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Conversation Between Galatea33 and revan5
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  1. revan5
    2010-09-11 13:25
    The Hipster Olympics:

    "He's checking to see if each of the contestants is adequately hung over"

    "Oh, it looks like illicit drugs have officially entered play"

    "That's not the level of scorn I'd expect from a top competitor!"

    "I haven't seen performances like this since last year's Douchebag Summer Games in out in sunny Santa Monica, California!"
  2. Galatea33
    2010-02-16 08:17
    I was a bit occupied and too tired lately XD sure, glad I made it~ thanks again.
  3. revan5
    2010-02-15 14:09
    It looks good! You had me worried there for a week or so. I was beginning to think you'd never post it. I'll get after Camilla and Haegar for some French and German reviews. It's important that Claymore attracts as many fans from different languages/countries as possible. I'm glad you could help spread the geographic reach of the reviews past the English language.
  4. Galatea33
    2010-02-15 07:18
    Ok, I finished posting the Claymore review thanks to your help, Revan
    I changed the writing style more to what our usual daily talk would be, so let it be that way
    Now I'm going back to sleep and living in my own musical tangled nest XD
  5. Galatea33
    2010-01-28 09:23
    Thank you, Revan. I will post it as soon as I have the time
  6. revan5
    2010-01-27 00:20
    Here's the original review I did in English for you. Hopefully it will help in correcting any mistakes you see. Once those are done with, all it takes is a quick registration at the mangahelpers site ( and you can add your review to the Claymore page.

    Claymore is written and drawn by “Angel Densetsu” creator Norihiro Yagi. In the beginning Norihiro Yagi's previous work on the “Angel Densetsu” comedy manga series causes serious problems. The setting of the manga is a very serious and dark universe, but the characters are too thin, too cartoonish, and too one-dimensional to take serious. The storyline seems conventional, and the artwork and imagination seem lacking. At first glance this manga doesn't seem to be a match for the dark fantasy epic, Beserk.

    But first appearances in Claymore are deceiving. The storyline is centered around the supposedly simple premise of superhuman female witches named “Claymores” hunting down the shape-shifting predators known as Yoma. This simple premise is expanded upon until it no longer is so simple. It turns out that Claymores are half-monsters themselves, and in the process of using their “Yoma energy”, or Yoki, they endanger their very humanity. If they push themselves too hard, instead of becoming stronger like Shounen manga heroes, they will instead become monsters themselves, and will then be hunted down by their former comrades. From the very beginning in Claymore there is a substantial emphasis on internal as well as external conflicts. As the plot advances what once seemed a conventional Shounen manga storyline starts diverging from the accepted standard. Norihiro Yagi shocks us by killing off important characters on multiple occasions. He also never lets the plot rest, and continually expands the scope of the universe. This creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and intrigue that make for an addicting read.

    The quality of Claymore's artwork eventually matches that of its plot, as Norihiro Yagi's artwork has been continually improves after Volume 1. Despite being a male author, Yagi is remarkable for not drawing almost any moments of fan service, despite the overwhelming number of female characters. Through both plot and improved artwork, the Claymores the story centers around become ever more realistic and believable. Claymore's rise from obscurity is obvious when one considers how far it has come. When Claymore debuted, there was no one who would have said, “Claymore's going to rival Beserk some day”. Now, 99 chapters later, Claymore's rise has been so precipitous that many are now rating it a better manga than Beserk. Although Beserk still has roughly 3 times as many chapters as Claymore, Claymore almost certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside Beserk. Although it is a definitely close to being a true Seinen, Claymore is nowhere close to being as shocking as Beserk. I'd recommend it to anyone willing to forgive its early flaws.
  7. revan5
    2010-01-27 00:15
    Here's the Indonesian "review" I did with help from Google Translate. Hopefully Google didn't mess up too badly.

    Claymore ditulis dan digambar oleh "Angel Densetsu" pencipta Norihiro Yagi. Pada awalnya sebelumnya Norihiro Yagi bekerja pada "Angel Densetsu" manga komedi menyebabkan masalah serius. Pengaturan dari manga ini sangat serius dan gelap alam semesta, tetapi karakter yang terlalu kurus, terlalu kartun, dan juga satu dimensi untuk mengambil serius. Tampaknya dengan alur cerita konvensional, dan karya seni dan imajinasi tampaknya kurang. Pada pandangan pertama manga ini tampaknya tidak menjadi cocok untuk fantasi gelap epik, Beserk.

    Tapi penampilan pertama di Claymore menipu. Dengan alur cerita ini berpusat di sekitar premis yang dianggap sederhana penyihir perempuan manusia unggul bernama "Claymores" memburu-pergeseran bentuk hewan pemangsa yang dikenal sebagai Yoma. Premis sederhana ini diperluas ke atas sampai tidak lagi begitu sederhana. Ternyata Claymores adalah setengah-monster sendiri, dan dalam proses menggunakan "energi Yoma", atau Yoki, mereka membahayakan kemanusiaan mereka. Jika mereka mendorong diri terlalu keras, alih-alih menjadi kuat seperti Shounen manga pahlawan, mereka akan malah menjadi monster sendiri, dan kemudian akan dikejar-kejar oleh mantan rekan-rekan mereka.

    Sejak awal di Claymore ada penekanan substansial internal maupun eksternal konflik. Seperti plot kemajuan apa yang pernah terasa alur cerita manga Shounen konvensional mulai menyimpang dari standar yang diterima. Norihiro Yagi guncangan kami dengan membunuh karakter penting di beberapa kesempatan. Dia juga tidak pernah membiarkan plot istirahat, dan terus-menerus memperluas lingkup alam semesta. Ini menciptakan suasana ketidakpastian dan intrik yang membuat untuk adiktif dibaca.
    Kualitas karya seni Claymore's akhirnya pertandingan yang dari plot, sebagai karya seni Norihiro Yagi yang telah terus-menerus membaik setelah Volume 1. Meskipun menjadi penulis laki-laki, Yagi luar biasa untuk tidak menggambar saat hampir semua layanan fan, meskipun jumlah perempuan sangat besar karakter. Melalui kedua plot dan ditingkatkan seni, cerita Claymores pusat di sekitar menjadi lebih realistis dan dipercaya.

    Claymore's bangkit dari ketidakjelasan ini jelas apabila kita menganggap seberapa jauh ia telah datang. Ketika Claymore debutnya, tidak ada orang yang akan berkata, "Claymore akan saingan Beserk suatu hari". Sekarang, 99 pasal kemudian, kebangkitan Claymore telah begitu tergesa-gesa bahwa banyak yang sekarang rating manga yang lebih baik daripada Beserk. Meskipun Beserk masih memiliki sekitar 3 kali lebih banyak bab sebagai Claymore, Claymore hampir pasti pantas disebutkan bersama Beserk. Walaupun itu adalah benar-benar dekat untuk menjadi Seinen sejati, Claymore adalah tempat dekat untuk menjadi seperti yang mengejutkan sebagai Beserk. Saya akan merekomendasikan hal ini kepada siapa pun bersedia mengampuni kesalahan awal.
  8. Galatea33
    2010-01-24 01:14
    Thank you so much for the link and info Revan
  9. revan5
    2010-01-22 16:10
    It appears I was right about it being Claire's scent on Raki that Priscilla was attracted to. Take a look at this page:

    It's the latest and greatest translation available, so it should be right! So guess who Prissy's being searching for the last seven years? That's right, the one girl who wants more than anything to slice her head off, Claire! This is going to be really interesting!
  10. revan5
    2010-01-21 22:21

    "...and the award for scummiest act of the new year goes to..."

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