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by Fate21
2009-06-17 11:51
Any recommendation?
Yuri drama or yuri movie or a film that contains some yuri? Or where can watch it? (free will be...
2016-12-20 11:27
by Fate21
2009-06-12 10:54
About Yuri Manga and Doujin
My most favourite Yuri Manga is "Girl Friends" (it's really good, i recommend it) I love Nanofate...
2014-04-10 05:11
by killer911
2009-06-19 20:16
What would be the cutest couple?
Who would be the cutest yuri couple in your opinion? I would say either Konata and Kagami from...
2013-07-30 00:30
by tezu
2012-02-12 09:01
Yuri Visual Novels
So I was wondering whether anyone here plays yuri visual novels? The only ones I've played so far...
2012-03-24 15:14
by Syntron
2010-06-16 02:06
Sono Hanabira OVA
The holy grail of Yuri has been found. Visual Novel "Sono Hanabira: Ni kuchizuke wo - Anata to...
2012-03-14 06:09
by Stevie_Nix
2011-11-26 15:36
Now that Girl Friends is Licenced, What Next?
Now that Seven Seas has licensed GIRL FRIENDS, what is the next Yuri manga series you hope get's...
2011-12-17 19:24
by Phantasmagoria
2009-06-27 04:06
List of yuri anime you've watched - Post it here!
You may also include rating & personal review for anime you've listed here. The focus of this...
2011-05-17 21:52
by Syntron
2011-01-09 15:18
Sono Hanabira - Watashi no Ouji-sama
My dear yuri fans / addicts / fanatics, it is both a great honor and a pleasure for me to bring...
2011-01-09 15:18
by Syntron Go to last post
by Himeji
2010-12-10 15:52
Post your Yuri scenes here
Any interesting Yuri scenes in current (or past) series? Just post them here. If you can provide...
2010-12-20 11:43
by Phantasmagoria
2009-07-02 09:20
New yuri anime - Aoi Hana!
Aoi Hana - As known as Sweet Blue Flowers. Genres: drama, romance Themes: coming of age,...
2010-05-17 22:05
by CuXe Go to last post
by hirahira
2008-07-01 20:17
Yuri FanClub ^.^
I will be watching Strawberry Panic soon ^^
2010-01-07 23:18
by Phantasmagoria
2009-03-20 03:08
Hello Everyone~
OH MY GOD. I just realised how inactive I could be these days. Didn't quite indulge in anime...
2010-01-07 20:09
by Fate21
2009-06-13 15:00
What do you think if you’re in this situation(yuri)
Imagine you’re a girl (if you’re a male), there’s a girl that you think she's like you. She’s care...
2010-01-02 11:41
by Fate21
2009-06-12 10:41
What scenes/theme are you expecting/imagine in Yuri anime?
1) The main character fighting or sacrifice or must kill the one she love(unrequited) until she's...
2009-06-15 14:30

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