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by Bladezer
2016-01-12 16:48
Nicknames for Characters
So something I thought would be fun, was to come up with Nicknames for the Characters who don't...
2016-08-15 06:00
by AsterM Go to last post
by night_sentinel
2013-08-08 01:45
What is your favorite yaku?
Ok, guys. Let the discussion flow. :p
2015-09-26 09:06
by Daisu Go to last post
by Kotohono
2014-02-05 23:02
So now with S2 started.... whos your OTP of saki?
Since isn't fit for discussion in the threads, I wanted to make this here ;). Mine is.......
2015-03-02 00:38
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 20:40
Writer's Corner
Do you have a Saki fanfiction that you want to share? Or perhaps your stuck on something and want...
2014-06-06 20:25
by tjalorak
2013-09-07 09:53
Doing a Saki Where I Watch
So, in preparation for Saki S2 (and also because I like Saki, of course), I recently decided to do...
2014-01-07 21:54
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 19:33
Who is your favorite Saki?
Well, as the thread title says Who is your favorite Saki? And why?
2013-12-24 15:22
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 20:53
Artist Corner
If you have any fanarts or perhaps drawing that you made yourself that you want to share. Post it...
2013-12-14 20:56
by Sukhoi Go to last post
by night_sentinel
2013-09-04 03:48
My Mahjong is stronger than your Mahjong!
Guys, admit it, there are matches that you just want to happen but will probably never happen in...
2013-12-13 05:46
by Sukhoi Go to last post
by night_sentinel
2013-11-27 21:47
Animesuki Forecast for Side-B Semifinals!
BETS: night_sentinel Kiyosumi-Rinkai (no order given) Arconann Kiyosumi-Rinkai (no order...
2013-11-30 16:55
by Sukhoi Go to last post
by night_sentinel
2013-10-05 19:46
Where I over-analyze anything about Saki
I love picking things apart. Since I don't want to disturb the forum and I still want to share my...
2013-10-08 16:43
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 22:37
Gamers' Corner
Have you played the latest Saki themed game? How was it? Share your experience with us!
2013-09-05 23:43
by Sukhoi Go to last post
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 23:04
What is your favorite mahjong tile?
So what is your favorite mahjong tile? And why? :heh:
2013-08-13 03:21
by Sukhoi Go to last post
by Kotohono
2013-08-08 15:52
What is your Favorite Team in saki?
For me it's pretty close between Achiga and Shindouji, but because Shindouji's middle 2 players...
2013-08-08 16:28
by night_sentinel
2013-08-07 19:18
Since we are never going to get a subforum with being such a small fandom and all. I want all...
2013-08-07 19:18

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