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Conversation Between Daisu and Snow_Storm
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  1. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-09 00:23
    Okay nice. Look like things are coming along nice. Good luck to you.
  2. Daisu
    2012-01-08 23:56
    I just have two chapter left to have a completed game, there is an extensive demo available. It part video novel part rpg, It covers the story from the manga using anime pictures when possible as well as new stories.
    Here a link to one of the chapter via video, some of the combat been edited out.

    Most games I make are fangames though most of my orginal stuff and game design is pen n paper rpg variety, though been a longtime out of that.
  3. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-08 12:06
    Ah, a HIgurashi fan game huh? Looks pretty good. How far are you in in desigin it?

    Also, do you make you own original games or fangames?
  4. Daisu
    2012-01-08 04:40
    I befriend fellow higurashi fans. I am also looking for playtesters for my PC higurashi game >_>
    I also post Raw Higurashi manga on my tumblr
  5. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-08 01:19
    Since you were nice enough to add me as a friend....

    What's up?

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