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Conversation Between Pocari_Sweat and Reckoner
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  1. Reckoner
    2013-10-12 14:38
    Kazusa finally appears in episode 2 but then the episode ended. Blast. It was a pretty good follow up though!
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-10-11 04:58
    Yeh I think I'm a romantic...

    I don't anything compares this year for my love of romance/dramas like this. Not even SSY or Uchoten. Havent't heard a OST so melancholic and touching since Narcissu.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-10-06 00:53
    Holy shit. White Album 2. Never expected it to be this good, let alone good at all. Considering the first one had some major problems. Favourite opener ep of the season.

    I must be a romantic or something because the first episode just hit all the right buttons. Restrained, understated, mono no aware atmosphere, musical element with some really good BGM. Couldn't have been better except for a higher budget maybe.

    Funny how I'm getting True Tears vibes from this instead of the shitty NagiKara show despite the NagiKara crew creating TT in the first place.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-01-15 04:50
    Reckoner. Causing butthurt since 2007.
  5. Reckoner
    2012-12-15 18:38
    Rep system is gone.

    You got your wish finally .
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-11-30 03:40
    QQ more - in regards to Haruhi
  7. Reckoner
    2012-10-25 21:47
    Don't you know, I take everything seriously.

    Almost as bad as Klash prob.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-10-25 19:22
    Lolwut. Lmao at the eating one xD

    Also, why so "passionate" in the Sakurasou thread? That show is only good for so bad its good lolkada perv and hilariously wrong sexism. That's why me and AW watches it. In other words a series not worth getting angry about cause its bad in the first place :3
  9. Reckoner
    2012-10-25 16:09
    Ace, this is why you can't ever complain about getting neg'd.
  10. Reckoner
    2012-07-27 18:04

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