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by Diluc
2016-12-07 02:57
Revive Okada SG
This SG has died for long while our Okada still active to generates her work so let's discuss her...
2016-12-07 02:57
by Diluc Go to last post
by Archon_Wing
2013-08-15 23:22
True Tours
I can't believe nobody bother subbing this. >.> I thought TT was popular enough, but I guess...
2013-09-21 10:40
by Pocari_Sweat
2013-08-08 09:16
Mari Okada is a author now? Oh dear...
2013-09-06 01:45
by totoum Go to last post
by Archon_Wing
2013-04-27 17:04
Okada's top original anime characters
1.) Ohana (Hana Saku Iroha) ========== ========== ========== 2.) Tsuruko (Ano Hana) 3.) I...
2013-04-29 21:46
by Archon_Wing
2013-04-29 12:40
Okada's signature moves
Just like how every shounen protagonist must have a signature attack and every pro wrestler must...
2013-04-29 21:41
by Archon_Wing
2013-04-03 15:28
Oh, the glory of TVtropes
I always like to joke that Okada scripts have much in common with Lifetime movies. So let's see...
2013-04-23 20:33
by totoum
2012-12-29 00:57
Okada's BFFs
Or basicly where I stalk Okada and track down every writer she's worked with Nemoto Toshizou ...
2013-01-27 04:43
by totoum
2012-12-02 06:56
well here's something different...
Okada will be adapting a children's picture book into a series of 26 5 minute episodes that will...
2012-12-26 01:41
by Archon_Wing
2012-05-28 15:26
Series Okada should have written
Have you ever seen a series not by her and wonder "Dude, this series could easily use her!" One...
2012-11-20 20:11
by totoum
2012-02-29 13:10
Okada interviews
A thread where you can post Okada interviews if you find any. Don't have any yet actualy. ...
2012-10-15 13:59
by Pocari_Sweat
2012-07-23 10:16
Why am I still in this Social Group?
Considering how much I bash Mari Okada as of late, I do question why I'm still here. :heh: Must...
2012-09-29 03:57
by Archon_Wing
2012-05-28 21:46
The Hanairo Movie
Honestly, when I finished Hanairo episode 26 I was like "this was kinda swell". But of course...
2012-05-28 22:03
by totoum
2012-01-27 08:13
So who's watching aquarion EVOL?
At first I was wondering what the hell Okada was doing involved in this but now I figured it...
2012-05-23 08:59
by ahelo Go to last post
by totoum
2012-04-02 01:57
Since we've now got some Okada trivia for it I figure I'd start a thread - They wanted to...
2012-05-23 08:55
by ahelo Go to last post
by totoum
2012-03-07 19:04
New spring 2012 anime: Lupin III The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Yeah you read that right,Okada's gonna do a Lupin III anime Other staff Director: Sayo...
2012-05-12 01:52
by Pocari_Sweat
2011-12-12 01:25
New Hanasaku Iroha anime Lmao. ...
2012-03-30 23:32
by Archon_Wing
2012-03-20 15:35
Okada, inconsistency is thy name
She seems to have incredibly strong starts in her anime, but then often hits massive roadbumps as...
2012-03-30 07:12
by totoum
2012-02-29 13:46
Okada and panty shots
I've just had this sudden realisation. Okada loves her "ero ero scenes" but has she ever used...
2012-03-07 07:35
by totoum Go to last post
by Pocari_Sweat
2012-02-29 11:14
Okada-related material that made you rage
Ok, now for something on the other end of the spectrum. What Okada related material made you rage?...
2012-03-06 09:58
by totoum Go to last post
by Arabesque
2012-03-04 18:47
Opinion on Mari Okada: Her increasing fame and the quality of her writing
I thought about this after a brief conversation with Last Sinner. I'm probably one of more...
2012-03-05 14:19

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