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  1. The Chaos
    2010-12-31 13:11
    The Chaos
    Happy New Year
  2. Rainbowman
    2008-09-08 11:59
    Say, what happened to the picture of Nami crying that was posted in my group?
  3. Rainbowman
    2008-08-17 20:25
    So have you thought over what I explained the last time? Again I was only angry at the Thriller Bark characters and not at you. And incedently, which of the Bellamy pirate members insulted Nami?
  4. Rainbowman
    2008-08-14 02:08
    Well until I see the Jaya arc in the One Piece FUNimation dub, I still don't think that would count as suffering. If there was a particular time that Nami would suffer I would know as I would feel angry inside.
  5. Rainbowman
    2008-08-13 11:47
    Somehow I fail to see how calling Nami crazy and a mad woman for believing in Sky Island would make her suffer. I'd say this action is due to the fact that the Bellamy pirates are jerks who choose not to believe in fairy tales. (oh boy) And as to your Zoro and Nami factor, I mean no disrespect but personally I'd go for Zoro and Tashigi. Sure they're enemies to each other now but that's because there's so little info on Tashigi that more is required.
  6. Mr.Raw
    2008-08-13 03:55
    Hey...You have been to my page...O_O...Crongratszz Because you will now be friends with Godlike1889!
    (OFCOURSE If You want to)
  7. Rainbowman
    2008-08-11 23:01
    I don't know how the Bellamy Pirates had to make Nami suffer but I have quite a list of people that made Nami suffer. You can veiw it in the One Piece group so you'd understand.
  8. Rainbowman
    2008-08-11 15:51
    Say, what did you mean when you said "As to the sufferage of Nami, I think u pretty much named them all" as an answer? I'm pretty sure there are more I can think of if anyone else hadn't already.
  9. Rainbowman
    2008-08-10 18:15
    Say Three Kings, Osaka chan9 wants to know what groups do in Animesuki. Care to tell her about that?
  10. Rainbowman
    2008-08-09 14:06
    I can see why you're named "The Three Kings" in Animesuki forums. I can understand the Ninja and Pirate characteristics, but what exactly is a Shinigami?

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