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Conversation Between psycho_luny and dreamer of chaos
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  1. psycho_luny
    2011-10-07 14:30
    no prob....let's hope it will
  2. dreamer of chaos
    2011-10-06 19:45
    dreamer of chaos
    thanks for fixing it up dude once more people join i think it is gonna be a really good rp based off a really good show
  3. psycho_luny
    2011-10-05 15:36
    well i've fixed it up a let's hope some people will join
  4. psycho_luny
    2011-10-05 14:40
    oh ok...i'll go see what i can do
  5. dreamer of chaos
    2011-10-05 00:01
    dreamer of chaos
    phyco i'mma give u school of chaos befour i run it into the ground >.> no one's gonna rp if i'm in charge
  6. psycho_luny
    2011-09-20 15:14
    m-kay m-kay
  7. dreamer of chaos
    2011-09-20 15:06
    dreamer of chaos
    i did he should see it next time he's on
  8. psycho_luny
    2011-09-20 14:27
    lol...well just ask him in a message
  9. dreamer of chaos
    2011-09-19 18:14
    dreamer of chaos
    yeahbut first i'll have to get him to join
  10. psycho_luny
    2011-09-19 17:41
    alright...if russian's game so am i

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