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You're Hot, Cupcake

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  1. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-22 18:40

    I'm ok. Could be worse, but have some anime on me with Kids on the Slope, Space Bros, Accel World, Lupin, and Fate/Zero
  2. Arabesque
    2012-05-22 16:52
    (Pretty nice avatar It's been a while since I played C(K)atherine, but I still remember it as being a pretty cool game. Any reason for the switch?)

    Doing pretty well, I think. Been more busy than usual this week, but I found myself more in control than usual and I think I was juggling everything more gracefully than usual, at least for myself Overall, I'm taking a more positive attitude about my life and where I'm going, and trying to be a step ahead of any problem I might have.

    In terms of how this relates to anime, well ... for one, I find myself having a bit more money to spend on my hobby than usual. I'm thinking that maybe I might go back to importing another show, but I hadn't made up my mind yet as to which one or if I should just save it.

    For what I watch, I find myself pretty much up to date with the shows I want to follow, and not that far behind the rest. Watching long runners like Sket Dance, Hunter X Hunter and Gundam AGE is sort of second nature for me right now (I guess spending a year with a show does that eventually ). The only anime from the past season that I'm still following is Aquarion EVOL (I more or less dropped Knight in the Arena ... I could only take so much violation of medical ethics in a show before I give up) and from this season, I'm up to date with Hyouka (really excellent visual, incredibly imaginative and well thought out. The mysteries need to be a bit more engaging but I thought that the first 3 episodes were pretty good and the following two sealed the deal) Fate/Zero , Eureka Seven AO, Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko, Mysterious Girlfriend X (have been really loving this one, sort of the dark horse of the season with me), Saint Seiya Omega (I wasn't really all that happy about Crunchyroll not having this as being an actual simulcast, but I'm sort of used to it by now. Works better with my schedule anyways) Tsuritama (the show I have my on to import atm) SpaceBro's, Boys on the Slope and, surprisingly enough, AKB0048 (I have no idea how, but I'm pretty much following this show now ).

    So yeah, pretty much having a full plate with all of these fantastic shows to watch. I ended up falling behind Shirokuma Cafe (amusing, but I don't think I can watch it week to week) Sankarea (it's a pretty okay show, but I'm not into necrophilia) Natsuiro Kiseki (I love Mizushima Seiji's work, and I watched everything he worked on before, and I'm okay with Sphere as a band but ... this show is just not working with me) and Accel World (wanted to like it, but finding it pretty meh so far. Hopefully next season's SAO will be better)

    For my backlog, I have Shining Hearts (interested due to Tony Taka's designs and the promise of a follow up to the anime) Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Ginga e Kickoff and Is this a Zombie? (saving them for a rainy day).

    How about yourself?
  3. totoum
    2012-05-22 14:44
    I've frankly kind of given up reading reaction on MGX in most places and just kind of enjoy it in my corner.I guess she might have won over some otakus with her name tag antics in the latest episode though.
  4. Triple_R
    2012-05-22 09:36
    It's probably fair to say that I've become a little bit extra fatigued/jaded lately. But hopefully some of that will turn into calm acceptance eventually.

    Love your new avatar, by the way. It really suits you.
  5. Eragon
    2012-05-22 09:32
    Well, I want to play it but the problem is how do I get my hands on it? (asked this to Drago as well)

    Btw, SHE looks GORGEOUS(even though its just her face )....................Who is she?
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-05-22 08:40
    I have nothing to say lol. Guess expectations is everything. Was expecting it to be the next K-on/Lucky star - aka moeblob slice of life series with mysteries as a minor side-element. Instead I got Haruhi/Bungaku Shojo lite. Although epiosde 5 (end of an arc) was legit good and would glady give it at least an 8/10. The worst that Hyouka is at the moment is that its mysteries are kinda mundane and therefore kinda boring (except episode 5). It's pretty slow though it's characters have their charms I guess. It's not offensive by any means which is a huge plus. Actually it's funny, if a series is inoffensive these days, that's average in my books haha. Standards gotten that low?
  7. Dr. Casey
    2012-05-20 19:30
    Dr. Casey
    Thanks. ^^ This is Souseiseki, a character that's apparently from Rozen Maiden. I've never watched the show, but I was in the mood for a new avatar and found this in the User CP and thought it was very cute and attractive.

    I love walking, I should start doing it regularly again (Especially now that the weather's starting to become comfortable again; down here in Tennessee the temperature's pretty chilly until the end of March/start of April). Well... I might be less inclined to walk in Australia because there's supposed to be a lot of huge spiders down there, which I'm terrified of, but yeah. ^^; Did you end up watching any anime after all? Oh, and have you ever seen Princess Knight? That's an anime from the late 1960s that looks like a good watch; such an old series that I'm not sure it's been subbed, though.
  8. Triple_R
    2012-05-20 05:28
    Yeah, what totoum just wrote, lol.

    Maybe you're confusing Guilty Crown with Aquarion EVOL? Kawamori may well hate humanity given how he ended Genesis of Aquarion... And Kawamori Directs that show while Okada writes for it.

    Anyway, if you really mean Aquarion EVOL, I'm the last person to defend the writing of that show, lol. I've been highly critical of it myself. I have to admit that my main reasons for liking EVOL is just pure spectacle and "for the lolz".
  9. totoum
    2012-05-20 05:12
    Just dropping by to say that I don't know what Guilty Crown review your read but Guilty Crown is not an Okada show nor is it really Okada-ish in any way.
    Also director Araki doesn't strike me as someone who hates humanity and he isn't used to having hapless leads in his animes,Shu in GC was maybe his first one.
  10. Dr. Casey
    2012-05-20 00:39
    Dr. Casey
    Just bored and felt like posting something random. <3 How are you doing tonight, Sinny?

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