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Conversation Between Pocari_Sweat and 0utf0xZer0
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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-01-15 16:32
    Ironically enough that picture bares some resemblance to what happens in Phantom's second episode:
    (She's wearing a towel, it's just hard to spot due to the low resolution)

    Regarding Isara, I do agree she has a warm personality. She has that girl next door vibe, is slightly younger in age to the MC and forgive my sexism for a second perfect housewife material for an asian male.
    Not going to criticize you for liking her domestic charms, because, well, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and all that:
    ^This hits pretty close to home for me. I tried it as a thought exercise and pretty much every iteration (tsundere office manager, timid IT whiz, work from home in gothloli outfits creative professional, etc) ended with a naked apron scene.

    Please don't take that last part seriously.
    I live in Vancouver, so I'm inclined not to take anyone who intends to own a house on a single professional salary very seriously to begin with.
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-01-15 06:22
    I actually don't plan to watch any more Phantom World tbh. Completely not my thing.

    Regarding Isara, I do agree she has a warm personality. She has that girl next door vibe, is slightly younger in age to the MC and forgive my sexism for a second perfect housewife material for an asian male.

    Please don't take that last part seriously .

    Also this pic. HNNNNNNNG.
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-01-14 02:52
    You've seen it yourself where ive been "moe fagging" more than i should be.
    That reminds me, there's a scene in this week's Phantom World involving Hayama Saori's character that I want your opinion on. I hope you weren't planning to skip it.

    Isara being bullied was the part of KoiChoco I was most invested in so I was disappointed that it was introduced and then quickly took backseat to the election. But I actually liked her for more than just her sympathetic situation, she has a really warm personality as well (and of course she's cute).

    My girlfriend considered cosplaying Isara because she liked the character but went with Mifuyu because the two of us thought for cosplay purposes a character that wears the full "jacket" version of the uniform would be preferable.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-01-12 05:45
    Wow. You liked Isara too? Guess we both have something for kouhais getting bullied

    Also you reminded me that I need to play and finish If my heart had wings vn. Been sitting on my steam library for a while since I bought it during a steam sale a while back.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-01-07 19:50
    Did that show tickle your vn fanside?
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-01-07 19:49
    You should watch the first episode of Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-01-06 03:09
    I'm assuming you're wondering what I think of Love Live as an anime and not a cosplay phenomenon?

    That's a tough question to answer. I think I like it more now than when I actually watched it in 2014. I've come to consider it an intoxicated blend of energy and colour and comraderie among girls, and understand why so many people absolutely adore it. And I I actually did get invested in the drama by the end, despite it being a bit hokey compared to the best dramas out there.

    But it took me quite a while to come to see the show that way. I only watched an episode or two of it back in 2013 and when I eventually watched it with my girlfriend in 2014, I thought of it as an enjoyable show I was watching to familiarize myself with characters my girlfriend was going to cosplay, not a great show. We may end up watching it before the movie gets its Canadian screenings in February just because there's whole scenes I don't remember.

    Based on what I know of your personality, this leads me to believe you would eventually become tsundere towards Love Live if you decide to watch it to completion.

    As for other idol shows, I don't consider myself that big a fan. I watched Idolm@ster back in the day but never got that into it, certainly never to the degree I got invested in Love Live. And I really didn't get far in Cinderella Girls. I do, however, want to watch Idolm@ster Xenoglossia just to see the director of Toradora and Ano Natsu direct an show where Idolm@ster characters pilot robots.

    (In a way, the way my opinion of Love Live has developed reminds me of how my opinions of KyoAni's Air and Kanon (and to a lesser extent Clannad) have evolved. Kanon 2006's atmosphere immediately hooked me back in the day, but I never understood why people thought Kanon and Air had such great stories until I looked through the UGUUs and how weird the magical shit that happened was and saw the core, fairytale-esque aspects of the storylines - and once that started coming through, my opinion of the storylines rose considerable. Even if I'm still not that huge a fan.)

    BTW, I've been thinking about my favourite shows of 2015 and my favourite just might be Koufuku Graffiti. Surprised me a bit as such low key shows usually get edged out come the end of the year, but there weren't a lot of big shows that resonated with me this year and KG actually did manage some emotional range and depth.

    Previous three AoYs for me: Hyouka, Shin Sekai Yori, Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru. Actually, to be honest, those have varying degrees of low key in them as well I guess.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-01-04 20:43
    Happy belated new year. Sorry about late reply.

    I just saw the cosplay pics since ive been on vacation for a while (and still am) but it seems like love live is still huuuuuuge in the cosplay scene. Kona and RRR keep bugging me to finish it and have been hurling eli pics and fanart to "entice" me.

    Im not sure if I asked you before but whats ur opinion on love live as a franchise. I might as well ask you on idolmasters and the general anime idol genre too
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2015-12-08 11:31
    BTW when you get a chance, would like your thoughts on my updated favorite Anime, character and people list on Mal. Decided to not give a f*** about status and what people think and just put down based on how I feel rather than let my pretentious head decide.
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2015-12-08 05:53
    Just letting you know. S2 >>> S1. Like Clannad v Clannad AS or White Album 1 v White Album 2 better.

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