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by DezoPenguin
2013-04-29 10:44
Omake Fic: It's Probably Mom's Job After All
Cressidor Blan-Virgine was a big girl. At least, that was what the six-year-old told...
2013-06-11 02:48
by antlan87
2013-04-24 21:34
Fic Draft: Runes, Grimoires and Lost Logia
This is something of a rough draft for one of my story ideas for a MGLN/GG crossover. I need a bit...
2014-02-08 18:10
by Gx Hero Go to last post
by antlan87
2013-03-23 14:59
Fic: Zafira's Childcare for the Children of the Magically Gifted
Well, I TRIED to make it light hearted and silly, but I don't think I can really pull it off too...
2013-05-01 14:20
by DezoPenguin
2013-02-23 10:38
Fic Draft: Things Lost, Things Found
I bringeth fluff, with a slight tinge of bittersweetness! :) Somewhere in the Silver Star...
2013-06-16 11:01
by deathcurse
2013-02-13 18:32
Fic: Eternal
Amoretta fic I came up with today. Eternal Lillet Blanís most famous adventure was her...
2013-02-16 15:43
by antlan87
2013-02-04 18:07
Fre Emblem: Awakening
So I downloaded the demo for the game, and the first thing I noted right off the bat was something...
2013-05-13 14:48
by Laith Go to last post
by Laith
2013-01-29 15:36
Muramasa Resurrection
We had a Grand Knights History (RIP) thread, I suppose we can have this one. =V Anyway Vita port...
2013-02-08 07:49
by DezoPenguin
2013-01-22 15:09
Yuiseppe Art Omake Challenge #1
Yep, I actually did write an omake for yui's lab-accident pic with which she christened the fanfic...
2013-03-03 14:13
by DezoPenguin
2013-01-14 22:33
Fanart and Image Thread
The idea to create this thread hit me today when I was thinking about yui's most recent pic, which...
2016-04-10 15:41
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-28 23:47
Omake Fic: Just an Academy Experiment, Really
Fuyu no Sora is's been a little dead around here since Christmas. So here's a story! :)...
2013-11-03 12:03
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-21 16:40
Omake Fic: Her Heart's in the Right Place
In honor of my wife commenting on "Not Everyone Finds It Fetching," I was immediately inspired to...
2013-12-01 15:06
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-17 21:21
Omake Collection: A Homunculus Is Fine, Too!
As you already know if you read the author's notes for "A Homunculus Is Fine, Too! (Tahlea Side),"...
2013-09-01 12:58
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-16 23:22
Omake Fic: Throw the Black Dog a Bone
A story from Shuck's POV! :p Generally speaking, Shuck was a well-trained dog. This tended...
2013-04-08 20:27
by Laith Go to last post
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-13 12:09
Margarita fic draft
This is the draft prologue of an idea for a novella/novel-length story involving Margarita and a...
2012-12-16 07:12
by Fuyu no Sora
2012-11-06 21:13
Dark Fic: Of Blood and Tears.
A/N: Well, considering that I've been working on rather depressive stuff for school, I suppose...
2012-11-08 10:19
by Laith Go to last post
by DezoPenguin
2012-10-17 19:23
Omake Fic: An Adult Should Be More Responsible
This story is all deathcurse's fault. In her review for "Tome of Eldritch Omake" chapter 17, the...
2013-10-07 07:36
by DezoPenguin
2012-10-15 14:46
Group Maintenance Announcements
...I can't believe that we've gone this long without a thread like this. The prompting for this...
2012-10-19 19:10
by DezoPenguin
2012-10-03 17:05
Omake Fic: A Homunculus Is Fine, Too! (Tahlea Side)
Hibi's back! Tahlea Grande scowled down at the collection of alchemical equipment, at the blue...
2013-05-06 15:54
by DezoPenguin
2012-09-14 19:23
Omake Fic: Digging Themselves in Deeper
Tarma helped me come up with the idea for this fic; we brainstormed about it while driving back...
2012-10-04 13:40
by DezoPenguin
2012-09-12 23:47
Original Creations Thread (for all)
I can't believe I didn't think of this before. :heh: Basically, this thread is for posting any...
2016-04-26 13:28

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