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poptart poptart is offline

come tess me now!!

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  1. Shadow Kira01
    2008-12-16 20:40
    Shadow Kira01
    Nice Obama avatar! Looks rather funny..
  2. BleachOD
    2008-08-12 14:51
    I do it...because I want you to feel like I am speaking to you. So the periods are pauses. It becomes all redundant drivel after awhile. I like to be unique....

    The never ending period thing. grammar gets better ...the madder I get. Weird but true...
  3. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 01:53
    - HEROiNEx
    its so painful to sleeeep.
    I need sleeping pills but we dont have those
    worst thing of my life.
    I R GOING TO TRY THOUGH <--- I talk horribly on occasion. xD
    NIGHTIES! <3
  4. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 01:36
    - HEROiNEx
    Glad we agree on that. xD
    Gets a little annoying; but not more annoying than this damn cough I have right now.
    I should be asleep 'cause its like 2:30AM
    But it hurts when I swallow and... I honestly have no idea what I have. DD;
    I swear its tonsillitis, but, my mom won't believe me 'cause... she's... just.. weird that way. D:
    And won't take me to the doctor. SO, here I am.. at 2:30AM... laying on my bed on my laptop
    TALKING TO YOU. : DDD You're keeping me sane
    Until... you have to leave that is. >x>; But, I figured I should praise you for my sanity at the moment~o
  5. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 01:22
    - HEROiNEx
    Well, I can take no grammar if there's no words like, "u" or "r" its like, 'Sfkjwedbgjsdb gjsad gfb. USE FULL WORDS, PLEASE. slang is different than just being lazy. D;" xDD Some I can read and some I can't. It all depends on if the person ACTUALLY uses atleast... periods. If they don't, omg. D: I will just ignore the post all together, especially if they're trying to prove a point and its just one big long ass sentence. Horrible. xD
  6. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 01:15
    - HEROiNEx
    Oh good lord.
    D: If I typed like that I'd have to kill myself.
    Such typing is plain unattractive, but thank you for the compliment.
    But I also go on a little thing called Gaiaonline, its broadened my knowledge with roleplaying and just plain being literate.
    I'm a literate junkie, if there's no sign of proper grammar... I might take a spazz. xD
  7. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 01:05
    - HEROiNEx
    thaaat explains a lot. xDDD
    I usually tend to find people more within your bracket
  8. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 00:48
    - HEROiNEx
    D; I never see any my age
    I always think I'm all alone. xD
  9. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-12 00:32
    - HEROiNEx
    People are insane!
    I don't know what's running through their heads
    xD I just have to give them the benefit of the doubt that they won't say anything 'cause I'm... younger
    BUT. D: Some of them WILL say it 'cause I'm younger.
    ... -shakes head- I've witnessed it before, its kinda sad... and pathetic... and inappropriate
    Pedo-licious-ness ~ Lets not jump on the bandwagon. ;D
  10. - HEROiNEx
    2008-08-11 23:59
    - HEROiNEx
    But what if I comment on it and then they're like...
    xDDD I don't know! What if they say something thats like
    "Oh yeah, and you should join me."
    and then I'm like completely... lost... for words. rofl

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