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  1. Iggy_Pop
    2013-07-25 21:01
    Finally, somebody who thinks that current Garo is awesome. Seriously, I don't get how people complains all the time about it. It's like they just erase their memories about the flaws of the first two seasons while nitpicking every little things about the current season
  2. vansonbee
    2012-05-06 02:45
    I'm with you there bud! Umi no Misaki seem to go the generic route, but at times, I feel it gives the other 2 girls a chance (maybe not the glasses) as same as the first girl.

    Have you read "Ichigo 100%"? It has 3 main heroine as well and all of them gets the same chance to hook up with protagonist.

  3. Lindabarbara
    2011-05-23 13:19
    Hey I really hope im not being annoying!

    I was browsing through the Lotte no omocha manga thread and i noticed some people have read chapters past chapter 19 but i cant find them anywhere! Not mangafox, not mangareader, etc. In my country not even the first chapter is out!

    Do you think you could indicate it to me how you found it?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Jeffry2009
    2010-12-29 12:16
    Hi, I know how you feel about the other Sunrise show called Sora Kake Girl (A girl who leapts through space.)

    I mean seriously, my final thoughts about this show was:

    the story makes NO sense,
    the plot never explains at all,
    even those bad guys in the show turns out to be a good guys all of the sudden for NO apparent reasons.

    Even the voice of Leopard played by Jun Fukuyama are totally a JOKE. I mean seriously, why are the bad guy named Nerval turned Evil to Good? Why is Leopard turns good to evil? This really makes NO sense to me at all. Until it makes me go like this video:

    That's just inexcusable. Although they had a same casts who brought us Mai HiME & Otome.
  5. SageGaiGar
    2009-03-28 11:29
    Cross Game spoiler's been solved. Also got hooked to the manga?
  6. iamandragon
    2008-06-14 16:27
    Here's a bucket of water, ZODDGUTS


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