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Conversation Between Sugar_Prayer and KongZilla
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  1. KongZilla
    2010-01-06 23:28
    Hehehe, sorry about that... just missed you a lot

    So, what are you new year's resolutions, Sugar-chan?
  2. Sugar_Prayer
    2010-01-06 20:49
    Keh... *blushes*

    Its alright, a Happy New Year to you to!
  3. KongZilla
    2010-01-03 18:08
    Sorry I wasn't here to greet you happy new year. But I'll make it up by giving you one, big...


    Hmm? Gotten bigger? XD
  4. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-12-31 08:07

    I'm glad to! <3
  5. KongZilla
    2009-12-25 19:13
    I'm doing great too. And I'm glad you boosted your grades. I'm so happy for you, Sugar-chan!
  6. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-12-24 09:54

    I did pretty good on the tests! It boosted my grades!

    How are you?
  7. KongZilla
    2009-12-22 03:20
    Don't worry about it! ^_^

    I was actually worried about you but I'm glad you're doing fine. So how was your tests?
  8. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-12-20 11:19
    Uwaa!!! I'm back! I've been gone for so long!! I'm Sorrrryyyyyy!!! T_T

    Tests, my brother's birthday, and a HUGE snowstorm have managed to keep me busy for a while~
  9. KongZilla
    2009-11-09 21:05
    I'm glad you do! ^_^

    I especially love anime with boob gags
  10. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-11-09 21:02
    I definetly see your point.

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