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  1. blottyparchment
    2008-10-16 09:30
    Oh, here you go, dear:

    BTW, I suggest we never drop the "doushi" bomb in the Kallen thread, since people here are discussing ships/romance as if they were dealing with physics...(and why is liking crack ships, say GinoKare delusional?)

    Oh, I'm sorry. But I partially dropped the bomb with your explanation about "doushi no koto" in the novel. You've probably read it in Kallen's thread. It was buried in other topics rather quickly though. But yeah, we shouldn't drop more. Buut~

    I can imagine how idiots will jump out and "MUHAHAHAHAHA, 恋愛感情じゃない"
    Idiots they sure are. I'd say that it's 愛になった同志...haha..
    But who am I to say such? I'm just a delusional/logical (take your pick) rurukare believer >_<

    それと, どうしてまだアンチがASのカレンスレに入ったこと?カレンをほっといてください~
  2. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 14:41
    Oh, I particularly like this hairstyle of Kallen's,

    The ginokare is nice too.
  3. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 10:56
    Haven't watched subs properly in one sitting (and for me it's painful to rewatch it right now >_<) so my memory is a bit iffy but to add to the list,

    Zero Requiem and Kallen's words in Turn 7. (Most significant one~)
    Echoing lines in Turn 25...

    Do you mean the Kallen-Suzaku conversation during the lancelot-guren ultimate face off in parallel to the Lelouch-Nunnally confrontation in Damocles?
    Kallen believed that Lelouch was the successor of Naoto's dream, while Lelouch considered her as a "Doushi" in his plans. (In one extended preview "Suzaku and Kallen became part of the realization of that goal... ")

    * I think the doushi-ness (gah, so I'm using it this way now *_*) begins when Lelouch allows Kallen into the no-mask party with C.C.. Even if there were still trust issues around eps 2 to 5, Kallen was slowly gaining Lelouch's doushi approbation. (pssh, what a wording)
    * Lelouch seemingly started to open up to Kallen about his plans in the China arc, before they attended Tianzi's banquet - Lelouch didn't seem to have any qualms about relaying to Kallen his thoughts. Remember when she asked about Diethart and his plans for the Federation of China? The slap and talk down from the refrain scene seemed to have broken down a few barriers between them. If Kallen hadn't gotten captured, more barriers might have been torn down.
    * We briefly see proof of this barrier being taken down bit by bit upon Kallen's return in turn 19. After Nunnally's supposed death, Lelouch was very depressed. When Kallen entered his private quarters and she mistook C.C. and him doing some hanky panky, he didn't act like Zero or Lelouch Lamperouge. He was just Lelouch when he explained what happened to C.C.. A little later, while they were heading down for the hangar, it was Lelouch who initiates conversation by telling Kallen that he was relieved that she was safe. Kallen takes this as a cue to start talking to him about her own brother and Nunnally. This is "doushi-ness", don't you think so? If only the BK hadn't interrupted, it would have led to even more "doushi" moments.
    * When Zero attends the banquet with Kaguya and Kallen as his only bodyguard, doesn't it speak volumes about how much Lelouch trusts Kallen? People were saying on gamefaqs that it felt as if Kallen was playing the official role of Knight to Zero. Standing parallel to Suzaku really drove home that point.
    * Lelouch's outburst when Kallen was captured, Lelouch's inner monologue about not wanting to lose more precious people, Lelouch's inner monologue the novel and anime previews showing that Lelouch still thought about Kallen during her capture, and being priority #2 in turn 18 - this might have been one long chain of realization for Lelouch. Who knows?

    Whoah, I actually see the Zero-Q1 relationship in a new light now. Anything else we can add?

    You're right. Dismissing the romance angle, the Zero-Q1 doushi-relationship is something interesting and surprisingly mutual. Now, I don't understand why people cannot see how this could lead to Kallen's (and for that matter, Lelouch) feelings evolving into something deeper.
  4. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 05:08
    Yah, the turn 22 chuu was rurukare's final bastion, sad to say, and it took leaps of faith and logic for us to keep holding on til the what does that make us? delusional and/or logical >_>
    I am still waiting for someone to unearth Taniguchi's original plans for rurukare discarded in some wastebasket in the sunrise office >_<

    It's easier to judge from what Lelouch had said and done than what he hadn't.
    That's why 95 percent of the fandom threw RuruKare out of the window.
    He promised to return to C.C. and make her smile.
    He told Shirley that he didn't want to lose her again.
    As for Kallen...*facepalm*

    Kallen was able to understand Lelouch's intentions for her without him having to say it blatantly. That's what her journey was about, wasn't it?
    But, I dunno...with the mindscrew that was ep23 onwards...the damage had already been done and people thought less of Kallen >_>

    In the end, it all boils down to wanting to see one more hint that tells reveals Lelouch's feelings for Kallen.
  5. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 03:08
    You've already said this some time ago, but:
    I'd probably make a RuruC fanmanga with RuruKare as the secret/hidden pairing///////
    Pray tell, how do you plan on doing that? Premise of the story?
  6. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 03:02
    Oh wait, dec.

    Upon checking the definitions in my dictionary, I think it's 同志 instead of 同士.
    同志 - same mind, kindred soul, comrade
    同士 - fellow, companion, comrade

    I just realized that the latter fits better with what you told me about Lelouch's actions.
  7. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 02:13
    When I put on my rosy glasses, I somehow figured out this:
    while Kallen->Lelouch development in this season was 表, Lelouch->Kallen flavour was probably 裏. Note that even the fact that Kallen was 2nd on the priority list was thrown at us within a curve ball....

    Haha, now we're talking. You've made my day. You've been much absent from the forums 'cause you've been doing your own secret research into rurukare cult aka mind-reading the producers of CG, haven't you? But, if you drop the bomb in the Kallen thread, someone's bound to trample on it, people (won't mention who) who for some reason can't allow Kallen fans a bit of enjoyment.



    I read this too before, but it seems that the producers were going for something else, instead of just the "I can sympathize with you, that's why I will fight with you" angle. In fact, they killed it altogether by episode 19 or so.

    Oh, I just dropped roon's freya in my lj.
  8. blottyparchment
    2008-10-15 01:25
    Thanks. Well, I guess I can accept doushi, 'cause it implies that Lelouch does see Kallen as somewhat at his level (=equal) and doesn't underestimate/uderappreciate her. So, what's the difference between nakama and doushi? Why is there the kanji in-between in nakama?

    Hmm, do you think the author will cover how Nunnally survived the freya incident, seeing as how he seems to like focusing on her?

    What's the approximation of Lelouch, Kallen, and the others chinese names, btw?
  9. blottyparchment
    2008-10-14 12:18
    I will continue to spam your profile! XD pencil seems to hate me!(*tears*)
    Aww, I dunno who I should feel sorry for, you or your pencil...just kidding, haha. Then, we shall have to push roon to crank out the doujinshis. Quick, let's spam her profile!

    But, if doujinshis aren't remotely possible, I will settle for a massive amount of freyas.

    As for RuruKare, LOL our ship is already dismissed as Doushi. (Just kiddin', the "Doushi statement" did give me more insight on the RuruKare relationship...I'll elaborate on it later on.)

    On the other hand, what does the author have to say about rurushir and ruruC? I know that the author doesn't focus much on characters that aren't named Lelouch, Suzaku, Euphemia, Nunnally, oh and anyone whose last name isn't Britannia, but I want to know his insight on Lelouch's relationship with the other ladies.

    As an aside, if the novel keeps on skipping scene after scene, I wouldn't be surprised if Kallen's kiss is described in one line, as if it's an afterthought >_> So, I take it that the Geass part wasn't mentioned much as well? Does the author talk of the "I'll make you smile" line by Lelouch to C.C.?

    Zannen...The novel was mostly in Nunnally's POV, so after another "time warp", Kallen is already caught.
    But, that means that we might get a glimpse of the Nunnally and Kallen oniichan sisterly chat while Kallen was captured, 'cause the author seems to like Nunnally a lot.
  10. blottyparchment
    2008-10-13 22:32
    Oh, The No Talking Rule has been updated. Fun update. I wanna know what happens next know.

    Sorry for spamming your profile ^^

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