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PSI you from behind

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  1. zebra
    2011-01-17 07:15
    Originally Posted by zebra View Post
    They were only thumbnails too so I didn't put them in spoilers as I normally do when I quote similar posts.

    I'm not new to image threads
  2. Shiek927
    2010-08-13 16:54
    Why were you temporarily banned? I saw that before :O
  3. MisterJB
    2009-12-01 13:15
    I am surprised that you didn't like the Lulaby arc or the Phantom Lord arc.
  4. Ryus
    2009-10-21 12:39
    Uh... swine flu affects the young the most. Which is why it's in the news so much, we don't have the immunity to it that many older people do have. In the US 60% of the people hospitalized with swine flu are young (though most deaths are older people who didn't treat themselves...)
  5. Ryus
    2009-10-21 11:39
    Oh... Clearly I haven't seen that anime

    I was worried you had a very bad case of swine flu or something (I had it a bit ago... but I didn't get anywhere near deathly sick. Just slightly worse then the standard flu...)
  6. Ryus
    2009-10-19 14:30

    If your sick, get well soon!
  7. MisterJB
    2009-09-02 04:51
    My mistake, then

    From those three, I've only heard about Freeza.
  8. haegar
    2009-08-11 10:44
    hm, that actually looks not too bad, like if the drawing lines of her features are done freehand with the pen, I'm impressed, although I guess there is also the question how long it takes to do such a thing.... nice choice of motif btw... ah well anyways, thx for the input but I figure I'll try practicing on paper for some time, it that turns out ok I might get tback to the tablet idea...but buying it now would be...hmm... dunno... I have to learn how to use the progs first anyways... but thx!
  9. haegar
    2009-08-08 14:18
    hey thx for the info and all...

    know what u mean concerning photos... it just takes so damn much traffic to the online version ...

    can't you by wacom pens spare? but I guess the addons are expensive too
  10. haegar
    2009-08-08 10:48
    this as well looks pretty cool.
    have to admit I'm a novice in terms of the technobabble involved

    I have a very rough idea of what a shader unit is from grafixcards for PCs, but I guess "cell shaded" refers to a specific way of doin it - in how far is it "easy" ?

    ... oh well no money for adobe stuff atm anyways
    I do have an older version of corel draw though which I nerver used... worth a try in your opinion or rather wait till I might get photoshop? ... you use a tablet or are you drawing with mouse or scanned freehand sketches? If you know sth about tablets, are the small wacoms for 100€max any good? Not in the mood of puttin too much money in the early stages of a new hobby

    uh and thx for that last pic, I'm not home right now, but once I'm back it'll sure make a nice desktop for my tft when its turned 90 xD .... there's lots of widescreen but not that much 'highscreen' (for want of a better word xD) pics around it seems...

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