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I really love this pairing and i see, they have not club.
3 0 0 0
The Princess/Skull - 4/Sagittarius - 1 and his Galactic Fairy~♥ ...or popularly coined by the Japanese fans as AruSheri (アルシェリ) ♥♥♥ Pay tribute to the most popular ship in Macross F (next to Michel/Alto). ♥ Note: Finally! I can be a bias governor! >8D
67 4 39 27
This is the group for people who are fans of the Amuto (Amu x Ikuto) pairing of Shugo Chara! Amuto is the most likely pairing to happen in Shugo Chara, so why not join this group? <3
32 2 23 19
Do not have anything to say. Fans come on! ^ ^
5 0 0 0
Discuss everything about Buffy and Spike as a couple!
2 1 1 6
Loli and i are awesome? Is that enough? I think it is. //btw, if you are a stalker and you dislike Loli and my epic self, just kindly get out, honest, because this is a group-diary-memoirs for twin and my awesome self, to keep a few things to remember. We got a right, no? So yep, bai-bai.
2 2 32 17
People who believe that these two should wind up together JOIN (lol)
9 1 1 10
To All people who want me to end up with ojou!!!! (Wolf x Nagi) xD "Beaten up by Vol" Hehehehehe, for people who want Ayasaki Hayate x Sanzenin Nagi, this group is for you (which means that it is not for me cause I'm supporting Wolf x Nagi.... maybe a harem....)
17 1 146 4
Hey ppls join if u would like ichigo and orihime as a couple. and want 2 discuss recent development *hehe* jk ^^
44 4 11 16
A group that supports Ichigo and Rukia coupling and discussing proof that they shall be. Jean is Second in Command
69 7 226 72
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