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  1. Last Sinner
    2022-05-26 10:28
    Last Sinner
    Daughter of Twenty Faces - 9.5/10. Another title I'd delayed watching for a long time but honestly, I picked the right time to watch it. I've rarely enjoyed the journey of a lead character more than Chizuko. Very consistent story and deep character cast. At least Simoun got a release at some point - that Daughter of Twenty Faces never got released outside of Japan and likely never will is criminal.
  2. Last Sinner
    2022-05-24 08:12
    Last Sinner
    I can't emphasise enough how much Tsuda despised Anno for what he did with Kare Kano - she banned anything being adapted further for a good reason. Kare Kano was WAY before its time in manga form, but Anno turned it into a joke. It's a core part of why I think the guy is a loon despite some of his accomplishments.

    When it comes to romance, I'm jaded by real life experiences. A tall woman with serious anger issues literally tried to harm me within minutes of being introduced in a volunteer scenario. I've had girlfriends of my friends lie on social media and try to burn them. I've had one falsely accuse me of a verbal threat only for her to be shown up as an outright liar and who tried to harm her loyal boyfriend. So if a title tries to make me believe a manipulator or violent/angry female or one that likes to invite harm or be a bully is worth getting won over by, I kick it to the kerb immediately. My independent, reliable and rational mother taught me not to tolerate anything like that. (For the record, certainly don't think think any better of men between the father that tried to kill me, those that threatened or attempted various things or the things I've seen some resort to over the years.)

    On the same token, one that just instantly likes the guy/other girl generally doesn't work for me either because something that pure seems utterly implausible to me. I'm honestly really veering towards jaded females or mature women/younger men scenarios. It probably stems from House being my favourite character from any medium. And also from the amount of domestic violence/betrayal from both sides I hear on a regular basis through work.

    On that, Flowers probably works for me because with each character, there is generally something fundamentally flawed/jaded with them yet they're not broken and want to believe. That I can respect. And I thank you for letting me know the Hiver finale is incoming. Wishlisted it on Steam. I did buy a limited edition of the first part back in the day in the hope JAST would be convinced to release all 4 in English - which they thankfully did.

    I'd like to have some sympathy for Ottawa, but Melnyk owns them and Melnyk will ruin them until he's gone or dead. Hell, he wanted to move them to Seattle years ago and he still treats the city and team like dirt after getting a liver transplant from an anonymous fan.

    It isn't hard to be more competent than Morrison was. It really isn't. Between selling off water supplies to China, enabling police to be used for corrupt means by politicians to go after Youtube journalists, protecting a cult-like religious group with a supposed pedophile leading it, ensuring the internet quality is worse than some third world countries, making it illegal to say negative things about his government on social media yet claiming to stand for free speech, being utterly against climate change, having a cabinet full of people accused of sexual harassment/assault, who champions coal and claimed Albanese wasn't genuine because Albanese got into physical shape while Morrison is a walking heart attack. Not to mention the aforementioned abandoning the country during the 2020 bushfires and 2022 floods and how pro-Morrison the Murdoch-controlled media was. I hope this country can come back to a point I would say to people outside Australia that we're worth visiting.

    In closing to finish on a positive - have you happened to watch any of Arcane? It's an utter miracle in my eyes. Best animation title from a Western source I've ever seen.

    Edit - Persona 4 Golden achieves full cleared. Real relief. Margaret made Inazami feel like a cakewalk.
  3. Last Sinner
    2022-05-21 13:25
    Last Sinner
    Today was the long awaited federal election. Despite some somewhat understandable independent swings in voting, Labor was declared the winner late tonight. They may crawl over the line to form a majority government but given they were preferenced by Greens/Independents, it should be official in the coming days that they will be in charge for the first time since 2013. Morrison is gone...him and those damn Liberals are finally gone...I think what I feel tonight is similar to how Australia felt when Whitlam defeated Menzies in the late 1970s to end Liberal ruling for 16.5 years. But, this country is reeling. Learning today that Australia now has the highest rona infection rate in the world is just yet another reason this result needed to happen.

    I think this person's take on the Golden Knights may be to your liking. If there is one video that got me to get really intrigued by ice hockey though, it was the one on the Toronto Maple Leafs. The day has to come that things go right for them again. The curse of Harold Ballard has to rack off eventually. Seriously, Toronto just had to be the one unlucky team to draw Tampa in the first round and lose in 7. Florida look like they're about to get swept by Tampa yet the Leafs came painfully close to prevailing. The Leafs are the ultimate mix of instantaneous agony and ecstasy.

    Btw, when you say you weren't into Kare Kano, was it the manga or the anime? Because the anime is very inaccurate and Tsuda eventually banned anyone from continuing the adaptation since she was furious with what Anno did to it. For its time, the Kare Kano manga was very daring with progression issues for women. What in particular was it about Spice and Wolf that didn't work for you? As for romances that don't work for me that were popular - definitely Toradora, Dress Up Darling and Horimiya. Other ones I actually like...Emma: A Victorian Romance and Lovely Complex. Yuri-wise, Bloom Into You, Citrus, The Secret of the Princess were ones I didn't mention last time.

    VNs...hmmm...I guess Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime and Clannad are obvious ones...(however, not a Nagisa person at all...Kyou and Tomoyo by far...). I really dug the ones Christine Love did (Analogue Plus: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, then the infamous Ladykiller In A Bind that became the title that forced adult content onto Steam), Hong Kong: A Summer's End 1986, Perfect Gold, Love Guitars and the Nashville Skyline. There's a few others I need to get to once I complete my Persona 4 Golden playthrough (in the last dungeon with the Margaret achievement as the remaining one). The Flowers series is definitely one I need to get back to (although the wait for the finale to be translated is still in effect). I guess Seinarukana: The Spirit of Eternity Sword is a VNRPG and I guess that qualifies? (Katima is awesome)

    I'll give that title a look at some point. I need to complete P4G once and for all before temperatures truly plummet. Had to start using the heater at night a few days ago. Normally don't need to until June but this year has hit early.

    Finally, belated happy birthday.
  4. EroKing
    2022-05-19 10:05
    Happy Birthday~!
  5. Last Sinner
    2022-05-18 17:05
    Last Sinner
    Well, Australia was looking set to get that World Cup, then...Qatar...Enter the blood money. I've lost the zest for soccer I once had. All good coverage is locked behind pay TV and even the ones here don't even allow live coverage anymore so that did it.

    My NHL interest came from the St. Louis Blues miracle cup run in 2019. Last halfway through the season, fire their head coach, put in a rookie goalie. Then make the playoffs, win 75% of playoff road games and claim their first cup while denying the Bruins.

    I had to wait until 2020 to get hold of Persona 4 Golden. And I won't be surprised if it takes until 2025 for Persona 5 Royal to reach Steam.

    Does that yuri LN have a lot of modern isekai stuff? I really have trouble with its attitude of 'I wanna die IRL and go to fantasy land permamently, nearly everything needs to be as stupid or violent as possible.' Bofuri worked for me because Maple only ever sees it as a game and to hang out with friends along with her zany yet honest approach to the game. Romance, I like mature women-young adult men and yuri as the scenarios currently. I bought all volumes of Kimi ni Todoke, Kare Kano, Nana, Say I Love you, but romance like that just doesn't happen anymore and Spice & Wolf was a fluke yet genius combo.
  6. Last Sinner
    2022-05-17 09:54
    Last Sinner
    Ooh, you ordered the full Summertime Rendering omnibus volumes too? I was all in once I read enough. This is probably a rare time that I like shounen, similar to a rare time where Bofuri was the one modern isekai I like (although from the last few years, Recovery of an MMO Junkie was my fave. Loved that it was an adult cast and always down for Mamiko Noto doing a major role.) I actually had a full set of Aria the Masterpiece (final re-release) arrive recently, stoked I managed to secure that. And as a real shock, recently I learned Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is getting released by Seven Seas as an omnibus starting in August. In terms of other newish manga, The Apothecary Diaries (which I REALLY want to get an anime), Beauty and the Feast, Kase-san and Yamada, Even Though We're Both Adults (Aoi Hana author), Otherside Picnic (forget that poorly adapted anime, the manga is far better). Pulse is another thing I'm keen for its upcoming release - it is by a Thai author but in terms of a very graphic yuri scenario, I raced through it.

    Code Geass suffered from Goro being forced to do 50 episodes instead of the 25 he wanted to do. But...he still made it work overall. I'm probably ending my association with it at Resurrection, though - I am not keen for the direction it's taking.

    Andy Reid - I wish he had more success...for a guy who kept the Eagles competitive for so long then resurrected the Chiefs and gave Mahomes the platform to succeed, that he had to endure all those playoffs losses on top of the death of his son. At least he won one. I'm sure Bud Grant, Marv Levy and Marty Schottenheimer would have settled for one. Ravens had a virtual record of bad luck with injuries last season. Whether they have the offense to make a deep run is my main concern for them, think they drafted/traded to fix their defense depth.

    For the record, I also watch NHL. Used to watch NBA loads since I grew up when Jordan and Shaq were 'it'. But...given they are slaves to the CCP for revenue, the surge in divas and the extreme lack of competitiveness, I'm only paying attention when it's the playoffs. Btw, apologies for Ben Simmons being what he was to the is astounding that a guy with his potential just chooses to just whine/sit out.

    I am rarely with the buzz anymore. I couldn't watch Spy x Family past the first episode. I know it has the pulse of the people by far. I know Anya is low-hanging fruit. I just can't buy into it. I'm not the type that can switch off my brain. I'm also really picky as to which kid characters I can stomach, the list is short. I can also see why people dig Ya Boy Kongming, but it definitely ain't my thing. I've reached a weird point in terms of anime. Odd Taxi was a title that cracked my top 10 of all time but it was the only 2021 title I liked. Shounen, brain fluff isekai, cringe/bland/bully romance - not my thing. I felt once I no longer felt a need to have to conform to the tastes of others, I got way more fulfillment from the medium.

    I guess another factor is I have sunk a lot of time into Hades and more recently Persona 4 Golden. I finally managed to clear Heat 32 runs on all 6 weapons in Hades (achieve cleared a bit over a year ago), which is very damn hard. P4G, trying to get remaining achieves in my 2nd playthrough.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-05-17 04:48
    Last Sinner
    Yeah, I know what you mean about Summertime Rendering. I'd love to say some of the things staring them in the face from the episodes shown but that could lead to letting something from the manga in, so yeah, best I not go down that path.
  8. EroKing
    2022-05-16 14:26
    You feeding trolls on dat thread. They won't back off to reason or facts.
  9. Last Sinner
    2022-05-16 11:28
    Last Sinner
    I've read about 1/3 of the manga. Will read some more in the near future. I can keep my thoughts genuine to how I felt at that point in the manga since the anime is effectively mirroring it exactly thus far.

    I respect the Ravens as an organisation, they draft well and have a good system. When I was in my teens, that was when the Cowboys had that crazy run, so you inevitably knew about them. Regular access in this part of the world wasn't that good until around 10 years ago. While I'm not heavily affiliated with one particular team, I guess I look at Arizona somewhat since a friend of mine is very into them. Cincinnati becoming good in a flash made for fun viewing, hope Burrow does get a title in his career. Detroit under Campbell have an underdog/grinder appeal that makes me hope they finally stop being so utterly hapless. Would also like to see Buffalo finally win one for the painful legacy those four straight SB losses inflicted long term. As for the NFC East - the other teams are the accident waiting to happen, the derp organisation and the literal cesspool (in current times anyway). And the Eagles did draft Mailata, his success story has been intriguing. Incidentally the Ravens drafted an Aussie to play tackle, he might be able to follow in Mailata's path.

    Nice to hear you liked Simoun too. It felt like it was made at the right time. Before things got...safer/simpler I guess? 2006 was my fave year for anime ever. Felt like that was the last year adult characters got that much love/focus. I think either way, Summertime Rendering would have an uphill battle this year. Dress Up Darling was always going to dominate January. Spy x Family has all the buzz for April, there's big name sequels in July, a great wall of shounen in October. But I learnt a long time ago that if people don't want to explore more of what's out there or only go for the low-hanging fruit, so be it. Their loss. Code Geass was the last time I was part of a major buzz while it was airing.

    Political turmoil aplenty lately, hey? Federal election in Australia in 4 days. It has been some of the most vile stuff I've ever seen in the lead up. Can only wonder what the result will be.
  10. Last Sinner
    2022-05-16 00:33
    Last Sinner
    You didn't say Patriots or Steelers, we will get along just fine, heh.

    Maybe they will if the Chargers win but LA is heavily saturated for everything.

    Eagles seemed to have a good draft. A.J. Brown trade is definitely giving Hurts the chance to prove whether he belongs, Davis is a good pickup. Seriously, fleecing the Colts last year and the Saints this year in draft trades is hilarious.

    I watch the games available from my friend's Kayo subscription as well as Youtube match highlights and the Move The Sticks & Power Rankings podcasts.

    Anime-wise, I'm mainly watching older stuff. Simoun and Little Witch Academia were my most recent viewings. Going with Daughter of Twenty Faces soon. Summertime Rendering is the only 2022 title I've retained so far. Hoping Bofuri S2 and Tatami Time Machine Blues are also this year.

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