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  1. Dilla
    2011-06-07 00:03
    I don't mind Andy, but he was the safe pick. He an athletic big man, so he fits the WWE mold, but had trouble expressing himself until Stone Cold provoked him. Luke had everything else, but he was kind of a real life assclown most of the show (notice how the crowd was booing him) and a big party guy, so the lifestyle of a celebrity could get him in trouble. He did chill out a bit when he almost eliminated, and WWE will likely keep him regardless.

    Personally, who I would watch out for in the future is Martin. I thought he was a lock until he broke his ankle and had to quit, but he looked to be mostly healed up tonight. No way the WWE lets him go. Same with Jeremiah, he lived on the edge throughout the show, almost injuring some contestants due to his greenness, but he'll been seen on WWE programming again. Bank on it.

    Rima will be back, she already has exposure as Miss USA and is actually quite spunky.

    A dark-horse would be Matt Cross. He was eliminated early, but because he played it too safe. He has in-ring ability from the Indies, but needs to find some charisma.
  2. Akito Kinomoto
    2011-06-06 14:21
    Akito Kinomoto
    Indeed. Cherry Blossoms Pink is actually my favorite story from her and Girlfriends felt a little carbon-copyish afterward, though that isn't saying much. Oh yeah, and make sure you get Chocolate Kiss Kiss and Wishing on the Moon since it concludes the story of the anthology's "main" couple.

    Mhm. That applies to every form of entertainment, really. I wouldn't say I'm rating anything based on quality, but I can't say the differences for me haven't become more and more obvious. And I still enjoy everything as much as I used's just that the strong feelings of back then haven't survived the even stronger ones appearing now, or something.

    Well then, all I'd say is that anything before the turn of the century is retro. Or maybe that point before certain stylistic choices took hold. Who knows.

    So...where are they going to be uploaded? I'd check it out myself if I could fly around the world for a single convention~
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-06-06 02:34
    "Dororon Enma-kun"

    How much of this has actually been subbed? The currently airing remake has turned out to be a huge hit when I do "guy's anime nights", so I've been thinking of running episodes of the two versions back to back sometime.

    (Probably not all three versions... I didn't really care for the tone of the 2006 OVA.)
  4. Akito Kinomoto
    2011-06-05 16:44
    Akito Kinomoto
    Hey, fancy that. But have you read Milk-sensei's other works as well?

    And though I really hate to admit this, Haibane Renmei has forced down nearly every single show I've ever watched. Something about it made it really natural for me to do so, and Maria Watches Over Us was one of the casualties. On the bright side, Touko is still one of my favorite characters.

    Btw, how do you define Retro Anime? Everything before the current point?
  5. Tsuyoshi
    2011-06-05 09:27
    Just finished watching the first two, and I have to say that I'm more than just a little impressed You weren't kidding about the two best chase sequences, especially the second one in Moscow. The filming methods, camera angles, even the actors and the way they responded to each other was conveyed extremely well! I've yet to see the third one but I did have the feeling from the beginning that Landy would be an ally to Bourne because she's never struck me as the vengeful type, but someone who likes to have answers, just like Bourne. The exchange between him and Neski's daughter was really heavy too. I have to agree with you about Joan Allen as well, she's been really good in the second movie. On to the third now
  6. Dilla
    2011-06-05 02:20
    From what I gather, CM Punk wants to stay in the WWE. He likes wrestling in front of the large crowds and he likes [most] of his co-workers. He also dislikes TNA and getting re-accumulated money-wise to the Independent circuit would be pretty tough. The main problem is not because he's being buried, since his contract status is the reason it's happening in the first place, but because the WWE wants the rights to his name. Ever since the Montreal Screwjob and the time Alundra Blaze dumped the WWF Women's Title into a trashcan on WCW Nitro, McMahon refuses to push possible departing workers. While I don't think that method will encourage guys to re-sign, most understand. Anyway, Punk obviously doesn't want that. Punk is a much better businessman than the WWE gives him credit for and there also the possibility of wrestling post-WWE even if he re-signs. If I were the WWE, I would suck it up remove it from the contract. They let Del Rio keep his naming rights, is Punk less important? Of course not.

    Letting Punk walk due to that would piss me off something major. He's the perfect performer. He doesn't have to yell or scream and be over the top to get a reaction from the crowd like Cena and he doesn't have to do. . .whatever the hell Orton does to get a reaction.

    I'd imagine Sin Cara's botches are due to the schedule. Mid-card WWE performers are on the road about 300 days out of the year due to un-aired house shows and autograph signing events. That's why most finishers in the WWE aren't as impressive looking compared to Indy promotions, the work schedule leaves more of a chance a botch that could cause a major injury. Sin Cara, being a high-energy flyer, would probably take more of a beating than a technical ground guy like Bryan or Rhodes, so fatigue would be an issue more-so for him. It's why the WWE bailed on the Cruiserweight Division. Chavo getting that major concussion from Kidman's SS Press was the last straw. Hopefully, SC can adjust as he gets used to the schedule.

    I think that Riley has already made his face turn, he gotten quite the pop the last two weeks for putting his foot up Miz' ass two weeks in a row. Now all they to do is move him to SD were he belongs. This could go down as one of the pointless drafts in history if he stays on RAW after that entire troll session with Cena.

    Yeah, sadly the Diva's Division is nothing but eye candy. My anger with the Women's division reached it's peak when an interview with Tough Enough contestant and reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih popped up on another forum I frequent:
    Jeffrey Harris: How did you get the chance to be on the show? Was it previous appearance and association with WWE when you crowned Sheamus King of the Ring?

    Rima Fakih: Before that, they were at a pageant. Sometimes there are scouters trying to reach out to find divas or something like that. And I saw from far way, that's the WWE logo. So I was like "Why do they have a WWE logo?" So I ran up to them. And at the time, they were coming out with applications for people who want to do Tough Enough. But when I expressed interest and told my organization; they got me to host a few events and I had already entered to be one of the contestants on Tough Enough. So like everyone else, I had to go in and audition. And the producers and the people doing the show when they heard Miss USA, they were like, "What?!" And they warned me when I got there, "You're going to be picked on. You sure you want to do this?" Like nobody thought I could do it, and that made me want to do it more.
    Source. That's just a slap in the face, there are plenty of pretty wrestlers that have been in the business for years. As much as I love her, I blame Trish Stratus. She was a model brought in replace Debra and Terri Runnels as eye candy, but managed to care enough to put in the effort and make herself a credible wrestler. Vince saw that and thought he could do that with every model they brought in and tried to cut the "middle man" out in wrestling experience. It worked with Michelle McCool, but she was a collegiate volleyball standout at a top tier university, so she already had athletic ability. Kelly Kelly hasn't improved a bit in 4 four years. I wonder why Gail Kim came back, it must have been the money. . .

    There's a small hope in me that R-Truth could beat Cena at Capital Punishment. I know the WWE has made bone-headed moves, but even they have to realize that the top faces holding the titles at the same time is not good, right? Right?

    I hear that Shelton Benjamin has been doing some dark matches lately, it would good to see him back.

    Sorry for the long VM.
  7. Dilla
    2011-06-04 18:04
    I looks likes the WWE is turning Christian heel, which I think is a good move for him. He was getting some major heat after hitting Orton with the belt. It's been a while since he's been heel in the WWE and most of it was spent as a comedic heel with Edge and as Captain Charisma, but will keep him relevant in the title picture more-so than following Orton around as the #2 face. The problem presented will be that Smackdown will be even more top loaded with heels. The top faces are Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, & Ezekiel Jackson. Great Khali was just turned a week ago. The heel side is loaded now with Khali joining (possibly) Christian, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Jinder Mahal, the Corre, Cody Rhodes, DiBiase etc. Actually, the word I'm looking for is "overloaded".

    I like Daniel Bryan and he could hopefully be a title contender if Vince likes him enough, but right now he is feuding with Rhodes. Sin Cara is exciting but I have a feeling that the WWE would be hesitant to push him due to the amount of botches on his part. Ezekiel Jackson has the size, but his mic skills are yet to be determined and his skill set is pretty limited (not that has stopped the WWE before). Maybe the WWE will remember that Alex Riley was drafted to Smackdown and he'll move when his feud with Miz is over. They also should have moved Bourne to Smackdown when they had the chance, he would have more room for growth. I have a feeling that WWE will give Mark Henry a title run for his loyalty towards the company for the last 15 years like Kane.

    The Money in the Bank PPV is in a month and a half, so I expect one of these guys to win.

    All the titles other than top-tiers titles are pretty irrelevant nowadays. I remember when the Light Heavyweight and European titles were still around had more meaningful storylines between D-Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho, Val Venus, Test, and Rikishi than the IC and US titles of today. When was the last time Kofi had a meaningful feud for the US title? It just changes hands like whatever and no one really cares anymore. Remember the Hardcore title? The 24/7 rule with Crash Holly was hilarious.

    Sadly, Vince McMahon will probably look at Kharma's pregnancy as another reason to keep the Divas Division down. She had made the the division interesting for the first time since the angle where Mickie James was obsessed with Trish Stratus six years ago. Look at the lackluster 2-minutes matches presented to the TV shows while the real wrestlers (Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Melina) are relegated to house shows and WWE Superstars and Nattie is stuck as a manager and getting beat by the Bella twins. And now McCool is on sabbactical.

    At least R-Truth is getting a title shot. He is probably the most interesting thing going on in the WWE other than Tough Enough. That, and whether Punk will stay or not.
  8. Akito Kinomoto
    2011-06-04 13:08
    Akito Kinomoto
    About that I correct in assuming you've read Girlfriends?
  9. Triple_R
    2011-06-04 12:58
    I hear you. Any anime show in particular you want to recommend? I'm totally open to watching older anime. Some of my favorites are pre-2000.

    And yeah, I'm disappointed in Kanade's total domination. There were more noteworthy and deserving female characters, I felt.
  10. Kotohono
    2011-06-04 12:57
    Sounds like you're plenty prepared then in that case XD.

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