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Conversation Between psycho_luny and KimmyChan
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  1. psycho_luny
    2009-07-17 08:28
    yeah your right.
    your welcome.
  2. KimmyChan
    2009-07-17 08:27
    Hey, you being you & the way you are is all that matters matey

    Thanks! I sure will!
  3. psycho_luny
    2009-07-17 08:24
    haha, wish i could be the same
    and thanks for telling, hope you have a lot of fun.
  4. KimmyChan
    2009-07-17 04:22
    I love being a really big kid for my age! 26 going on 6, that's me!

    Just to let you know that I may or may not be on here as much as usual over the coming weekend as I'm gonna be pretty busy elsewhere doing other things with my boyfriend over the next couple of days away from the internet
  5. psycho_luny
    2009-07-16 13:53
    haha, there ís nothing wrong about that, whe start as kids and whe should keep some of that in oursellfs when whe grow old
  6. KimmyChan
    2009-07-16 13:49
    It's a kiddie cartoon show shown over here in the UK during the day

    It's really cute & aimed at like 3-6 years old, but I'm such a big kid anyway, lol!
  7. psycho_luny
    2009-07-16 10:31
    that's good to hear.
    don't know that what is it about?
  8. KimmyChan
    2009-07-16 10:24
    I'm doing good thanks dude, very good indeed

    Just been watching a few episodes of Charlie & Lola on YouTube
  9. psycho_luny
    2009-07-16 09:44
    and a good afternoon from me.
    i'm fine today and how are you?
  10. KimmyChan
    2009-07-16 05:22
    Hey again dude & a very good morning from me to you

    I'm now back at my boyfriend's house for the next 6 days using his laptop

    How are you doing today matey?

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