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Conversation Between Cipher and Throne Invader
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  1. Throne Invader
    2009-07-09 07:54
    Throne Invader
    I like reps too. It's fun. It's like sharing online I honestly do hate people who neg rep you just because they don't like your point although I have done that once here but only once because I strongly could not believe how they could view such "material" as art when so many victims have been oppressed by that
  2. Cipher
    2009-07-09 07:48
    Thanks for the rep, that was very kind of you! ^^ I don't know why but i like reps.
  3. Cipher
    2009-07-08 19:11
    3 is one of my favorite numbers too ^^! The other one is one...hehe. And yeah...i've been havin lots of fun discussing stuff. >_<
  4. Throne Invader
    2009-07-08 08:54
    Throne Invader
    Haha! Wow, you're right. You were born on January 3. And I love that number 3. Actually I like numbers 3,4, and 8 for some unknown reason. I see you've gotten yourself busy in the general chat section. Hehe. Going for some debates?
  5. Cipher
    2009-07-08 08:47
    Hi! thanks for accepting my invite. For some reason, you visited my profile, and i just clicked your name and thought you were interesting coz you like a lot of the shows i like...and you were born on the 3rd of a month just like me. ^^
  6. Throne Invader
    2009-07-08 08:23
    Throne Invader
    Hi there! Thx for the friend invite. To be honest, I'm quite curious why you requested an add when we haven't even talked yet. But again, thanks. Hope you enjoy your time here in AnimeSuki <3

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