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Forum Rules


In order to keep The Forum legal, tidy and fun to visit it has been necessary to establish a few rules. Failure to abide by The Rules can result in your Account being banned; either temporarily or permanently.

The Rules have been divided into different sections to make them easier to follow:

  1. 1.0 General Rules
    1. 1.1 No piracy
    2. 1.2 Do not insult or harass other members
    3. 1.3 Do not provide inappropriate content
    4. 1.4 Do not use more than one account
    5. 1.5 Do not solicit our members
  2. 2.0 Posting Rules
    1. 2.1 Do not post nonsense
    2. 2.2 Do not begin topics that lack purpose
    3. 2.3 Do not ask when episodes will be released
    4. 2.4 Do not make image heavy posts
    5. 2.5 Do not "cross post"
    6. 2.6 Do not advertise your products, services or events
    7. 2.7 No public personal conversations
    8. 2.8 Avoid flammable and cyclic topics
    9. 2.9 Always Remain Constructive
  3. 3.0 Signature Rules
    1. 3.1 Size Limits
    2. 3.2 Limited Advertising Permitted
    3. 3.3 Content Restrictions

    1.0 General Rules

    The following General Rules apply to ALL aspects of the forum. This includes forum threads, posts, links, user profiles, avatars, private messages, reputation comments, signatures, etc.

    Please Note: Since this is an English forum we ask that all communication be in English. Ideally this means using proper English, with appropriate punctuation and capitalization, at all times. Excessive abbreviations, meme images, and "l33t speak" are particularly unwelcome. We appreciate that English is not the first language of many of our members but ask that they try their best never-the-less; though in fairness, it is the native English speakers who abuse these guidelines most often.

    Any content found in violation of the General Rules will simply be deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence members found breaking the General Rules will be given a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban. Please do not complain if your post is removed because the content is considered inappropriate. Staff decisions on these matters are final.

    These rules are only a guideline. If the situation arises where we feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s).

    1.1 No piracy

    AnimeSuki does not wish to be associated with unlawful and ethically unacceptable activities (e.g. piracy). For this reason all messages requesting, providing, or otherwise discussing information about the use of illegally obtained media, or any service that aids in the illegal acquisition of such media, is expressly forbidden.

    We forbid linking or embedding any content hosted/provided without the rightsholder's consent, with the following limited exceptions:

    • Fan translations of unlicensed light novels
    • Fan translations of freely available web novels
    • Fan translation patches for unlicensed games (that do not include downloads of the game itself)
    • Fan translation scripts for unlicensed anime (that do not include the video files)
    • Translated summaries of anime/novels/games/etc. that do not contain the original work, particularly when select excerpts are used for commentary or criticism ("fair use")

    We reserve the right to remove any of the above content at any time, and will typically do so whenever requested by the applicable rightsholder.

    For historical reasons, linking to the main homepage of fansub or scanlations groups who exclusively translate unlicensed anime or manga is tolerated. However doing so is discouraged: it is better to link to the relevant AniDB or MangaUpdates pages instead. Linking to pages on fansub/scanlation group sites other than the main homepage (deep linking) is not permitted.

    This means that, whether in the original language or translated, the following is forbidden:

    • Unauthorized anime/video downloads and streaming sites
    • Unauthorized manga downloads and online viewer sites
    • Unauthorized novel downloads (e.g. PDF, ePUB) and aggregate sites that provide them
    • Unauthorized music downloads and links to unauthorized online streams
    • Unauthorized game/app downloads and sites that provide them
    • Unauthorized artbook downloads and sites that host high-res artbook scans
    • All links to torrents and torrent trackers for any of the above
    • All files and/or detailed instructions to illegally circumvent copy protection

    This list is not exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the staff.

    1.2 Do not insult or harass other members

    Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar abusive behaviour towards other members of The Forum will not be tolerated. This includes the use of "retort images". Images used to convey a "come back" message (i.e. to "retort") are forbidden in all areas of The Forum, they are often offensive and only serve to ignite flame wars.

    1.3 Do not provide inappropriate content

    Any content (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly forbidden.

    While you are strongly discouraged from posting potentially offensive or risque content, that could be considered unsuitable for viewing at work and school, we understand that in some cases it is of value to The Forum. In such cases you may link to it using a URL tag provided it is both suitable for a PG-13 audience and is accompanied by appropriate warnings. The inline-image feature (IMG tag) must NOT be used for such content.

    1.4 Do not use more than one account

    One User, one Account. The use of multiple accounts or allowing more than one person access to an account is expressly forbidden. If you want a different username, please visit this thread for more information. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact a staff member. If you find your account has been banned, do not make matters worse by creating a new one to ask why. Instead, contact a staff member (via a private message) using your original account.

    Duplicate accounts will be merged, removed or permanently banned without warning.

    1.5 Do not solicit our members

    Under no circumstances are you permitted to solicit our members for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to referrals, subscriptions, registrations and signatures (electronic or otherwise). In general this means:

    • You must not post links that contain referrer tracking ids
    • You should not post links to sites where remuneration is offered for referrals
    • You should not post links where our members are asked to register for something
    • You should not post petitions of any kind

    Examples include "army building" games like "Outwar" and "Kings of Chaos", promotional sites like "free iPods" and petitions like those found at "Petition Online".

    Members breaking this rule will be banned without warning.

    2.0 Posting Rules

    These rules govern what posts and threads members are allowed to create on The Forum. They apply to ALL forums but do NOT apply to signatures or user profiles. The staff may allow exceptions to these rules or impose additional rules for certain threads and forums. Details of any such exceptions or additions will be given in forum announcements, sticky threads or the first post of an individual thread to which they apply.

    Messages that break the Posting Rules will be edited, closed or deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence, members found breaking the Posting Rules will be given a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

    2.1 Do not post nonsense

    You are not required to reply to every single thread and post in a forum. Please only reply if you have something useful to add to the thread. Posts such as "I agree", "OK" and "Me too" are all considered nonsense. If you do not have anything helpful to say in a thread or you do not know the answer to a question, please do not post simply to say that you do not have anything to say or that you do not know the answer the question. Posting just to "bump" a thread (i.e. move it to the top of the forum) is also considered nonsense.

    2.2 Do not begin topics that lack purpose

    We require that all threads serve a purpose; pointless threads will not be tolerated. The forum most frequently abused by useless threads is "General Chat". The purpose of the General Chat forum is to discuss topics not related to AnimeSuki's main purpose of anime and BitTorrent. This does not mean that you can post absolutely anything there; even in the General Chat forum threads must serve some purpose. Below you will find some guidelines to help you avoid threads that we almost always consider "pointless":

    • No greeting or farewell threads
      Threads created to introduce yourself or to say that you will be leaving The Forum are "greeting" and "farewell" threads. If you are leaving or you have just arrived, we do not need to be told in a brand new thread. The Forum already has a thread devoted to introductions and if you must tell friends that you are leaving you can send them a private message.
    • No "forum games" or "Who are you" threads
      Threads like "the word game", "the person above you" or "which character in Naruto are you most like" are pointless. They are normally high volume threads with very little content of value; i.e. mostly noise or one word replies that we do not need.
    • No "rate that..." or "post your..." threads
      These threads ask people to post or rate avatars, signatures, desktops, etc. We already have a number of these threads; e.g. "Rate that avatar", "Rate that signature" and "Post your desktop". No more are allowed and the current threads might be closed from time to time if a member of staff feels that they have strayed from their appointed purpose.
    • No trivial polls or "what type..." threads
      "What type..." threads are those that request trivial information from members of The Forum. Examples would include "What is your height?" and "What is your age?" The "What type..." thread becomes a "trivial poll" when a poll is added. Examples would include "Are you a virgin, Yes or No?" Contrary to popular belief these threads do not serve a useful purpose.

    Please Note: There are exceptions to this list. If you want to create a thread from the above types, that you think may serve a useful purpose, please send a private message to a member of staff. If you get permission to create the thread say who from in your post; it will prevent confusion later. Anime related polls are exempt from the "No trivial polls" rule, so you can feel free to create polls such as "Who is your favourite girl in Maburaho?" Such polls may not be marvels of brilliance but they are at least topical. If you cannot figure out the difference please ask a member of staff.

    2.3 Do not ask when episodes will be released

    You are not permitted to ask when episodes will be released. Shows are released once the fansub group is finished with them. All your whining will do is irritate the group's staff and make them leave the scene. That will mean even slower releases or none at all. Please have some patience.

    Please Note: AnimeSuki is a BitTorrent site. We do not make or host the fansubs and we cannot help you find them via direct download or other p2p networks.

    2.4 Do not make image heavy posts

    This is a discussion forum not an image board; posts must contain more than just images or links to images. In addition, please do not make posts with large images unless it's specifically applicable to the thread in question. If you want to include screenshots, wallpapers, art and so forth, please link them by means of the URL tag. Small thumbnails, which link to the larger images, are an acceptable alternative.

    Please Note: "Hiding" images in spoiler tags does NOT save on bandwidth. Even if the spoiler is never opened the entire image is downloaded every time the post is displayed. Instead, post thumbnail images that link to the large image, or place the image inside "images" tags to ensure to not distort the page layout or cause undue loading delays for other members.

    2.5 Do not "cross post"

    You are not permitted to post the same message in more than one forum or more than once in the same forum. Please take care to post your message in the forum or thread for which it is best suited. Do not post your message to an existing thread when it is not relevant to the topic. Reading the description under each forum title, and careful use of the search features, should help you find the right location for your message. If you post in the wrong location please send a private message to a member of staff who will move your post for you. Please do not make the mistake worse by posting the same message again in another location.

    2.6 Do not advertise your products, services or events

    You are not permitted to post the URL of, or information about any website, product, service or event with which you are affiliated unless it forms an important part of an on-topic reply to a previous post, where providing the URL or information would be of specific interest to the topic. In keeping with the General Rules, this includes soliciting other members to send you electronic mail or private messages in exchange for such information. AnimeSuki will not tolerate the use of its facilities to send or in any way distribute unsolicited advertising. All advertising must be authorised by a member of staff prior to its publication within The Forum; either by explicit exception in The Rules or by a private message from a member of staff.

    Please Note: If you own or participate in an anime-related website or blog, please read the following Sanctioned Interpretation for further clarification of our link policy.

    2.7 No public personal conversations

    This is a discussion forum not a chat room; threads with only two people chatting are generally dull for everyone else. If you want to chat with another member of The Forum please use the private message feature, join our IRC channel (#animesuki) on synIRC or contact the member directly using email or via IM.

    2.8 Avoid flammable and cyclic topics

    Please be aware that political and religious discussions often cause very heated debates with little give or take on either side. They normally start out interesting and sensible but degrade rapidly. This produces the same arguments repeatedly for pages and induces many members to start "flaming" each other. Such topics will most likely be closed unless care is taken to keep the thread both interesting and polite. Similar discussions, concerning the illegality of fansubs and licensing debates, may also be treated in this way.

    2.9 Always Remain Constructive

    Discussions tend to attract a large variety of different opinions; all opinions are welcome on AnimeSuki as long as they contribute constructively to the conversation at hand. Focus on providing the reasons why you believe what you do, and support your opinions with explanations and evidence so that others can understand where you're coming from. If your apparent goal is simply to attack a show, its staff/cast, or other posters for not agreeing with your preferences and opinions (whether positive or negative), or to lord your opinions over others in such a way that antagonizes other posters (whether fans, critics, or anyone else), this does not contribute constructively to the on-topic conversation, and typically results in derailed threads. Ad hominem attacks, poisoned-well arguments, smear campaigns (against a show, genre, trait, character, person, group, or otherwise), and similar comments that provoke and inflame the conversation are not acceptable. Posts that lack objectivity or constructive purpose, for any of the aforementioned reasons or others, may be edited or deleted. Offending posters may be warned, infracted, temporarily banned, or forbidden from accessing and/or posting in certain parts of the forum, at the full discretion of the Forum Staff. Repeated infractions for this or any other sort of forbidden Forum behaviour can also result in a permanent ban from the site.

    3.0 Signature Rules

    These rules apply only to member signatures. Users who do not wish to see member signatures may disable them in their User Profiles via the User Control Panel.

    The Signature Rules are only loosely enforced. Nevertheless, signatures that violate them will be removed and/or replaced with a warning. Members who ignore warnings and keep violating the Signature Rules will receive infractions that may result in temporary or permanent bans. Annoying signatures, or those that break any part of the Forum Rules, may be edited or removed at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the staff.

    3.1 Size Limits

    To keep The Forum loading quickly for users who wish to see signatures, and to preserve The Forum's visual aesthetic, your signature must conform to the following size limits:

    • Signature Dimensions:
      All contents of your signature, including all text and all images, must fit in a space that does not exceed 600 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.

      A "Size Constrained Preview" tool is available on the Edit Signature page in the Control Panel to help you ensure that your signature fits in the available space.

    • Signature File Size:
      If your signature includes one or more images, the total file size of all included images must not exceed 100 KiB (102,400 bytes).

      Please note that the File Size limits apply even if you are hosting the image on an external image host.

    To reduce bandwidth consumption and to ensure compliance with the above limitations, we expressly forbid any form of dynamic image that has to be reloaded each time it is shown, which includes "Signature Rotators".

    3.2 Limited Advertising Permitted

    Signatures are excluded from the advertising restrictions found in the Posting Rules; provided the site, product, service or event being advertised and the content of the advertisement complies with the rest of The Rules. If you are not sure please ask a member of staff.

    3.3 Content Restrictions

    Please refrain from including any image or text in a signature that could be considered a spoiler, or is otherwise in violation of any other section of the Forum Rules. In addition, your signature may not use the [quote] tag, [indent] tag, [spoiler] tag, or any tag that hides some or all of the signature contents.

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