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Conversation Between Pocari_Sweat and 0utf0xZer0
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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-25 03:25
    Did a Pellissier and Flower style rating system on my about page for the current season if you want to see what I'm interested in. As usual, my drop list is huge .
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-21 07:30
    Unfortunately, I'm well over the Anohana, Key, Nagi no Asu Kara-type like moebaww dramas. Also doesn't help that Shigatsu is airing in the same season which I'm absolutely loving and is just superior in every way.

    EDIT: Just watched it and whilst it was better than the other two episode, it didn't do much for me. I think I just got really hard to please .
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-10-20 17:30
    Wow, Sora no Method's third episode was way better than the first two.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-16 08:17
    Well I think you already know why I'm not liking Sora no Method? I'm obviously an inferior species that is unable to appreciate the high art of moe amirite?

    Regarding Trinity seven... I actually tried it. At the very least it wasn't as terrible as Cross Ange. Cross Ange was really something .

    Now switching to something completely random, how does this (first picture) and this rank on your moe scale. 'Cause to me it's f***ing moe to the point I'm almost tempted to play the VN (but I won't since they take far too much time). Something that black dress, pony tail, accessories on her neck, arms and also the piano.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-10-16 05:12
    I think I've figured out why I'm not enjoying Sora no Method as much as many similar shows - and I think it's because I don't care as much about childhood friend reunions where there's no possibility of romance - even if the show has to lean hard on a childhood crush to make the pairing credible (Yuuchi/Ayu, I'm looking at you). Just in case you needed even more evidence I am an enormous f***ing sap/shipper.

    And on the other side, it doesn't have the warm fluffiness that makes shows like K-On, Gochiusa and Hanayamata work well for me.

    Regarding Shigatsu, this one worked surprisingly well for me consider I have a tendency to like but not love Noitamina stuff. I think Enzo hit on something with his comparison with Wandering Son and how a younger cast sometimes allows you to pump in more emotion into things. That and actually enjoyed the comedy of errors style misunderstanding near the end.

    Of course, least you figure I'm becoming a man of taste, I should also note that I really enjoyed the second episode of Trinity Seven - and unlike with the last few harems I can recall really enjoying such as blade dance - I can't claim I'm just in this one for the shipping as there's no clear bestest girl to back.
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-15 06:10
    There's a bunch of piss-fighting in the Shirobako thread at the moment where "moe hating elitsts" (exaggeration, they are not that elitist) are complaining about "stock moe girls" being in the series as they find it distracting. I didn't mind it as much as they weren't what I call 'derpblobs' or 'derp moe' (JC Staff and Kyoani seems to be biggest culprits for these types of characters), but the first 5 minutes of the show weren't very good. Afterwards though, when they explored the daily lives of an animation studio, I was quite interested. As for Glasshit, the less said the better... I wouldn't say that they've hit a rut just yet, how Shirobako turns out and what their next series is like will answer that question.

    Not the biggest fan of Shaft, though they have produced some favourites of mine like ef tale of memories and Madoka Magica so they are not that bad. Kyoani... well it's Clannad After Story, Hyouka being top series with FMP + Haruhi on the good side and then everything else is either meh or gtfo tier, so I don't really have that good opinions on them. They've produced a lot of "trash" K-on and post K-on era with the only great series being Hyouka.

    As for Ookami Shojo, oh boy. Only one reason why I'm watching this and that's Kanae Itou (don't you dare call me a Haak). Otherwise it is the bottom of the rung when it comes to shojo and the type of show that gives the demography a bad name.

    Oh btw, Shigatsu. Anime of the season inc and perhaps the year if it goes the direction I want. Saying that I fucking loved it is an understatement considering this gave me all sorts of oldschool noitamina (Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile) feels.
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-15 05:06
    I'll post something in a sec.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-10-15 04:32
    Shirabako is definitely a step up from Glasslip but I'm still not that into it. I'm just not feeling that invested in the characters or they're story so far. And IMO PA Works shows only really work when there's some emotional investment - they aren't like Gochusa or Hanayamata that can get by on warm fuzzies alone (and even those shows sometimes resort to a broader emotional palette).

    It's hard for me to pick a studio to "bet" on these days. While unlike you I actually liked Nagi no Asukara in the end, the combination of PAW screwing up the kind of show I would have thought they'd nail in Glasslip and Shirabako feeling relatively uninspiring makes me worry they've hit a rut. Brains Base seems to be hibernating. Shaft's produced more of my favourite anime than anyone else, but I feel like their "A Game" is tied up in their megafranchises - Bakemonogatari and Madoka - for the moment. It's hard to imagine them hitting it out of the ballpark for me again. Actually I find myself once again placing dark horse bets on Kyoto. I don't think anyone has matched what they pulled off in Hyouka and even when watching lesser shows like Amagi, K-On, and Kyoukai no Kanata I still feel like I enjoyed them more than I would have if someone else had animated them. Need Tamako Love Story subs so I can decide whether it has the magic KyoAni touch plz k thx.

    BTW I also decided to check out Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji because I'm not so much offended by the tendency of some women to like douchebag love interests as fascinated by it. And erm... wow. Two observations:

    1) Aside from the cell phone thing, the main character all like "I'm not going to take advantage of you... that much". He's like the cheap non-alcoholic beer of abusers - no buzz, all bad taste. (I'm not really fond of beer to begin with - I go for rum and coke at school socials when available)
    2) You know what gets to me about this show? It's not that the main romantic interest is a douchebag. It's that every single fucking consequential character I can recall her interacting with so far is a douchebag. And if they acted nice at some point, that's only to emphasize how much of a douchebag they are when they eventually turn douchebag. Ugh. I could take some "bad romance" - like I said, I actually find that kind of fascinating - but not this over the top crapsack world approach.

    I did make it through the first two episodes in a "can't look away from the trainwreck" kind of way. I'm hoping I don't head back for more. At least it's crap that makes me feel something though, which means it's still better than crap that doesn't.

    (Also, looking back at that, my view of the show are kind of weirdly meta, aren't they?)
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-14 03:48
    On another note, Shirobako first episode was great! PAW back on track. Now I can stop raging (for now) .
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-10-12 19:27
    Aww, you don't remember my Bioware and Bethesda rants a few years back?

    Thanks for telling me but I already own Dragon Age .

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