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by RiverSticks
2011-06-01 19:50
Pokemon: Hoenn Region
The big day is here, it's mid-morning and the sun is bright. Today around the world is the day that...
2012-01-09 03:56
by UngaBunga
2012-01-05 15:13
Escape-Revised (Character Creation thread)
Okay guys, so I know the first time around was a bust, but I plan on making this thing work. Part...
2012-01-05 15:13
by UngaBunga
2011-06-05 18:59
"Hurry up you slime! We're nearly there!" Greegra, the gnoll in charge of the slaving party, waved...
2011-09-09 00:06
by RiverSticks
2011-05-23 14:57
"Escape" character creation/general discussion
Setting: In a fantasy-esque world reminiscent of D&D, you play as an unfortunate character who has...
2011-06-28 17:33
by RiverSticks
2011-05-30 23:32
"Pokemon: Hoenn Region" Character creation/general discussion
This is the next attempt at traveling the pokemon world and having a big ol' adventure! It is my...
2011-05-31 18:05
by Bee513 Go to last post
by RiverSticks
2010-10-19 00:03
Treasure Hunt
This is a midevil-ish fantasy setting, our characters work within a guild we made and funded...
2011-01-30 20:42
by mink580 Go to last post
by RiverSticks
2010-11-27 22:54
Infection: A New Story
Humans are long since gone. The Large cities that lead to their extinction still remain, but in...
2011-01-30 10:07
by Bee513 Go to last post
by RiverSticks
2010-10-01 22:52
Character Files and Rules
(Pokemon: Sinnoh region) skeleton/rules: Being as this is the start of an adventure, each trainer...
2011-01-19 22:52
by mink580 Go to last post
by RiverSticks
2010-10-01 22:20
Pokemon: Region of Sinnoh
You are all aspiring trainers ready to begin your pokemon adventure in the region of Sinnoh. And...
2010-12-23 19:34
by RiverSticks
2010-11-27 23:12
Infection Character Creation, Rules, and Discussion
Character Skeleton: (As always, god modding will get a nice kick to the jugular :) ) Name: ...
2010-12-04 03:41
by RiverSticks
2010-10-02 09:13
General discussion and suggestions
I'm rather certain this thread does not need explaing. If it does, please consult your doctor. If I...
2010-11-23 00:38

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