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by Jintor
2008-05-28 04:49
When I return from my labours, I will crush you all with my mighty Editor Pen of +4 Sesquipedalian...
2012-06-16 06:59
by z-one Go to last post
by Tyabann
2009-06-18 13:29
Things we really shouldn't genderbend
Because it was requested... and I agree, there are some things we should just leave ALONE... ...
2012-06-03 07:55
by z-one Go to last post
by Kogetsu Shirogane
2009-03-18 18:32
Ideas - Seitenkan Fighting Game
Since it would otherwise continue to clutter the Nanoha project's discussion, I felt it necessary...
2012-04-23 04:37
by z-one Go to last post
by Cloudy
2010-12-04 12:15
Oreimo and Panty & Stcoking With Garterbelt genderbending
Apparently these 2 series are 2 of the most popular series to be genderbent by fans right now...
2010-12-11 06:10
by DJ_RockmanX
2009-02-16 17:54
Seitenkan's Hit List: It's about time we came up with a way to organize all of those side...
2009-08-20 05:15
by Kogetsu Shirogane
2009-04-30 21:52
Even though this pretty much dropped off everyone's radar, this is a side-project, and I felt it...
2009-08-05 00:29
by Cloudy
2009-06-21 12:09
Tears To Tiara
From what I seen from the episodes, I have to say that this is a series suitable for genderbending.
2009-07-27 10:18
by Cloudy Go to last post
by Cloudy
2009-06-17 10:19
Lucky star
Let's get it started.
2009-06-30 01:38
by DJ_RockmanX
2009-02-20 22:49
Seiyuu Wishlist - Haruhi
Help me compile that list, and I'll edit this post.
2009-06-30 00:42
by Ithekro Go to last post
by DJ_RockmanX
2009-04-15 19:26
Due to recent events around the K-On forum, I hereby declare this as another useless side project.
2009-06-13 15:02
by Heatth Go to last post
by unmoldedtruck
2009-02-08 22:16
For the God Empress!
If we're going with Clockwork's Eldar theory, then that would make Kyonko Slaanesh, and someone...
2009-04-08 20:46
by Kogetsu Shirogane
2009-03-02 07:10
One Month of Progress.
As I had stated in this post, all of us should do whatever we can. Let us make the first...
2009-03-05 18:51

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