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Conversation Between Galatea33 and Arkham
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  1. Galatea33
    2010-04-04 01:34
    thx arkhie. just need to do something so it's best to ease the mind first
  2. Galatea33
    2010-01-20 00:30

  3. Arkham
    2010-01-19 07:36
    Thanx Gala.

    That was deep.

    Heres to make you laugh (the second part is the song I'we sent you)

  4. Galatea33
    2010-01-19 06:47
    watta greeting

    Are you kiddin' me ??!!

    better not replace it with JB. Thanks Arkhie for the nice song lyrics

    Here's something to spank your brain

    Why don't your eyes see through your lids?
    like feeding girls to shaven pigs
    'cause he was a blind man breaking moulds
    with credit cards and dead seagulls
    the fallen angels' good right now
    the feeling's gone, I swear out loud
    afraid of when this story ends and damn these words, exist as friends
    I'm not really here at all, I'm just trying to build a wall
    You've tried to let go; find at same times.
    but the eyes in your head are part of your mind
    this black love reminds me of when you where small
    when love was no object if you did love at all
    after this high, after this low
    I've found a place for you to go
    in my heart not in my brain
    in my far where it's the same
    in my past where you come from
    and today if I were one
    I'm not fortune, I am greed, I am ordinarily, I am ordinarily me
    you finally see what humans do best
    wasting time and wasting breath
    you're bleeding for all those dying there
    and it feels so good just to know you care
    after this high, after this low
    I've found a place for you to go

    Ordinarily Me by Serafin
  5. Arkham
    2010-01-18 15:26
    Thank you Gala

    How's it going? Are you flowing?

    "How's it going
    That's the first thing I say to you
    How's it going
    Are you flowing
    Listen Honey
    Thinking 'bout a couple things to say to you
    Man I'd like to place my hand upon your fucking sexy ass and squeeze
    And squeeze
    Take off your blouse and your underpants
    Then take a look
    Cause here me and KG come naked out of the side hatch
    With the oils and perfume and incense
    Now you're groovin'
    Put on a cool 70's groove
    The funky groove to fuck you
    The funky groove that fucks you"

    song by: Tenacious D - Double Team
    You can replace KG with JB
  6. Galatea33
    2010-01-17 17:31

    Arkhie in action
  7. Arkham
    2010-01-01 10:23
    Thank you my lovely lady Latea
    Happy New Year!

    I wish you lots of love and happiness
  8. Galatea33
    2010-01-01 06:14
    Arkhie, Happy New Year to you ~!! And happy new life ahead

    And yes... there are more girls now XD...
  9. Arkham
    2009-12-25 07:59
    Thank you my lovely lady Latea
    You too.
    *sends kisses
  10. Galatea33
    2009-12-24 20:57
    Arkhie, have a blessed Christmas week

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