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Conversation Between psycho_luny and Hero of Time
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  1. Hero of Time
    2011-01-20 17:44
    Hero of Time
    i joined pokearth but dont know which thread to join. can you help me out.
  2. psycho_luny
    2010-12-30 13:51
    i know...but i kinda like mine...never lost with it so far >.<
  3. Hero of Time
    2010-12-30 13:37
    Hero of Time
    you know you can make ANY deck you want right, poyo.
  4. psycho_luny
    2010-12-24 19:01
    yeah sorry bout that...kinda am looking for my old OOOOLD deck that i had...didn't want to make a character without it...i'll make 1 soon
  5. Hero of Time
    2010-12-23 21:33
    Hero of Time
    hey MR. luny bin why havent you made a character in deul academy? HMMMMMMM
  6. psycho_luny
    2010-11-02 17:19
    hi...thanks for the request ^^

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