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  1. PastPrime
    2009-02-27 18:21
    It brought tears to my eyes too. Seeing the small grave under a tree with her favorite foods. It reminded me of something I saw at my Uncle's funeral. He was buried the day after Christmas, and as I was leaving I passed a small grave with a Christmas Tree on it with a Teddy Bear and other presents. That really made me cry. The last two chapters of the manga brought tears to my eyes a few time too. Of course, the tears at the ending were not because I was sad.
  2. ACSephiroth
    2009-02-26 21:39
    Thank you very much for the Doll Special. It was very said and came close to being teary eyed. I have read the other two specials and they were good as well.
  3. ACSephiroth
    2008-11-16 20:22
    Thanks for the link, though I would recommend removing the link from public message so you don't get in trouble with the mods.
  4. ACSephiroth
    2008-11-15 23:47
    Hey can you send me the link for the 2nd Elfen Lied Special? I trying to send it to a friend but I can't seem to find the page with the download file. I got it on my computer but I don't want to post it on my photo album on the site.
  5. PastPrime
    2008-11-12 20:56
    When I was really busy with college it was a lot better than now when I am frequently really busy with my job.
  6. ACSephiroth
    2008-11-12 20:49
    Hey thanks for accepting me into your friends list. I been meaning to invite you before but I been really busy with college lately.
  7. PastPrime
    2008-09-13 10:00
    Hopefully, at some point Oishii Manga and Illuminati manga will translate the Nozomi Special chapter just as they did the special chapter where they drank the sake. They are still working on the main story too. They released chapter 93 today.
  8. Deadwings
    2008-09-11 19:24
    Hi Past! just passing by to say thanks here too .
    I read the first special you sent me, pretty good btw, somehow it makes me think of how it would have been if Kurama became Lucy's friend before Kouta. I'll try to figure something out of the other special. So far I only see it's a happy ending
  9. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-08-11 17:12
    Yah the new age of man could have begun early but Kakuzawa ruined that with his god complex crap.
  10. PastPrime
    2008-07-25 20:30
    I think that the twins will probably apologize to and ask forgiveness from a number of people, starting with Kouta, but I don't see them apologizing to Kurama without him also apologizing to them. He brought most of his misfortune on himself. If he had not shot Nyu then Lucy would not have awakened and Mariko would not have died. Perhaps they would have ended up with three diclonius at the Maple Inn.

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