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Conversation Between Daisu and Flower
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  1. Flower
    2011-12-13 15:10
    Sorry to disappoint.
  2. Daisu
    2011-12-13 15:05
    Sigh. You should read Onisarashi-hen, none the less. Well back to waiting for someone who fits the bill to come along~
  3. Flower
    2011-12-13 15:03
    Unfortunately I have not read any of the manga - and I am a manga fan first, and then anime. Also I am afraid that I am not a gamer.

    I am afraid I will not be able to "fit your bill" in this regard.
  4. Daisu
    2011-12-13 14:55
    Read any of the manga? Onisarashi-hen (Demon-exposing Chapter) is very good, mostly if aquinted with Future Diary Yanderre, the whole Natsumi story and the After story is around somewhere. I was hoping to find higurashi fan that might be interested and trying the visual novel rpg computer game I made.
  5. Flower
    2011-12-13 11:19
    Ahhh ...I thought that my mention of OVA 3 from CMS might have been the occasion for you "friending" me.

    Well, to be honest I am not a huge fan, although I have watched the series and the OVA's (although I have yet to watch OVA 3). I happen to be acquainted with some of the staff over at CMS, though, and noticed that their release was the main one available atm is all.

    If you are fine with this I am more than willing to add you to my friends list, though. Just did not want to have any misunderstandings at the outset and such, since I did not recognize your screen name from the places I usually browse.

    So is that fine?
  6. Daisu
    2011-12-13 11:11
    Hello! So how much of higurashi fan are ya, I wonder? ^_^
  7. Flower
    2011-12-13 01:43
    Hello there!

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