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  1. Crimson406
    2022-12-24 08:43
    Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend!
  2. stevenjai1
    2022-08-27 10:17
    I see that mean you know the entire story now that you purchase the book if you could please spare me some of your time to answer some of these question that I really wanna know about and I would be really grateful for it like for starter:

    A lot people been asking exactly how and when did viscount Gedhardt and other noble that are with him died were they killed in battle during Lupis war or did they died after war like for example did Ryouma send his ninja to kill them once the war was over?

    Another question a lot of people been asking about what happen to Ladine did she also died like gedhardt or she is still alive?

    Also did the book mention anything about Ryouma establish his own country like for example did he decide to have Sirius city within wortenia peninsula become capital of his new founded country or does he plan to have pireaus city continue to be the capital?

    Does book also mention anything about what the name of his new founded country?

    Does Ryouma need to give away any territory to the mist kingdom or will he need to give something else since the general from mist kingdom also participate and help Ryouma in winning the war?

    Also what happen to the acting general Elena Steiner is she also dead was she killed during battle at the capital?

    Also I read in the spoiler that the capital had fallen because knight within capital had betray lupis and Ryouma made a hole within royal castle wall causing avalanche within the hall inside the castle is that true because this just google translate from a spoiler so I'm wasn't sure which is the reason I'm asking you about it?
  3. stevenjai1
    2022-08-20 02:19
    Just wanna make sure do you mean reading the preview on bookwalker or reading straight from the light novel book by purchasing it from bookwalker because I already read the preview by google translating it seem to only mention about viscount gedhardt nothing about the ending you mention earlier in spoiler about meltina being killed by poison shuriken?
  4. stevenjai1
    2022-08-19 01:11
    Sorry to bother you n0m@n just wanna ask for your spare time if you could please tell me exactly where did you find the spoiler and information from wortenia senki light novel volume 22 did you translate it from light novel book or is it from website or webpage if it possible can you show me the link? Please I am begging you I really wanna know?
  5. Crimson406
    2022-03-18 15:54
    Here are the DxD DX.7 illustrations.
  6. Crimson406
    2022-03-01 07:00
    We got till March 19th so it’s fine bro.
  7. Crimson406
    2022-02-28 23:09
    Ingvild certainly had some developed since the last illustration we saw her lol
  8. Crimson406
    2021-12-24 07:48
    Hey dude itís been a while! Have a good Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  9. Crimson406
    2021-03-14 06:41
    It’s fine dude. I understand that you’re busy at home.
  10. Crimson406
    2021-03-10 10:36
    Got the chapter names. Mind a translation for the wiki?

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