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stray stray is offline


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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-03-06 03:20
    Natsuki Hyuga

    stray aniki, you're aliveeeee~~~

    /me glomps
  2. cheesie
    2011-03-05 17:49
    Well, you can use this thing here instead...
  3. cheesie
    2010-08-27 19:20
    Dear fellow minions,

    Due to a grueling schedule, it is a shame I have not been able to lavish my presence on IRC due to fears that the lot of you, being the interesting individuals that you are, may gleefully distract me to oblivion and cause my hearts level for you to shoot through the roof as always. However, I am in fact alive, very much so, and I will be seeing you in IRC very soon.

    (Note: soon means tomorrow, so get on please. :E)

    wilted cheesie
  4. cheesie
    2010-04-19 02:32
    Oh, it went good! And I'm back on IRC as well! XD Come on over, le Stray, poor Seth has been holding the channel on his own. :P
  5. cheesie
    2010-03-17 11:22

    Twice I granted my presence on irc, and what didn't I find?

    *slaps stray!*
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-12-13 10:44
    Natsuki Hyuga
    ;~; Please do for our sake nii-san! 8( Though I probably will most likely scrape spoiler videos from nico-nico for games that I like

    I mean yuri with FemMCxMitsuru and FemMCxAigis mainly because Male!Mitsuru and Male!Aigis fanarts are hot as heck 8D SPEAKING OF YURI, I DUNNO ABOUT WHETHER ELIZABETH HAS CHANGES IN HER CONVO IF USE BETH RATHER THAN THEO THO HAHAHA

    Mmm, one reason why I'm not really onto MMO at all 8D;; That and I couldn't get the hang of MMO. At all.


    /Nat lol-ed @ how people has no way to differentiate text-book horoscope presentation with 'anthromorphication' of horoscope. Then again they never see how even notebooks can be morphed *shrugs*
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-12-09 09:11
    Natsuki Hyuga
    On another note, I really need a good sleep. Has been insomniac since, what, 4 days? Which coincidentally, I spent playing through all the Japanese games I got from my cousin lmao

    It appears my understanding of English (PLUS GRAMMAR. DAMN GRAMMAR) got screwed. Dem' hard. :c *snuggles handmade Jack Frost+Jaaku Frost dolls nao* Might be MIA from forum again to rest from insomnia /o/
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-12-09 04:49
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Mai Persona 3 harem is da' best <3 AND NO, YURI IS NO GOOD except with Mitsuru and Aigis *3* AND THAT'S WHY STRAY-NII, PLEASE FINISH YOUR STUDY IN MOONSPEAK SOON :/

    Well, there is nothing to disappoint you if you want to know about the Fem Route's onsen and Yakushima. The beach scene was reduced to booooooring except the part where Aigis hugs (errr, yes, hug... I think) the FemMC later in somewhere i the jungle-like landscape (which I geniusly forgotten). It's basically 'beach scene with so many cuts to the point it's only liek, "will you hang out with me? ... No? D:" and w/o Minato when 'romancing' Aigis'. And the onsen scene is quite exact with 'if the gals found out about you-cue MITSURU PUNISHMENT (Except Yukaricchi is shown to be afraid of ghosts again XD)'.

    ;~; Screw you who have PS3, I HATH NO MOAR MUNNY TO BUY PS3 SOON.

    -puppy eyes stray to tell about FF13- TToTT

    EDIT: Also why people like WoW anyways? :/ <<- This person here has not even a little amount of interest to WoW.
  9. Westlo
    2009-12-09 03:11
    Don't do it, I regret doing it a few months back.. I quit in disgust like 4 weeks into my 2 months of time I bought lol.
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-12-01 22:15
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Indeed, I slutt--- Errr, let me put this poetically, grab all possible boytoys along the way. (FFS the maxed links were mainly the boys and new BFF female characters ) Haven't completely finished it though-climbing Tartarus for the effin' last time. ;A; YOU KNOW I HATE TARTARUS WITH FLAMING PASSION.

    It was not really epic though to say, the FemMC route was sweet as heck rather than epic, especially counting that the storyline was the same as ever with The Journey. Though I was fangirling like no end over the S.Links. Still the 3rd time of entering November still pumps me up and make me a sap

    Pharos is still a cute boy jailbait shota cuter than your party shota indeed. And still no announcement of English Version much to every non-Japanese speaker dismay

    Noticeable differences (hence will be renamed rants of fangirlings):

    - Yukari is not a Clingy Jealous Girl in FemMC route! /o/ (Okay, Okay it would be weird, but hey, I dislike Jealous!Yukari :|)

    - I seriously think the implication in Yakushima is that Akihiko think that Aigis swing that way LMAO

    - Dialogue changes after some choices (Think it was changed too)! Best part would be maxing Shinji to MAX (I THINK. I HAVE ALWAYS MAXED SHINJI KTHX /o/) will make him like such a super sweet guy in his "oh-so-obviously-going-to-be-dead-BUT-HEY-HE-IS-ALIVE!" scene in October. ;A; Okay, two lines addition only, but hey, it counts for EPIC SHIPPING MATERIAL.

    Also, the guys all admire me FemMC when she was wearing kimono for New Year /o/ Hohohoho~ *smacked* That is due to completely swooning them from the first place! :9

    - X'Mas Eve date was pitiphul for the FemMC. You can only date 2 gaiz from the available 4 (of sorts. 3 if you are nitpicking) I mean c'mon, one is on deep coma while the other you know what happens! *see spoiler* Though one of the result of the choice in Aki's date was questionably R-18... Then again what is not? :9

    Spoiler for SPOILAH:

    EDIT: This will be the best description for my current status

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