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  1. KongZilla
    2009-10-08 00:59
    Hello! How ya been?
  2. Jeffry2009
    2009-09-07 03:30
    Hi about what you've posted to me in PM, It feels like i'm gonna 'Stuff my mouth with a tissues' all because of havin Over-emotional issues with my favourite anime shows especially SUNRISE made shows like:-

    Mai HiME
    Mai Otome
    Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo.

    I don't know why these shows above finally becomes a 'victim' to me I mean about what I said in a PM. Gettin paranoid I mean it never forget about wondering what happened in this show for nothing.
  3. KongZilla
    2009-07-14 09:15
    I'm glad to hear your fine! ^_^

    I have all five volumes on retail here with me! I bought the ones distributed by a Singaporean company called Chuang Yi. Natsuki is different in the manga version and her falling for Yuuichi is just weird in my opinion but it could be just because I like Mai and Yuuichi as a couple. I have to say I love the manga incarnation of Mai as much as her anime incarnation. Also, Mai is alot bustier in the manga version too...
  4. KongZilla
    2009-07-14 09:00
    I know wha you mean! I'm doing fine, how about you?

    Yes! Someone else who like the manga version of Mai-Hime! I like the manga version too and its not as bad as many people make it seem to be. Its seems that the main reason why the manga is underrated is because of Natsuki liking Yuuichi. I admit, they don't look good together in my honest opinion but the story is great and I love the art. The characters are drawn sexier in the manga version too~
  5. KongZilla
    2009-07-14 08:50
    Never heard from you in awhile... been busy, milady? ^_^
  6. KongZilla
    2009-06-17 19:18
    I would love to see a young Mai! I also think a sequel or a prequel to Mai-Hime would be good because all people are talking about now are Mai-Otome. I say Sunrise should really come back to Mai-Hime. I thought Mai-Hime Destiny is going to be a sequel but its just a spinoff. No matter 'cause the franchise is awesome as a whole. And if a new series comes about, Yuki Kajiura must come back to score this one. While the music in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ isn't all that bad, it does not capture my heart like Yuki Kajiura's music does!

    I like most of the soundtracks from Dario Argento's films. But I like the ones in Phenomena (1985) the most. While I think Suspiria (1977) is his scariest film, I think his most beautiful film is Phenomena. And if I'm not mistaken, this was the first Argento movie I've watched. And that film pretty much gotten me into watching his movies and I love them all. There are a few which I have yet to see such as his recent entry to the Three Mothers Trilogy, Mother Of Tears (2007) and I really need to see it since its connected to Suspiria and Inferno. Argento has a unique visual style and use of colours, which I find interesting. Its something about his camera angles that could really bring me into his movies, if you know what I mean. Even his first three movies (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Cat 'O Nine Tails, Four Flies On Grey Valvet) are scary. I love giallo movies alot... XD

    While Claudio Simonetti is awesome, I wonder how it would be like if Yuki Kajiura works with Argento? I think it would be great!
  7. KongZilla
    2009-06-17 04:05
    I've always loved the original series, Mai-Hime, and its really obvious that Mai Tokiha is my top favourite character! I was glad she returned in the spinoff / sequel Mai-Otome though she did not make much on an appearance. If ever they come around making a new sequel to Mai-Hime, I would like Mai to return!

    Dario Argento is awesome! I watch alot of his movies and liked them all!

    I cannot decide which of his movies is my favourites since I like most of them, but I would say my top favourites would be Deep Red, Suspiria and Phenomena. And what would an Argento movie be without awesome soundtracks. Claudio Simonetti's works are comparable to that of Yuki Kajiura.
  8. KongZilla
    2009-06-17 03:45
    I've always wanted to go to Japan and learn more about the Japanese culture! Lucky you!

    And I have to agree with you about the Mai-Franchise. In MAL (MyAnimeList), members are no longer discussing the series until recently due to the talks of a two new series coming out on 2009 or 2010. I do hope all this talks are true, because I really need more from this great franchise!

    I see you're from Italy! That's so cool! I'm Asian but I do love Italian stuff from food to movies to music
  9. KongZilla
    2009-06-17 01:19
    Aww... *hugs back*

    Anyways, how have you been?
  10. KongZilla
    2009-06-16 22:14
    Hello there! ^_^

    Can we be friends? A fan of the Mai-Franchise is an instant friend of mine!

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