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  1. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-08-08 19:09
    Roloko vi Britannia
    I want to buy everything that has anything to do with Rolo so yes I will eventually I can't afford it now though
  2. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-08-05 09:54
    Roloko vi Britannia
    yes I am I love that cute little yandere ^_^
  3. Roloko vi Britannia
    2010-07-14 14:38
    Roloko vi Britannia
    *random VM from random user* hey how are you? I seen your post in the CG forum are you by any chance a Rolo fan??
  4. BleachOD
  5. BleachOD
  6. BleachOD
    2008-07-30 17:17
    Thanks for getting it made for me
    NP.......I have sig fetish. I always beg for sigs. So I help people if I can. Because I know how it is to want one. Besides you should try to do at least one good deed a day. You can return the helping someone else. Mmmkay? Besides you have a great eye for sigs. You can see the hotness my friends can not. That gives you automatic cool points. Now if I can convert you to IchiRuki...that will really raise your cool pts.
  7. BleachOD
    2008-07-30 16:55
    I will get her to give you one with 3 ..You pm a mod. and ask is it a spoiler. Nightwish or The big bad MonIi(MONIR)
    Will help I love the three too. Two of my members said it looks off. So I will ask her to put three back on and pm that one to you. I have many sigs. I don't have to wear it here so don't worry about either version. Give me a day or so ...Maybe less. Then you can have both versions. How's that?
  8. BleachOD
    2008-07-30 15:46
    Here you go YOUR SIG
  9. BleachOD
    2008-07-30 10:55
    I will have the # removed and your name added. You can have that sig. I won't wear it here.
    .Ulq is the second greatest character...I like adult Nel...the chibi annoyed me until she was animated. I have a serious migraine so I can't say more.
  10. BleachOD
    2008-07-28 18:23
    those are her own creations. Do you want one from the images she did or a particular image..or combo of both? I like her version. I will ask her ...just give me a few days. I will have her put your name on it. I am so glad you like it. Two of my members don't like the number. You have a great eye for Sigs.

    I am a huge IchiRuki fan...but I am the #! Ichigo fan girl. (I even have tats of him and his mask on my arms) All other characters pale in comparison.

    If you have a specific image you want her to use..PM if you want a version of her fan art just let me know on profile. No thanks necessary...just return the favor by helping someone else.

    You can say hello anytime. ...Btw I can be no attention to that and I don't care who you ship...I leave my personal feelings out if it once we leave thread.

    I know a couple of Graphic artist....So I may come back with more than one for you.

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