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for all those who love Sephiroth hahahaha he is teh coolest
4 0 0 0
the title is all and also more fun
4 2 6 9
A group totally dedicated to the welfare of all the new and uprising mangas and animes. We are the backbone of these new debut mangas and animes.
2 1 1 0
if u like skullz join this group...
10 3 68 1
Are you a fan of the series Smallville? Come here, join, and talk about the show!
7 1 2 4
this is a group for every one that knows the classic 70's anime starzinger and for tose that want to get to know it.BUT THIS GROUP IS MADE TO HELP ME FIND A GROUP THAT CAN SUB THE ORIGINAL STARZINGER SERIES THAT I HAVE IN RAWS. so everyone plz help me out
2 0 0 0
Step up! Cause your the next one in line for the kill.You don't believe me but Im betting that you will. Stand up! I'll Ill type more tommorow
2 1 1 0
ere u can tk about abythin u like about Mello in deathnote. anybody is free 2 join ;)
4 0 0 0
From the depths of SANITY comes a new force to challenge all those that view Pairing shipping as important! We will crush all who stand in the way of what is really important! Plot and character development! To put down the endless Shipping Wars once and for all, join us! ALL HAIL THE ANTI-PAIRINGS! (All made in fun of course.)
22 1 52 0
For any fans of Coffee, Tea, ETC...please join! We can talk about any type of coffee, tea...etc!
9 1 1 0
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