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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-28 09:12
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Gotta go fast, but since you need a screencap for the photo, either this or this wold do? I saw some of them lying around in youtube with hi-quality

    And... WTF? Fortune said that???? I was always under the impression she said something else in the true ending (sort of like, "for my sake you..." )... But then again, I missed out what she said on the shot/event just before the animated "goodbye" scene >_< Maybe you were referring to that... *Really want to bring her PS2 on holiday and to SIngapore, but couldn't ;_; Gotta wait till February...* >_<

    And it's not Mana Khemia 2, it's the PSP's Mana Khemia one Still waiting for Mana Khemia 2 info for NA version... :x Ar Tonelico is uhhh.... Ahem, I'll give you the details later. tho I'm waiting the NA version here~
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-26 12:14
    Natsuki Hyuga
    You know, I would actually wish to force you to buy the Trading Card and manipulate the seller into shipping that card into my house after you make your payment. But that trading card is quite exquite.

    Though all the 22 Major Arcanas makes me a happy fangirl. And I heard that there was a premium version for the complete P3's Arcana set. But the price...:x
  3. cheesie
    2008-12-26 04:31
    HAI DARLING. 8D Lol, yeah the PS2 follows me wherever I go, though geh, I haven't gone as far in P4 as I would've liked. (And I see that the gang has fallen into the P4 rage. ) You have made an excellent suggestion as Cheese = Empress, although I should beechslap you all for the epic phailure of a suggestion that Tak could be the Emperor. *eyes at all*
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-22 03:31
    Natsuki Hyuga
    *Slaps stray* You really are stray. Gonna admit though that the REAL enemy is really a surprise for me. I mean, I have a high hunch for who the true killer is... But the last boss? I was like... :O I should have known with him (or her...? Folklore says it's a girl... B-but...) being only present on rainy days >_>

    YOSUKE AT 8 WHILE MOST OF THE GIRLS ARE MAX?!! *Le Gasp* YOU MANWHORE :E And you didn't max out the Doujima Family's S.Link?!!! :E Nanako hates you, stray! In P4 though, the social link is quite easy to max out and get Izanagi Kai at, like, 10th of December if you get your playthrough right. Trying my best though in the hard mode for English version right now. (WTF, I lost from Yukiko's Shadow 4 times and got instant one-hit-kill for nearly all Bonus Boss >_>)

    You actually can all the X'mas eve scenes in Youtube, but most of them are in Japanese. Well, I'm hoping that someone will upload the English Version by now... And then again, Fortune Arcana's special scene is really a gamble-if you got to choose the wrong choice, it will not be triggered :x If it is about the epilogue, Yukiko's is romantically the sweetest... B-But my fangirl heart always melt at the blushings and stutterings ; ; VIVA FORTUNExMAINxYOUSUKE!!!

    True Ending pulls my heart strings ;_; It's sweet in the sense that it didn't end up like P3 and the 'future promise' element it has. It's bitter because he has to leave and Yukiko was crying (or nearly cried) in the end. But then again, it's not as impactful as P3 when we realize what happened with Minato in the end though... ;_;

    If you feel lazy in playing FES, you can actually scour Youtube. Love the sensei's reaction

    Meh, I haven't seen any good games in PS3 except Valkyria and the upcoming FF13 Versus. If Sony manage to get any good exclusive game, I prolly will give it a shot. For now, I'll try Folklore/Folksoul by stealing my cousin's PS3 :x Oooh... Atlus Game again! *Is an Atlus Fangirl for long time* But then again, this game might be too dark in the storyline for me... >_< I'm waiting for Ar Tonelico right now though rather than any games... That and Mana Khemia 2 if it gets translated. Oh, and Dissida.

    Puh-Lease~~~ Devil Arcana is mainly recognizable with "temptation", in which I'm not really a tempting person. (Except in spoiling and... err... "Negotiating"... Not coercing, Dear Stray ). Swamp and also Twilighthack should be Hierophant, what with the "old men" or wise men attitude (no offense, Swampy. You know I still love you <3)- Magician is not really fitting to Swampeh, since Magician tends to represent the first step of the life--immaturity (not in the negative manner... How should I put this...). Westlo would be fitting for it better Temperance would be you stray, since it represent, ahem, temperance itself? lol. Agreed fully for Tak and Cheesie being the Emperor and Empress respectfully... ( LE GASP! TAKxCHEESIE IS A BIG POTENTIAL :O ) ackem... Not sure... I need to re-read my book again >_< Although strip the "Elegance" element for every Empress Arcana from her fd has a big potential in being The Magician!

    Happy (Early) Holiday and Merry X'mas! Hope you will be blessed by by the Spirit of Happiness in this Christmas Day~

    (P.S. Like I said, everyone in P4 are likable. That's why I have a lot of fun in Playing the Japanese Version . Chie is TEH LOVE<3333)
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-20 03:07
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Yousuke x Fortune hints are the main reason why my threesome pairing is alive and kicking! For Fortune S.Link, it is quite like playing detective for some reason (yeah, I played the Japanese and imagine me trying to kill myself because of the overdose kanjis :x) and it is FUN. Teddy x Nana-chan is cute!! I believe in this pair... If only it is not a pedo pair :x You need to see the ending though (or at least sequence before the 'Good' ending) to squee at MCxNana-chan promise

    FES got some added scenes in "The Journey" Storyline... One optional with Yukari bowing with her maid costume... And I lol-ed at "Maya"'s a.k.a Hermit Arcana epilogue of some sort

    To spend X'mas with a girl, you must become her lover (a.k.a do her romance path... In which you seem to be aiming to manwhoring every girl possible ). I don't know what if you get more than one lovers in your playthrough (Souji Seta is NOT a manwhore!!! ...But I gladly accept YousukexMCxFortune for my OT3 ), someone told me that you are going to be prompted to choose one girl at 24th or earlier. Also the only one that has a special scene (and makes her with MC my favourite ship in instant ) with Schoolgirl Uniform is Fortune Arcana. If I am correct, Fortune S.Link will be kind of unavailable after 1st or 2nd of November...

    Although I found the prize/accessory for spending your X'mas with the boys is very useful, since it nullifies Physical Attacks... But then again spending time with boys in X'mas time is... ;_;

    Logical progression in the story, yes. BUT! I adore the cool and elegant Mitsuru, not the seemingly like OOC but still possible S.Link Mitsuru ;_; Although I still can picture the MC being the whipped by Mitsuru...

    I LOVE THE CLASS TRIP EVENT It's my second favourite scene after the October's cultural festival. Hmmm... Maybe it's tied to onsen one

    *Le gasp* Chie's green jacket (or whatever it is...)! I am more attracted to the pins though... That smiley pin is really cute...
  6. Swampstorm
    2008-12-19 19:24
    I'm in June. I ended up starting over once I got the schedules down, but I should be back up to speed soon. I'm shipping Chie x Yukiko, as well as Cheese x Natsu.

    Oh, and Mitsuru > Yukari.
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-17 05:42
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hmmmmm... Okay then, since I couldn't make a straw doll of Yukari... *Writes Stray's name on a faceless straw doll and throw it in box with "FOR FUTURE USES" labelled there*

    XXXXL size T-shirt?! :O And actually I have been wondering... But what is this stray? I never seen the girl in the sketch before... AND TEDDIE DOLL IS EFFING CUTE!!! *Manipulates the seller to send Teddie's plushie to me*

    B-But Mitsuru in S.Link is practically OOC...! Sure her S.Link is probably the 2nd best, imo, after "Maya"'s. But the way she act there... TT_TT And plotwise both Yukari and Aigis (not only Aigis) is canonically interested (Yukari, romantically. Aigis is uh... Iunno ) with P3's Main. You should try to see the Anime Sequence in FES/event when you (as Aigis) fight Yukari that is in Youtube, stray

    I SPOT A KANJIxRISE FAN THERE!!! WELCOME TO THE KANJIxRISE FANCLUB STRAY! WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING A FEUD WITH MCxRISE FANS AND KANJIxSHE-WHOSE-NAME-IS-A-SPOILER HERE! (But main x Chie...? How could all my friends go to main x Chie rather than YukixChi... I mean, YukixMC or MCxShe-whose-name-is-spoiler...? :x)
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-17 00:09
    Natsuki Hyuga
    GAH. The artbook of DOOM!!! Yeah, you already know by now, huh? >3> If you know it by normal way, you would have the same reaction as mine... Though you still got X'mas to find out why I ship her with MC not with Kanji ;D

    Most of people become shippers after they finish and got the "romantic" path in all the girls' social links. Though I thought you may like Main x Rise, since she is the closest to Yukari's personality (albeit much chipper ). Yukiko's giggles in Japanese is quite... Ahem... Cute Better get to that part fast~ (September the 2nd half if I'm correct, the "Gekkoukan School Trip"). YOU DITCH YOUSUKE FROM YOUR PARTY?!! DDD: He is actually one of the permanents in my party (MC is a must... And Yukiko if my MC doesn't have healing capabilities... Which is very usual :x), and Chie is the one that I have to ditch when Kuma joins the party :x Teddie 2.0 is not cute!!! I want my Alice T****!! Though seeing Marylin Monroe with bulky arm...

    .... Let's just leave the imagination behind, for sanity's sake

    PLUSH TEDDIE?! I ENVY YOU!!! D: *Is making a straw doll of Yukari to curse stray, and inevitably, curse Yukari too *

  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-16 06:10
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Dungeon crawling in modern Persona is exactly what I despise from the series... Mostly because P4 is harder than P3 in terms of difficulty though not harder than FES Aigis' storyline dungeon...

    Teddie (or Kuma... I'm still more or less infatuated with the original name ;x is my favourite character among all the characters, he is not the one involved with my ships I nearly shipped him with Kanji though during school trip to, ahem, "certain other school" later in the game...

    One of my ship is obviously MainxYousuke (Though I do will admit that I like YousukexChie... errr... I mean ChiexYousuke () to a certain degree) I give my nod to Atlus for bringing a hug scene in one of the Social Link event!!! My lovely het ship is a 100% bona fide spoiler though before you reach October/November... So... Spoil, Y/N?
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-12-15 09:35
    Natsuki Hyuga
    T-that's basically what I did in the Japanese version... At least you didn't play for, like, 75 hours out of 88 hours :x Seriously marathoning is BAD for health

    Got into October already? School festival is <3 Though summer camp and party members visit to P4 main's house is cute... And funny at the same time

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