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by DezoPenguin
2011-10-10 21:34
Fic: All Souls' Intentions
It was perhaps ironic, Opalneria Rain thought, that it was All Souls' Day, the night on which...
2011-11-03 00:14
by DezoPenguin
2015-03-13 12:58
Omake Fic: Make a Clean Sweep of It
Cold, silver moonlight streamed through the window, painting the room in its icy brilliance. Its...
2015-04-01 07:54
by DezoPenguin
2012-04-30 20:05
Omake Fic: Some Things Are Plain to See
By popular request (well, around here a couple of people is a pretty popular selection ;) ), it's...
2012-11-01 18:03
by DezoPenguin
2012-09-12 14:49
Theory and speculation: Vampires in the GrimGrimoire setting
Mostly this is the result of several years' worth occasionally running the concept through my...
2012-09-14 12:33
by DezoPenguin
2012-02-03 01:08
Omake Fic: Not Everyone Finds It Fetching
"Are you sure this is safe?" stammered Miss Eliza Livingston, dubiously eying Cressidor...
2012-12-23 16:06
by DezoPenguin
2013-05-18 09:33
Fic Draft: Contemplation
A Margarita vignette. This one came to mind while watching The Pretender: Island of the Haunted...
2013-06-30 20:43
by DezoPenguin
2012-10-15 14:46
Group Maintenance Announcements
...I can't believe that we've gone this long without a thread like this. The prompting for this...
2012-10-19 19:10
by DezoPenguin
2013-09-03 10:59
Omake Fic: Hair Today, Gone Not Soon Enough
Here's a little something fuzzy. :) ~X X X~ Social calls were the bedrock of Court Society...
2013-10-20 11:59
by DezoPenguin
2014-12-25 14:16
Fic Draft: Christmas is for Everyone
A/N: This one's probably a little rough even for a draft, because I just sat down and wrote it...
2015-04-18 18:29
by DezoPenguin
2015-04-22 08:02
Omake Fic: Not-So-Clair Voyance
I had a good day yesterday. Here's some mad alchemical science to celebrate! :D Hibiscus’s...
2015-05-01 09:49
by DezoPenguin
2012-12-13 12:09
Margarita fic draft
This is the draft prologue of an idea for a novella/novel-length story involving Margarita and a...
2012-12-16 07:12
by Laith
2011-03-30 08:41
Fic: Point of Origin.
Because I finally thought of what can I write about the game, yes, yes. ----------- She was...
2011-04-01 08:11
by Laith Go to last post
by DezoPenguin
2012-01-22 17:27
Omake Fic: Putting the Bite in That Story
A/N: Only one more Cress story after this one and I'll have enough to keep Tome of Eldritch Omake...
2012-06-01 06:39
by DezoPenguin
2011-09-13 14:28
Fic Draft: To Be Loved is Not to Love (complete)
"Sustained by love...yes, yes, I can see that," Royal Magician Manfred Riesling said, nodding his...
2011-09-16 18:08
by deathcurse
2011-04-05 19:02
Abandoned Fic: Loop IV - Failure
Here is an AC fic that I had started, but had to abandon because I totally forgot that Lillet...
2011-04-06 00:12
by DezoPenguin
2016-11-22 21:25
Fic Draft: Possibly a Little Too Familiar
...I wrote a thing? ~X X X~ Margarita Surprise pushed back the hood of her cloak. She'd worn...
2016-11-27 01:23
by DezoPenguin
2011-09-15 19:27
Omake Fic: Bring the Black Dog to Heel
Cressidor Blan-Virgine was definitely her mothers' daughter. On a rainy afternoon—and sometimes...
2012-02-01 08:06
by DezoPenguin
2011-06-07 21:13
Short fic draft: Solving It Bartido-Style
Not quite short enough to be an omake, but close enough... "I don't mind saying, I'm sure glad...
2011-09-01 06:19
by DezoPenguin
2016-03-25 15:26
Fic Draft: Caretakers
As five-year-old Cressidor said when she first met a nine-tailed kitsune, "Fwuffy!" “It’s nice...
2016-04-03 02:42
by DezoPenguin
2016-06-06 14:39
Omake Fic Draft: An Idea Lacking Grave Consideration
I've...apparently now started creating OCs to riff off the running gags of my other OCs? The...
2016-06-29 10:02

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