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A group for those who Love Inu x Boku SS!!
9 3 13 7
This is for people who love the mysterious girlfriend x series, anime or manga, and want to chat and ask questions about it :D
9 1 1 0
Any fans of Steins;Gate are welcome. If there are many scientist or mad scientist join in too. Lab members unite!!!
9 0 0 0
"Glittering Stars!!" Join If your a fan of the anime ~Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto~!!
9 3 12 11
Autobots. Decepticons. Maximals. Predacons. And many more besides. From Cybertron to Earth, from Nebulos to Gorlam Prime, across countless universal streams and a continually-expanding range of continuity families to choose from... ...the ongoing tales of the Transformers, be they in book, comic, game, TV, movie and toy form, are waiting to be explored. Transform, and Roll Out!
9 4 21 11
well, i wanted to make this group for all the people that like 11 eyes because i couldnt find one like this, so here it is the group for all ya 11 eyes lovers and haters xD dont be shy to write what you think about the series or the characters thats the point of this group ;P have fun
9 0 0 5
Made for the fans of this series. Can talk about anything related to Ane Doki and all of its charcters
9 1 6 0
I can't found LCD club since I've searched everywhere for it so I'm making my own! This club is created for the fans out there. We can discuss about the anime, manga and the game which is also called Kin'iro No Corda.
9 1 2 2
All about naruto
9 0 0 0
8 1 1 0
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