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Conversation Between Daisu and TheGuraGuraMan
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  1. Daisu
    2015-01-12 08:23
    We need a new board to talk about higurashi this one stifles everything >_<
  2. Daisu
    2014-10-11 14:58
    The link I gave ya it right to the joke pages, the true ~After story is just before that as well as other Natsumi manga ect..
  3. Daisu
    2012-12-22 02:34
    Alt-enter for full screen, if you see any txt box problem, locations would be helpful so I can figure how to fix it if slip me by.
    Sound effects would be helpful, a person was suppose to supply me but never did. It was child rika which can be annoying as well~

    It is mostly anime images to a manga story for the game, where there is no anime pictures I fill it in with sprites or sometimes drawn, unfortunetly it would take a lot of effort to draw every panel myself and did not want to go the way the other higurashi games. There also orginal story,optional paths and I cover an additional story not features in the anime.

    Chapters include:

    Himatsubushi-hen (Time Killing Chapter)

    Akasaka Mamoru , a young police investigator from Tokyo who comes to Hinamizawa in order to investigate a kidnapping of a politician's grandchild. Soon, he too becomes implicated in the mysteries of Hinamizawa.

    Nekogoroshi-hen ( Cat-Killing Chapter)
    After losing a bet, Keichi, Mion, Rena, Satoko and Rika parade around the town in costume. When they come to fork in the road they decide to go to Yagouchi a nearby village which was abandoned. Once there Keichi learns the mystery of strange haunted quarry there from Mion and Rika as they debate whether or not to check it out.

    Hinageshi-hen (Poppy Flower Chapter)

    All is not right in Hinamizawa when Mion returns from prep school finding her friends are acting weird to her. It is then that she discovers that this Watanagashi Festival will be her last.

    Aoginozomi-hen (Reverence Chapter)

    After the Watanagashi Festival, Oishi becomes suspicious that Natsumi was involved in the recent murders. Can she clear her and her's friends names or will she become the next victim of the curse?

    Tsumihoroboshi-hen (Atonement Chapter) [2 Parts]

    Rena discovers the true nature of her father's girlfriend Rina and forms a deep hatred for her. And while studying Takano's scrapbooks, Rena starts to unveil the the truth behind Oyashiro-sama and Hinamizawa's dark past. To save everyone she has to take desperate measures.

    Yakusamashi-hen (Disaster Awakening Chapter) (2 Endings)

    Satoko notices Rika's odd behavior and hears her speaking of her inevitable murder; Rika denies Satoko's questions about it.

    Hirukowashi-hen (Daybreak Chapter) (3 Parts)

    One day, Rena accidentally swallows something in her mouth during her usual treasure hunting. According to Rika, the seal of the sacred "Fuwarazu Magatama" pairs were broken and Rena must have accidentally swallowed one of them. The magatama holds mysterious magical powers in which a person that has the red magatama will blindly fall in love with anyone with the white magatama.

    Minagoroshi-hen (Massacre Chapter)

    After completing certian tasks in the other chapters, this chapter opens up. It is told from the perspective of Rika Furude. Most notably, the true identity of the murderer is finally revealed in Minagoroshi-hen. After Minagoroshi-hen, one more effort is needed to seal the story into a jolly ending.

    As for saving:
    Usually a save after a lot of the story, in any location that you are able to move your character, bringing up the option screen should show a save feature when you go into it.

    I worked alone on this game but I had a lot of helpful feedback from playtesters to fix errors and bugs.
  4. TheGuraGuraMan
    2012-12-21 17:48
    Tried it on my windows partition, it works well.
    Just some comments if you don't mind :
    - Bugs related to the textbox.
    - The nipah in english killed me, please replace it by the original voice (well that's more a personal preference). I have ripped voices of Matsuri and Kizuna if that's the problem.
    - Anime screenshot ? Aaaaaah, go away go away demon ! (personal too, don't mind)
    - Is it me or we can't save ? didn't find it then...
  5. Daisu
    2012-12-17 09:56
    Please tell me if it is working properly.
  6. TheGuraGuraMan
    2012-12-15 13:05
    K, thanks, I'll check.
  7. Daisu
    2012-12-13 20:53

    New download link for my game. Hopefully it works for you.
  8. Daisu
    2012-12-12 10:28
    I will see if I can put a new copy up. If there is a file host you perfer, it would help greatly. This was fist time it brought to my attention since when I test link each month I must have just gotten lucky.

    The cellphone game will be like higurashi Jan but with custom minigames instead of mahjong.

    As for social groups I do not know. I did not think there be anything wrong with translation group -.-
  9. TheGuraGuraMan
    2012-12-12 10:03
    Like I said in my last message, I think I'll make a part on the french wiki dedicated to english users, or something like that...

    And yeah saw this game some months ago, wanted to play it but all the links were down, so I couldn't try it.
    An Higurashi game on cellphones ? Do you mean the extra games of the VN ?

    EDIT: After looking at your "social group", I wondered if i could make the same thing... do you think the mods could allow it ?
  10. Daisu
    2012-12-11 19:54
    Pretty crappy moderaters stepping in like that. There really needs to be a better way for higurashi fans to talk, they wont even let our forum get a general discussion topic unlike all the others o_O
    Do you have a blog or something so that I can keep informed of your progress?

    Sorry that could not help with translations. I am currently working on a custom higurashi game that works on cellphones, just doing story walkthroughs with playtesters at the moment before setting things into stone. My other project is dubbed version of Gokicha >_<

    I wonder if you checked out my Higurashi RPG game I made way back?

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