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Conversation Between Sugar_Prayer and Tamao-chan
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  1. Tamao-chan
    2010-01-21 20:58
    How long were you there?
  2. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-12-20 11:34
    I don't know... Still at airport...
  3. Tamao-chan
    2009-12-06 14:32
    Hey, how goes it?
  4. Tamao-chan
    2009-09-09 17:27
    Grr...lets go to the fitness tomorrow.

    Duh! But it bugs tha poor turd. He says he hates me, but I doubt it cause I talk to him all the time during classes. I wish I was in Ms. Tacktill's advisory...with you and Em-I mean people...

    Do you have the new math teacher? Do you know the homework?
  5. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-09-09 16:43
    Keh... not yet T~T

    Keh heh heh... i have advisory with him... And, you still call him that? >.<
  6. Tamao-chan
    2009-09-09 16:41
    Hey Sugar-chan! Have you convinced Ch-that person to join the forums yet?

    I guess...atleast I have 2 classes with you. I have them all with Paul-turd ^.^
  7. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-09-09 16:36
    Hee hee... Hi Anni-- Tamao-chan T~T

    School was fun today, desu! X3
  8. Tamao-chan
    2009-09-07 09:19
    I watched it, it's really good! Im on episode 3.

    You ready for the first day of school? Aww, kinda like Su from Shugo Chara~desu?

    BTW, thanks for everything today.
  9. Sugar_Prayer
    2009-09-05 21:12
    Um.. well, its hard to explain XP

    Just watch it. The begining of the first ep is kinda boring, but it gets really good, And I think you'd like this one character. She says "desu" after everything, and she reminds me a lot of Shiho
  10. Tamao-chan
    2009-09-04 12:58
    Hmm..whats it about?

    5 days. *freaks out*

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