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Conversation Between Kudryavka and Mr.Raw
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-11 13:22
    Tell me your long story, how did you get stuck?
  2. Kudryavka
    2013-02-11 13:05
    Thank you man. You're helping me out.

    I'll just wait for my other to grow up and mature, I guess.
  3. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-11 13:04
    Eh....ehm....good luck with that. =_="
  4. Kudryavka
    2013-02-10 18:14
    Long story, I got stuck. But the guy here is just so much more mature and nice, the one from my world always likes to pick on me...
  5. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-10 17:56
    Wait what...then what are you doing here? Go back to the other universe!

    Be patient sweet pea, your time to bloom has yet to come.
  6. Kudryavka
    2013-02-10 17:51
    I know because I am from that same universe. We are both the same age and he has a crush on me.

    And I guess you are right. I will never be with him. At least not until mine gets older.
  7. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-10 17:47
    Do you believe in that? How are you so sure that his counterpart has the same age or how do you even know his counter is even near you? For all I know your counterpart there could be 20 as well

    Sorry, but I can't take you serious on that note. Don't reason with "other dimensions" or anything like that. If we all did that, then I could just commit murder and get away with it, because his "counterpart" still lives. You live NOW and this world. In this world you are just not able (yet) to have a relationship with him. Just accept that. I guess you can call it the harsh reality of life.
  8. Kudryavka
    2013-02-10 17:27
    But his counterpart from my universe who is my age has a crush on me. So shouldnt it be the same here?
  9. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-10 17:16
    Well yea, that's exactly the point. You haven't had your puberty yet, or it would set in right about now.
    A friend of mine has a little sister and she is 17 years old. She currently has a relationship with a 54 year old man. So I guess the situation could be somewhat similar for the age-difference. As you can see, they are in a relationship. That is because she is old enough to think for herself, at least, her parents think like that. I am totally against it, but I will keep my opinion out of this for now. I know you hear a lot of things like "love has no boundaries" or something like that. The reality however, is very different. Society also thinks very different about that. You have the right to love everyone you like, that is, if you're an adult, or at least have the ability/permission (from your parents) to make decisions for yourself. About the society part: I think a major part of society would also disapprove of this. For the same reasons actually. These kinds of things do happen in some countries, but only because the child is forced to marry another (older) guy by her parents. Though I must say there is no romance or whatever, just financial reasons I guess. Which is illegal in most countries, of course.
  10. Kudryavka
    2013-02-10 16:57
    Because I'm too young. We have a family relationship though, I think he sees himself more as an older brother or father than a lover.

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