    2010-08-24 20:22
    No I didn't realize it was a pun. Why? Because I fail hard at common sense. Please excuse me.
  4. Seishi
    2010-08-24 20:21
    I'm not sure why you'd be offended by my harmless joke, unless you didn't realize it was a pun.
  5. Kudryavka
    2010-08-24 20:17
    Peek a boo, did I find you? I wasn't even looking, though I was wondering who that was.

    Frustration no. If you don't like what I said, let's talk. That was legit, not just me trolling for the hell of it.
  6. Seishi
    2010-08-24 20:12
    Are you frustrated?
  7. Kudryavka
    2010-07-07 16:37
    All right, you too.
  8. Seishi
    2010-07-07 15:26
    Hey there, just stopping by. Have fun with Saimoe again

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