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  1. Kanon
    2023-02-21 18:08
    I finished re-reading Sket Dance, started because there was a cross-over with Witch Watch. It was just as great as the first time. One of the most hilarious manga I've ever read, with some intense emotional highs. Teared up more than a few times.

    I bought the rest of the volumes, the final one only came out last year, 6 years after the manga ended in Japan. Publication was slow because of lack of sales and the difficulty to localize, but the translators did a really terrific job.

    Such a shame it never got an English release, at least as far as I know.
  2. Nachtwandler
    2023-02-21 09:19
    Books and manga are temporary in this case. But not everything is available. I serched for "Madaist" manga recently as a lot of people suggested to chek it, but you cannot get it on Kindle unless you subscribe to some booksharing program.
  3. Nachtwandler
    2023-02-21 08:57
    I watch 8 series this season. Nothing outstanding, though, I like Magical Revolution quite a bit.

    Apothecary Diares LNs are available in digital version so I purchased vol. 1 for my Kindle. Hopr to finish it today and get the next one.

    And I really need to finish Ancient Magus Bride as while I liked it I pause it mid S1 as I had not enough time when.
  4. Nachtwandler
    2023-02-20 07:15
    I'm reading Light Novels, not the manga. I know a lot of people prefer manga due to its art but I don't like reading the adaptation when original is available.

    I also got better job a few months ago, it's not easy but pretty fun for me.
  5. Kanon
    2023-02-18 12:56
    I wouldn't know about that, only ever played FES. How much is it?
  6. stray
    2023-02-16 22:19
    I do appreciate the Phillies and to a lesser extent the Padres, but the world series kinda reminded me I hate watching baseball on the whole... and I really sucked at playing it too. Maybe more trips to the batting cages would help. Street hockey was kinda fun growing up but nobody plays it anymore.

    How far did you actually get in LiS2? I think Humboldt was ep 3, Nevada ep 4, and in 5 the boys end up in a town (being generous) in the Arizona desert called Away where David is living off grid with a ponytail and beard. He's actually a fairly major minor character in LiS2. For better or worse LiS was essentially written to be a time travel trolley problem -- neither ending feels right per se but both are entirely justifiable.
    Spoiler for Life is Strange:
  7. Kanon
    2023-02-16 13:22
    Be sure to tell me what you thought of the ending. It's my favorite in the series.

    Upcoming games, huh... I'll be busy with Like a Dragon: Ishin starting next week. I have a pretty good idea what to expect, having played all of RGG studio's games.
  8. Guardian Enzo
    2023-02-16 03:03
    Guardian Enzo
  9. stray
    2023-02-15 23:47
    I'm on the other side of the state so the train explosion is about 355 miles (570 km) away, and I think the wind is blowing it west lately. Still a fucked up situation. Infrastructure is really, really terrible in the US.

    Steichen is a loss but I'm kind of glad Gannon is gone, there was some valid criticism of him throughout the season which was easy to overlook since we were outscoring everyone so handily. I'm not really expecting ths Sixers to make it to the NBA finals but I'll probably pay attention to the NBA season now that the trade deadline has passed.

    I was debating whether to bring up David in LiS2 but its like 3/4 of the way into the game when you find him so I assume Kanon gorged on spoilers. Dontnod's 3rd game is free during Pride (June) on PC at least. I broke down and have been playing some Japanese VN that I'm sick of hoping to get translated with Textractor + MTL lately. The only game I'm really looking forward to otherwise is Octopath Traveler which I'm on the fence about picking up on release.
  10. Guardian Enzo
    2023-02-15 23:46
    Guardian Enzo
    Well, congrats on TAD. Iíve learned to be leery of even well-reviewed LNs but I do hear good things.

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