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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Today 11:50
    Dann of Thursday
    I still floss, but never really done mouth wash myself. I actually have a dentist right down the street from my apartment, which is convenient. I'd honestly think she'd just get a cameo were it not for them having her somehow be involved in whatever C.C.'s up to. Except the anime series was done and finished and at the time there were no intentions for any sort of continuation. Well, that is who they're primarily thinking of here in terms of the audience, which will have people who will go and check these out. I do wish they'd had more new scenes or scenes that served to lead into the next film. Maybe? They did do the Akito OVAs a while after, but I don't know how much of a cash cow it really was or what the process was for how they decided to go about this.

    Yeah, it's a little under a month now and releases full in Japan either today or tomorrow I think. The release for Resurrection isn't too far either really as it's a bit under two months now.

    I'm pretty much out of the loop with Gundam right now, though I heard a little about NT. I mean, it won't amount to much in the end since it has to lead into F91 and then Victory, which is around 30 and 60 years after respectively. They're not much better honestly, though there are parties on both sides tired of all this.

    So many? We only have confirmation of the one guy and no one else, though it's not impossible they have more. Well, beating him does create some pretty high stakes for how tough these people are if they can manage that, though we don't know yet the full circumstances for his loss. C.C. may end up coming in as a third party to help provided she isn't working with the antagonists in some way towards her own ends. I suppose it depends on what the reason for all this is. If this country managing all this is due to C.C. assisting them in her effort to bring Lelouch back, then the reasoning still holds that she would be better off letting him go. It did have a proper finale in the tv series. Someone (creators, Sunrise, or both) probably just decided to make some money by announcing a new project with the prospect of bringing Lelouch back, which they probably know would get people excited. They've talked about doing more with in stuff like games and whatnot, which has come to pass with a bunch of different game crossovers in Japan and some new mobile game for the series. Beyond that, no idea.

    Hmm? Lelouch had his little phone call with Shirley to presumably say goodbye then hung up. Then C.C. appeared before Shirley while Lelouch was in Japan visiting Ashford for the UFN conference. We don't have any idea what was discussed (indications at least are that she explained everything to Shirley), but then in the ending C.C. is reading a letter signed by both Jeremiah and Shirley. Shirley is apparently still attending Ashford, but I guess helping out in the meantime with whatever? Speculation is that they have Lelouch's body, but there's no real evidence of that. I just can't envision the creators going for that full blown. If Lelouch does come back, I'll be astonished if C.C. doesn't die. Not onscreen apparently, but they have it established now and she doesn't really have any other role to play then love interest. I don't think romance is especially important to them anyway so it being regulated to a side thing we only get at the end wouldn't be surprising. They'd never go for a harem ending and it wouldn't be in character for Lelouch to go that way either. I could see that being what happens, but I expect the bittersweetness to come in with the fact he'll have to watch everyone die and in a sense be alone for eternity.

    The second poster for the film has him in a new outfit which is presumably what he wears for when he pilots the Lancelot. I could see things like that coming up but perhaps not in the same way they're shown in the trailer. Unless you go way into the past or way into the future, you'd probably still run into the same problems, which is why a complete AU with no returning characters would be the best bet.

    They actually specifically say that their level of dating is like elementary or middle-school level due to Lelouch being so focused on Nunnally, but that it's apparently a good relationship nonetheless. I linked an article on this as well as Taniguchi discussing the changes for the movies. I mean there are scenes and lines of dialogue to indicate it, though I agree that it's weird they insert this but don't have any actual scenes demonstrating it.

    I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon unless they give us a breather arc after these mock battles.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 13:53
    Dann of Thursday
    I have nothing to back this up really, but I think maybe Taniguchi likes her character and her relationship with Lelouch. It pretty much all is and even going by what they described of her role in the films I don't really get the point myself really. There was some explanation for why they were dating, but my reaction to it all was why anyone would care. And one of the stated reasons for the films was that they could serve as a way to bring newcomers to the series quicker. With that in mind though, why is a new viewer supposed to care about Shirley at all or her relationship with Lelouch? It's partly why I'm convinced that if they do any romance in this, it'll be in some minor way with Shirley. She's there be the girl waiting for him or something and that's why C.C. brought her in at all. The kiss with Kallen was baffling since they cut out pretty much all the romance with her developing feelings for Lelouch and they have a scene explaining away the kiss as entirely unromantic as they did in the original series. They've always made it clear in interviews and such that Lelouch and C.C.'s relationship was in no way romantic, just extremely close. I don't ever expect them to ever fully go that direction with the two of them. Potentially, except it was outright stated that Mao did not show up in this version of events so it doesn't really matter. Well the point was to introduce it to new fans and I think because the creators think the series is best left alone as it is, so they don't want to do any continuations to it at all. So it's a means to keep up with the franchise while leaving the original series they ended to exist as they wanted it to. We don't know who approached who about this project after all and the creators may have wanted the original work left alone so this was them meeting halfway. Well, they do have the licenses for the films so they may still do a release of some kind in advance of the movie.

    I only saw anime through the AFO fight so I haven't watched how they did the exams there. I think that's deliberate since I seem to recall some sort of extra story by the author that had them essentially go on a date.

    Oh no, I started doing this again! Sorry
  3. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 13:52
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if something is wrong with me though I try to brush regularly. Eh, they do feature some instances like Shirley and the bits of the ending that serve as a lead-in. Plus for newer people to the series you can get a relatively quick recap of things. If you just watch the series and then the movies, you may end up confused as the two aren't supposed to connect. I think the creators wanted to leave the series on its own as they were fine with the way it ended. The films allow them to explore the whole idea of Lelouch coming back without potentially tainting the original series. I wonder, if they have a new anime start, if they'll recap it in episodic form like they did the other two films, though I always heard those were rather weak.

    For Broly? Yeah, I just got some the other day. I just searched Dragon Ball Super Broly tickets and got results in my area. I did a search for NYC Dragon Ball Super Broly tickets and got some results for theaters around there, though no idea which ones you'd be hoping for. I could I guess or maybe a half day to make sure I can make it.

    Unless he's up to speed somehow from being a spirit or something. I don't really expect him to need to do much for some reason. I just don't see this leading to some scenario where the world absolutely needs Lelouch back to solve anything. I'm more expecting the point to be that C.C. needs to move on like everyone else has been trying to do and learn to live in a world with him gone. You'd could even make it some kind of meta-commentary on their part about people needing to let the character go. They've said this is supposed to be a sort of finale too. C.C. does have the advantage of immortality in that she can keep watch forever. Unless they have him take the Code, her be rendered mortal or dead, and then have him do it, to go against everything I just said.

    I prefer to think I'm being realistic here I mean it's not a redefinition of canon. It's an AU. The tv series just exists as it's own separate thing. So if you don't like the movie, you can just ignore and stick to the series I guess? And Shirley is apparently more a consequence of there not being a way to keep the Mao arc and Taniguchi not thinking her dying makes sense then. I actually agree with that since cutting that and everything that came from it takes away any impact her death might have had. I mean, Lelouch has to die at the end. Shirley's a supporting character and thus her death isn't as vital as his or Euphemia's as another example. I've gotten confused on what promise she's talking about honestly. Is it just the smile one then? I'd like them to stay by the other's side, but that almost feels too happy an ending for this show which is why I think one of them isn't sticking around. Unless one of them is mortal and the other immortal so there is some bittersweetness there. I've kind of been thinking he ends up with Shirley in the end (that perhaps being the entire reason C.C. brought her into this) and maybe we have a flash forward where they have a daughter named after C.C. (thus finally resolving that mystery). If C.C. dies it's a nice tribute and if not they can have it be that she watches over his descendants.

    Except there are bits that don't seem to fit anymore with what little has been shown especially the environments since we seem to mostly be in the desert along with him being in his Rounds outfit (we already see in the poster he seems to get something completely different). I think it's more of a proof of concept trailer so they had something to show off or things changed as they went along. I kind of think that's a bit of a problem as it prevents them from branching out with the franchise at all. Really I think they'd be best served getting as far away from the original cast as possible if they want to do more with it. Go full AU with no returning characters like how Gundam eventually started doing beginning with G Gundam.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2018-12-11 01:05
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm a fair bit behind to be honest. Just need to find the time, but I don't have a lot of it right now. I was surprised to see they were bothering to have it in theaters at all, though the fact they haven't gotten around to releasing the films despite having the license makes me wonder how long after the Japan release it will be. A good portion past a certain point is apparently just a big fight, but a extremely well animated one. Not sure how I feel about that since DB Minus always felt a bit weird.

    Actually looks like tickets opened up around me so I managed to get in a ticket. I just hope I can get there in time as it's an hour after work ends, but traffic can get pretty bad going home at times. Possibly, though I've just been having a harder and harder time imagining him being around all that much or contributing much if he does beyond a last minute save. I think that is selling C.C. incredibly short in terms of her abilities. She helped keep the BK together after Lelouch was captured and Lelouch always took her council seriously. Her major issue I think was apathy, but given a reason to care and her taking it seriously I think she could do just fine. Hell, the point of this might be that she (and everyone else) just need to move on past Lelouch and take care of things themselves. I feel like if he goes again he'd probably still want her to live and encourage her not to give up. Though that's partially that I don't see an ending with both of them alive. If one of them is alive it feels the other must be dead. Honestly, he tends to be about his plans mostly being successful just to fail at some crucial point down the line. I don't put any stock in that promotional video anymore. I think it was a proof of concept teaser they put together to show off the project to fans and the thing evolved into something a bit different with aspects getting set aside. But yeah, I'd be surprised to see him take the mantle back. It says the birth of a new legend so I don't think it's going to be either Lelouch or Suzaku officially taking the mantle, but someone new taking it full time.

    You can infer it from a few conversations and comments had, but it's pretty weird and doesn't seem to matter at all that I still don't get the point either. The two never have a direct conversation onscreen from what I can tell with the closest being phone calls we only hear one side of. Well, they had her get involved on this plan in some way so I'd imagine she's going to show up in some regard or else it's a waste of time. The fact they had a pre-established relationship makes me wonder if, in the event he comes back and sticks around, we're just going to see that they ended up together. Eh, it makes sense why they cut Mao from the movies. Anime is the anime and the movies are the movies. Same general story with some cuts and slight differences. And the anime has its ending while the movies get a continuation.

    I like the deeper red for the Guren though it looks way bulkier which I think is due to the arm.

    It's definitely quite solid and the anime has been quite good as well.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2018-12-10 19:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Same here! Yeah, I've has some family members who needed it done and they didn't have a fun time. Hopefully I don't need to have that done at some point. I've always wondered how much the show has retained it's popularity over the years. It seems to have done so somewhat in Japan, but I doubt it has done so much anywhere else. I think the recent films and Super existing at all means GT is no longer a factor. I wouldn't be opposed to them utilizing some of the concepts from it and reworking them to not be dumb.

    I'm near Austin, but I'd only seen screenings mentioned for San Antonio so far. Hopefully they do some near here. I feel like NYC would definitely have some though as you say having it be near the area you're in could be the catch. I wonder about that really. I could see it being for the finale and perhaps even being just a few minutes at most. Given the whole birth of a new legend line and such, I'd lean towards someone new taking on the role. C.C. doing so to honor Lelouch's memory and exist as an Eternal Zero could line up with that. Not like she doesn't have some experience with it either. I just have extreme doubts of him coming back and actually sticking around at all I suppose. Though I've also been thinking C.C. will probably end up dead or they stick to the status quo with her living on eternally. It'd be nice if there were contingencies, but it wouldn't surprise me if there weren't any either. If Suzaku gets revealed, there's a few easy ways that can be explained away of course.

    Actually, at a recent fan event, there were some reports that he indicated not having recorded any lines for the movie. It may also have been a joke of course about how he's not listed anywhere in the starring credits so far, but hard to say. Shirley coming back was apparently in large part due to Mao's arc getting cut, though other members of the staff wanted to stick with her dying. Director Taniguchi couldn't see it though and so they had her live. They seem to be setting her up for something with her getting involved with C.C. and Jeremiah, but I have no idea what. Taniguchi also had it so that in the movie universe, she and Lelouch were casually dating since freshmen year though none of this is super obvious or important. A few lines here and there that give some indications but that's it. So is she supposed to be a love interest then waiting for him to return? Why would anyone care or expect anything out of her given how unimportant she is in the films?

    I don't know about cut. It takes place between the end of the ZR and start of the film and nothing about it all contradicts what info we have. Though the Black Albion seems to be a remnant from the original test footage that they inserted into canon, but appears to have been dropped or not used in between. What do you think of the new Lancelot and Guren anyway?
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2018-12-07 22:34
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey man! And congrats on both of those, though moreso on the Paralegal stuff as the root canals definitely don't sound like a fun time. I'm definitely intrigued though still a bit hesitant on the whole thing due to worrying how it'll play out. I expect we won't see that NA release until some months after the Japanese premiere unless they end up going a month after like the Dragonball Super movie. Don't think CG holds that kind of clout though.

    I just hope they have showing out where I am. Went through an analyzed much of the trailer, which has a lot of interesting stuff going on. I'm actually not convinced Lelouch is going to be in this much at all and wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't show up once. Don't think the Zero they're showing off is him either, but more likely someone like C.C. taking on the role.

    There's a translation of the synopsis as well as a short story they released that takes place a year after ZR with some interesting background details. Was released in conjunction with them announcing a special Zero version of the Lancelot Albion Metal Build figure. The blog I'm linking below actually does a lot of translation work for the series including interviews as well as some of the recent manga.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2018-03-30 14:12
    Dann of Thursday
    I keep forgetting they're doing that. It's weird because I'm so used to the much older animation with it. Speaking of which, did you know they're apparently going to be doing a localized official release of the original?

    It'd be nice if that premium set wasn't the only one because apparently its $800.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2018-03-20 20:33
    Dann of Thursday
    No prob man, best of luck with both. I'm in the Austin area though none of this has happened near me yet and hopefully it stays that way. Hope they catch the nutjob soon too. My complex has lockers for packages so I'd know to avoid any showing up at my doorstep. Thanks for checking in
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2018-03-16 00:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies for late response. Just sort of been wrapped up in work and such.

    Great! Hope it indeed ends up panning out for you.

    Some have actually called him the next Miyazaki, though he's been noted as uncomfortable with that title given that their style of works are very different and of course the kind of pressure that comes with that sort of expectation. That's really interesting they went for that route with things. I feel like I don't see too many dubs that take that kind of liberty with things.

    Anime wise the only thing right now really would be Magus Bride and Darling in the Franxx. The former has been surprising because they're literally right at the end of current manga and the most recent chapter doesn't quite resolve things so I guess they'll do something original. Franxx I'm intrigued about mostly because I want to know what's up with the world, but otherwise it feels pretty standard. Given it's 2-cour it seems to be taking it's time but I expect it'll do a shakeup soon. Manga wise it's Shokugeki and One Piece for carry overs. Sort of skimming on AoT but starting to feel like letting that one just accumulate till it ends. New stuff (for a given value since this was last year I started reading) I've gotten really into would be Dungeon Meshi (Fantasy Cooking/Comedy manga about an adventuring party cooking up creatures in a magical dungeon while on a rescue mission) and Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To (Comedy-Romance I guess though it's main focus is two individuals trying to force the other to confess out of a prideful belief that whoever confesses gives up power and advantage).

    Been anything further on that one? I also think I saw they're releasing some new version of Cold Steel on PS4/PC or something? It's been going alright though there's a lot to learn and I tend to worry I'm not picking it up as fast as I should. Just super fearful about losing my job given what happened before.

    I also need to apologize as I haven't gotten to reading your story yet, but I plan to get to it this weekend. Need to take my car in Saturday to have it looked at (again...) so I'll probably be reading while that gets taken care of.

    Wasn't aware they'd done a graphic version, which is neat. Didn't they do comics of the original Thrawn series or am I thinking of something else? That's fair enough and I can always appreciate ending something at a set point compared it carrying on forever. Nice to see that came out though I still need to read the first. Need to read Words of Radiance too come to think of it. Yeah, I'm not sure what to really do with all that given where things are now. Yep, definitely agree and had a good time at that one. Really enjoyed Wakanda and honestly would have enjoyed more scenes going into their culture and the politics of it all. Michael B. Jordan was fantastic too and I really wish he'd had more scenes honestly. Seeing Isle of Dogs in a couple weeks and a friend got an extra ticket for Ready Player One the weekend it comes out, though I'm a fair bit more iffy on that one. Free though so I can't really complain.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2018-02-18 20:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Thanks! Yep, same apartment and such which I'm happy about. Drive is a bit longer but otherwise fine.

    Hope you hear something soon!

    I quite liked Your Name as well and didn't know the Shokugeki dub was that silly with how they took the dialogue. That one I'm behind on currently. Oh right the Ao games were finished or near it, right? No, haven't been gaming as much as now playing catch up though my shift is 9-6 so I don't end up with too much time before I need to get to bed. Provided the books ever end up coming out that is. True, I imagine that's the big one people might want to try. Yes, I'm fully aware of that theory. I'd actually be surprised if that didn't end up happening in the books, but who knows.

    I wonder if they have anything in mind to replace it. Yeah, I think the stuff with Kylo and Rey was the best part of the movie, but was more mixed on the Finn and Resistance plots. It definitely got me more invested in him compared to TFA.

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