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  1. Sephi
    2009-03-15 16:42
    Finally dinged 80 after 9 days and 21 hours and 46 min

    1-60 was boring and a pain
    60-70 went by quite fast.
    70-80 felt like a eternity.

    Did 4 heroics today, even got my first epic. (belt)
    Hope i get more lucky with drops tomorrow

    Hope i can get my hunter decked out soon, and that dual spec comes soon
    So far i'm doing a measly 1.5-1.9k dps T.T That is with 3x SS 1x AS rotation. Will probably need a bit more crit and AP. So far most heroics been okish.
  2. RWBladewing
    2009-03-15 10:15
    Honestly some of those figures you're describing sound like bootlegs. The only figures I've ever heard of that need to actually be assembled are either trading figures or resin kits; the former would cost you much less than $35 and the latter would cost much more. Those imperfections you mentioned seem pretty blatant too, I have never seen anything like that on any of the figures I have purchased. You could try checking out Toyslogic or Hobbylink Japan, they are where I buy most of my figures from though I have no idea about their shipping policies toward Australia. A lot of the CC stuff is already sold out though, CC figures in general seem to be fairly rare.

    Was fairly glad Dio lived myself, he had a pretty raw deal otherwise. I was kinda surprised by him in general, when he first appears it seems like he's gonna be some sadistically evil character but that isn't even close.

    I have not actually played Princess Waltz myself, been meaning to but keep forgetting to order it.

    I have yet to get the Iris key, that's one of the few items that's still really contested among people in the guild. Helm tokens though, completely the opposite, those pretty much all go for offspecs or get de'd/vendored/whatever. I already had the helm from Malygos which is far superior by the time I had the chance to get the 7.5 helm. Not concerned at all about set bonuses, 2 piece is decent and it's easy to keep since shoulders and chest are best in slot, 4 piece is completely worthless.

    I think you need to start hanging out around some other people, heh, you bring up the whole violence concept a LOT and sound like it's really common for you to hear, yet it hasn't even been a consideration or something anyone would even think of in any of the conversations I've had with others. I'd like to think it's that such a thing is a rarity and that I haven't just been lucky, but either way, those people are SICK.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not down on myself or ashamed at all about Nagisa. The reason I don't tell people is just that I know they won't understand. It's why I quoted the word "healthy" in the last post, because it's perfectly normal to me despite what most people would define as healthy. It's apparent that you get it, though you still haven't touched upon the full extent of it, haha.
  3. Last Sinner
    2009-03-15 08:17
    Last Sinner
    Ah, k. Someone at the store said if I ever wanted to buy all 3, they would do a deal for $225 AUS, down from $270 for the combined individual prices. I want a GOOD C.C. figure above anything. I finally found a decent one yesterday that finally came in stock at the store, but it isn't stellar. Was only $35 and had to be assembled. Has C.C.'s aesthetics right, her facial expressions right, hair style right, outfit right. Unfortunately the hair is a bit faded, particularly that on the top of her scalp. There's a bit of blue spray on the kneecap section of her boots around the yellow stars - I get the feeling they shouldn't be there. But for $35, I thought it was good. Especially considering it was far more on eBay! BEFORE shipping! The ones on eBay are a joke! $200 they're reaching and they're not good at all! Man, I just want GOOD ones of C.C. and Kallen! Why is it so hard to find good ones of them?!

    Didn't know Dio lived. But I think it is kind of appropriate in a way. Luciola did want Dio to be able to live a proper life, free of Delphine's control - to actually 'live'. If Dio died at that point, Luciola's sacrfice would have been in complete vain. I think Dio feels permanently heartbroken that Luciola did that, but perhaps the scene truly reflects the death of the old Dio and the beginning of a new. Particularly since he would probably inherit the remnants of the Guild since Delphine is dead along with everything in it that was hostile. It kind of ties up a loose end, actually. It's nice to think the catalyst character actually lived for once. In fantasy series/novels, the catalyst character always dies in the final section. So it's a nice change.

    A mate of mine at the club is playing Princess Waltz and gradually getting through it. Not sure about his true impressions yet.

    I managed to get Skinning and Leatherworking above 400 today, so I crafted BoE greens and enchancements for my Hunter. Managed to get the attack power on her from the mid 1500s to the high 1800s and her crit rating from 22% to 27%. That should make a big difference, particularly since I'm now already at the levels to craft BoE blues. Pity I can't use them until 76-78. >< But yeah, after I made those changes, bought some Glyphs and picked up Kill Shot for hitting 71, things got better.

    However, the best thing for the day was winning the Iris Key from Sapphiron. Best caster neck in the game will be mine...the next time we do Maly 25. For some reason, we did Maly 25 10 minutes before Saph. >< Oh well, the neck will be mine soon. I respecced Arcane and noticed a HUGE difference. The main mage finally got his Turning Tide today, so it won't be long before I can get one as I have good standing on the Kel list for those that can use TTT. TTT and a helm are all I need now. Unfortunately, seems every DK and Druid still needs T7.5 helm, so I'm going to have to hope the Maly 25 helm drops. Since I'm no longer FFB, 4/5 T7.5 is no longer mandatory.

    You don't like lolicon and don't want to. That makes you far better that a lot of the people who attend the local anime club already! So what if you are very infatuated with Nagisa? Fine by me. Everyone has someone they're infatuated with. As long as you'd never hurt Nagisa, your tastes/thoughts are fine. No need to be afraid or conservative around me, mate. What I've heard face-to-face at the club and on the forums is beyond WTF x 9000. You're not into lolicon. You're not into women being ripped apart by machines or being murdered while naked. You're not into rape/abuse. You're not into boning characters that aren't even double digits in age (some of the comments I've seen in some of the ero-games on these forums...*shiver*) A lot of people are...and it makes me sick. Seriously, what the ex-president showed me one night on MSN....I nearly died of shock. A woman having her breasts ripped apart by mechanical arms and screaming in complete agony...I wanted to throw up and my eyes were in such pain. How could someone like that?!'re alright. You don't have those twisted thoughts. You seem to have a decent head on your shoulders and a good relative dost of morality. I don't mind if you get really dirty, kinky thoughts over Nagisa! If you've got castoff figures or H-material, that's hardly different from most anime fans. Geez, you're male. At the very least, it proves you're heterosexual and that you've got balls between your legs. Sorry if I'm a little blunt there, but I kind of am in general. Part of being Australian, haha. But Blade, don't worry. You're alright in my book. So don't be down on yourself.

    C.C. is a huge weakness for me as is Katima from Seinarukana. I have a real soft spot for strong-willed, refined women. ^^ Saber and Rin also have that vibe, as does Real Mayer from Ergo Proxy.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-03-15 07:24
    Ah, sadly that is the swimsuit Rin that I do already have. It's actually very common here, pretty much all the American sites I go to still have it in stock. That store's price is kind of expensive too, after currency conversion it's around 35 more Australian dollars than you'd pay here, though with shipping costs, it could turn out around the same. The one I was talking about was made by Altar, it's this one. Again though, thanks a lot for looking.

    That's a pretty comprehensive review of Last Exile, probably more so than any other I have seen. I'm still not entirely convinced that the ending was really exactly as presented but it is definitely possible. I never really and actually still don't see a lot of the deep themes you do when watching it, but that's what makes hearing other people's interpretations interesting. One thing that I am adamant on as being terrible though is the Dio situation. According to the producers he was completely fine and picked up by a passing Guild ship immediately after falling out of the vanship, yet there was absolutely no indication in the series itself that anything of the sort could have happened. There was an insert in the last DVD that showed the characters at the end and from off the page you could see Dio's arm waving at them, but again nothing in the series. Not really an open-ended event to generate discussion either, just kind of "Oh by the way, Dio lived despite all indications in the series that he died, just figured we'd randomly tell you." I guess maybe it was a special surprise they wanted to reserve for DVD buyers, but otherwise, meh. As far as the names, I don't know what the actual names are, was just going off what ADV used on the DVDs: Mullen, Dunya, Anatoray, Disith.

    Yeah, Iris is the blonde one (yeah, I know I said I don't like blondes but there's a couple exceptions like her and Erika Sendo from Fortune Arterial). The red-headed girl Angela definitely looks over 18 to me too, though I don't like her at all, her eyebrows are weird and she always looks extremely pissed off.

    I don't understand the whole lolicon thing, never have, never will, don't want to. Trust me though, I am not nearly as "healthy" in my tastes as you are giving me credit for. As I said I'm not going to expand on it here, but in regards to Nagisa I am no mere fanboy.
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-03-14 10:29
    Nice epics. But where are your arena ratings? Scrub. Sorry, always wanted to say that. Other day someone in guild linked his "Flawless Victor" achievement that he had completed, I responded by linking my "Play an arena match" that has yet to be completed.

    Your friends kinda sound like me. I have hug pillows but I don't drive around anywhere with them, I would never expose my precious Nagisa to the horrors of the outside world. I have a couple of castoff figures (Iris from Princess Waltz and Tamaki Kousaka from TH2) but I tend not to like the designs of a lot of those types of figures. Strangely enough the Kotomi and Fuko figures can be displayed without their skirts but the other 3 can't, not that I would disrespect any of them by actually doing that anyway.

    I have pretty much all the Nagisa merchandise in existence though, at least what you can get from sites that actually have an English option anyway. Hug pillows, multiple cushions, the pillowcase for my normal pillow, posters, wallscrolls, and calendars covering pretty much every inch of my room walls, deskmats, card sleeves that terrified my friends the last time we played the WoW card game, bedsheets, even incredibly random stuff I have no real use for, like bandanas and cards for that Weiβ-Schwarz game that is completely in Japanese and that I have no idea how to play. I sure hope the Nagisa mouse doesn't short-circuit my computer when I finally get that shipped to me. There is ONE item that still eludes me though, there was this Nagisa voice alarm clock on one site and because of my idiot bank not sending me my new card until the very month the previous one expired I failed to put in my order before pre-orders sold out. Still holding out hope they will either get more in than expected or the thing will show up on another site. If not, I will sadly have to resort to Ebay. So uh, yeah, if you wanted to know my motivation behind the whole "I will gank you for not liking Clannad" joke, I think this explains it pretty well.

    Definitely put the second point in Expose Weakness, been armorying endgame hunters besides myself and they all seem to have it. Warlocks? Really? Are they geared in 70 epics? My hunter makes warlocks go squish pretty fast. But yeah, DKs, just roll over and take it. You can kill them at 80 but good luck before that. Have fun unlocking those quests, I'm sure you know how much of a bitch Coldarra is on a pvp server.

    I may start reading that manga, it looks like it's up on the site I usually use and I've been pretty curious about the story. Have you played Melty Blood? If you didn't know it's a fighting game with the Tsukihime characters. It's apparently got a pretty serious playerbase around the world and even shows up in some of those big prize money tournaments. I suck at it and just play for fun against the AI though. An interesting random anecdote about it though: One time I was still on my WoW guild's vent and was sitting for Karazhan, so I decided to play that while I waited. Somehow, all the sounds from the game were played over vent, I must have had one of the arrow keys bound to my talk key by accident or something. It was really fun explaining that one to everyone, let me tell you. Especially considering Hisui has a very, um, suggestive KO sound.

    Oh, and those fans are sick, they're part of the reason I typically keep to myself and don't associate with other fans much at all.

    Not really going to go into Gurren-Lagann, I've found that's one of those series where you either love it or you hate it. I found the whole "GAR" thing incredibly amusing, as well as how over the top and absolutely ridiculous a lot of the fight scenes were, and loved the series because of it.

    Forgot to mention I also liked Last Exile. That ending left a really bad taste in my mouth though. Cliffhangers are fine but I really don't like endings with mysteries (how did Mullen survive and why did they even show that whole "death scene" if he didn't really die, or was the entire ending actually just a dream?) that you know will never be answered. Some people love the whole speculative discussion thing but I find it hard to enjoy because I get the impression that even the people who made such series never actually decided what happened. Feels empty.
  6. Last Sinner
    2009-03-13 20:22
    Last Sinner
    Sounds like Shirou gets what he deserves for not saving Saber.

    It just got even better for my Druid. Did 3 wings of Naxx 25 and picked up 4 more epics...11 in one day...WTF?! My guildies were ropable for winning that much from pugs. ^^ But hey, I was doing my job and was the only resto Druid. In one week, she's gone from iffy blues and a couple of epic BoEs to this. Pinching myself, lol.

    I wanted to know the brand of that trio of figures myself. I didn't get time to last night, but I'm heading into town in a few minutes, I'll get the details then and message them to you. Because they are good. And I doubt anything you have could scare me. The people at my club drive around with their hug pillows in their back windows in full view, have rooms full of fully nude figures, H-games galore, etc. Their parents have literally given up on part or all of them, lol.

    I don't care much about being ganked. Seems that until 80, Warlocks and Death Knights and the like will just make me their play toy anyway. They sure have in Borean Tundra. -_- Aside from Explosive Shot, nothing is hurting other players much. I thought all those Hunters in the WoW thread said to put only 1 point in Expose I'm confused. -_- And yes, all that mail in BT seems far better suited for Shamans so far. I need to unlock those 4 Nexus quests to finally get some good gear on it. I do have Leatherworking on it at 352, so hopefully I can craft things for it soon.

    I still really like the Tsukihime manga though. I think it was still fairly violent and gory and somewhat steamy, but an at appropriate level. What one sees and feels doesn't feel unecessary or immoral. Sort of the way Garden of Sinners is. I got so mad when nearly everyone at the anime club laughed at the start of the 3rd movie. Just because there were bouncing breasts...A woman is being raped and all they could think of is breasts...her pain and utterly shattered psyche were heart-wrenching for me while those jerks were getting off and others watching it were laughing...this is the side of anime fandom that sickens me. It's a powerful, chilling moment that sets up what that female character ended up doing in that movie, yet those guys were just fixed on the visuals.

    As for TTGL, out of the first 12 episodes, I've only liked 2 moments and they were both in episode 8. Yoko kissing Kamina and finally getting one up on him was one. The other was Kamina. I wanted him to get owned so bad and he finally did! Everything else is just cliche or a rehash of several other Gainax series. (Gainax is my most despised studio, btw)
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-03-13 11:34
    Yeah I dunno. If it's any consolation (or completely the opposite and even more disturbing) though, the bad ends are extremely, um, colorful. Shirou has the amazing ability to, while being brutally murdered, describe in precise detail exactly what is happening to him. You really don't want to know what happens if you try to run from Berserker instead of saving Saber. Shirou is really not that bad in Heavens Feel though, I could say why but I'd rather not spoil it all just in case.

    Yeah Nina was a total bitch, she got what was coming to her later on though.

    Thanks for checking that out, you didn't have to actually go to the store for me though, I had assumed it was an online store and would not have troubled you with that if I'd known otherwise.

    Grats on the epics, always feels good to walk away with that much.

    You put the entire text of your post into that armory link. Still managed to find the character name in there though. Your spec is good but I would take the 3 points out of focused aim and use them to max out Mortal Shots and pick up Aimed. Wouldn't really worry about hit rating until 80 personally. Also you may want more than just the one point in Expose Weakness unless you've found that it's always up for you. I have 2 points and also a 38% crit chance, I don't know if 1 point would be effective enough with a 22% crit chance.

    I'd also take the points out of Hunting Party as it doesn't really benefit you at all outside of raids. Could put them into Expose Weakness or pick up Scatter Shot to help against gankers. Also, as I thought, a lot of your gear is lacking agility which decreases the effectiveness of the spec pretty badly. Not your fault though and not really anything you can do about it, that's just how they itemized stuff in Northrend. You're wearing several pieces I remember having myself, in fact.
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-03-12 21:49
    You can actually play WoW on dialup with an Australian ping? That's actually really impressive.

    It was Thaddius and Razuvious that screwed up our previous attempts. Hell, we even WIPED on Razuvious a few times a couple weeks ago. It's really embarrassing just thinking about that.

    I don't really think the manga of Tsukihime quite does the game justice from what I've heard. Like, Kohaku supposedly gets raped constantly by the dad and the H-scene with Shiki is pretty much that as well. Shiki also slices Arcueid up into tiny pieces at the very beginning. She regenerates but still. I could be wrong but I used to browse Beast's Lair (pretty much the closest thing to an official Type Moon forum) pretty often and that is what I gathered.

    Yeah, Terri Bauer was raped, the guy was after her from the beginning though. Kim just tried to stop him and she went along with him to prevent him from hurting her. Terri was also killed in the last episode, after being revealed to be pregnant too. Was another girl who did it though, so...

    I consider the SNES Final Fantasy games like IV and VI to be far superior to any of the recent releases, though I did like X quite a bit. I am one of the only nerds to have never played VII. XII was just not my style, it was basically like a single-player version of WoW where you just moved your characters and they attakced on their own. Boss fights were pretty fun because you got to be the tank, healer, and dps all at once, but the dungeons themselves were a snoozefest, hours of just watching your guys kill stuff. The story was also pretty lame, especially since the main character was just a random shirtless kid who had no relevance to it whatsoever.

    Do you have a link to that Rin? Currently there's only 2 Rin figures in existence that I don't own and one of them was a swimsuit version, just couldn't find it anywhere, and I looked everywhere (even imported a figure from some store in Britain at one point).

    I'm not ignoring the comments you've made about your family, it's just that I feel I could easily offend someone saying the wrong thing about that subject and thus I find it safer not to bring it up.

    Sucks about the mammoth, they apparently upped the droprate though so you may see it again at least. I have yet to ever see it but I don't run Archavon often, guild doesn't bother with it and I have never tried to pug because I don't want PvP gear and already have the valorous pieces he drops. You could try forming a pug group with yourself as a leader and set a rule that people who don't contribute enough can't roll on loot. Apparently a lot of people have resorted to that lately. May alienate some people but you'd probably not want to play with them anyway if they can't even put out reasonable dps.

    Hmm, it'd help to see your armory but I can probably make a few comments without it. Yeah, owl is probably not the best pet choice, that special ability does nothing against casters or in PvE at all. People seem to consider crabs the best PvP pet because of the immobilizing ability. Raptors and cats are currently the highest dps non-exotic pets but apparently wolves will be the strongest next patch because of changes to Furious Howl. Survival is a bit more gear dependent than the other specs too, that may be part of the problem. Also, what's your typical rotation? Serpent Sting - Explosive Shot - Steady x3 (replace one with Aimed or Multi when off cooldown) - Explosive etc. is the accepted raiding rotation, though I never bothered with Serpent Sting while grinding because stuff dies too fast. Can't help you too much on the ganking issue, haven't played hunter on a PvP server in years and I was never too good at PvP in general. There's lots of anti-ganking talents in the survival tree but since you're concerned about low dps it probably wouldn't be a good idea to invest points in those.
  9. RWBladewing
    2009-03-12 16:57
    Er, wow, that was way longer than it looked when I was typing it, I actually had to cut the last part out, here it is:

    Despite spending hundreds of dollars on visual novel games I still tend to download my manga, most of what I'm interested in either doesn't exist here or comes out at a ridiculously slow pace and is years behind the Japanese version.
  10. RWBladewing
    2009-03-12 16:56
    Thanks. Yeah, that's the Sarth 25 man drake, I somehow managed to pull a 93 on something besides a boe green and that was enough to win it. The title, man, as much as I am against achievements being the source of difficulty in the game, THAT felt like an accomplishment. Everything just came together right on that run and everyone was on their A-game, except for the guy who crossed charges on Thaddius but luckily the healers were paying attention. Looking somewhat likely we will get the black proto soon but despite what I posted I am a bit worried about 6 minute Maly, that achievement is a total bitch for my guild, people die like crazy on that fight for some reason and you pretty much can't lose anyone.

    I am similar to you in that I don't really gravitate toward guy characters. I like Archer and all but he's not really even close to being one of my favorite characters. The only males in my top 10 are Lelouch and Kamina (from the worst series ever).

    Yeah, the PC version has no voices. The PS2 version does and if you have a copy apparently you can rip them to use in the PC version, but I don't.

    That no 18+ games rule sucks, I hate censorship of any kind. Funny thing though, I have Kanon, Air, Shuffle, and Fortune Arterial in addition to F/SN and for all of them there was no indication on the shipping box or customs paperwork of any sort of 18+ material, just listed as "software". Similar thing with some T-shirts and other textiles I have ordered, that kind of thing requires a ton of extra paperwork for customs but the companies just mark them all as "collectible" to bypass it. And in an extreme twist of irony (and the reason I know that stuff requires extra paperwork), I work as a customs broker, making sure Canadian companies have all the paperwork they need to import stuff into the States. I don't know what that makes me but uh, it probably isn't good haha.

    You pretty much described the girls perfectly. I don't know, I was just never really interested in Saber. I don't like blondes despite being one and I just never really found her that interesting. I really like the "girly" type of girl, the sweet and innocent ones, though Rin is a pretty big exception. I liked her for pretty much having a plan for everything and for setting that moron Shirou straight all the time. Her clothes too, I'm pretty big on the "absolute territory" thing, heh.

    You and I seem to disagree almost 100% on series but I pretty much can't agree with you more on the sexual violence thing. I really can't stand anything bad happening to girls in general really. Dunno if you've heard of the show "24". It's a drama involving terrorist plots, nuclear bombs, viruses, nerve gas, the works, and yet, the most disgusting character by far for me was this one random guy who abused and eventually murdered his wife. I literally cheered when he died, wished it had been more painful than just getting shot though. I don't think I have ever felt that level of hatred for a tv show character before. The scenes in F/SN are not really on the rape level though (I have heard Tsukihime is but I haven't played that). I suppose the Rin scene is pretty painful but I think at least some of it is just her being her and pretending to be angry, though Shirou does seem to enjoy inflicting a bit of pain on her which is indeed sick. Saber and Sakura he doesn't actually do anything bad to, he has a few slightly disturbing thoughts though. There it's more the issue of it being out of necessity and not romantic at all. Like I said though, I played the game for the story and not the H-scenes, though I can understand if you'd still not want to if that ruined the main character for you.

    I like Clannad quite a bit but the main thing I really like is Nagisa (yes I know I have had a Kotomi av/sig set for like, ever, there's actually a reason for that though.) It's really beyond mere fan-dom but I'm not going to expand on that here, heh.

    I try not to rag on people for their opinions, despite having it done to me frequently. (Not you, you are very respectful, I'm talking about things along the lines of another poster here calling me a "fucking idiot" for saying I hated Final Fantasy 12, for example.) The whole "I'm gonna gank you for not liking Clannad" is just a friendly taunt, I don't actually dislike anyone for not liking it. Though all the "I hate Clannad because it's KyoAni and popular and hating popular stuff makes me cool" comments that infested the Saimoe threads back when I participated in that crap did eventually start to piss me off.

    Fan of Bome huh? The Rin figure is all I have from that series and I'm actually not all that fond of it. Her legs seem disproportionately long and her face looks a bit off. I find the Kotobukiya Rin and the Magical Girl Rin (I think made by Good Smile, not positive) to be much more accurate representations. Actually I do have the Bome KOS-MOS too, same issue as Rin really.

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