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Clannad Preacher

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  1. Malkuth
    2012-01-08 23:49
    >> Ouch, that hurt.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to come out so absolute

    >> Queen's Blade was just a random example that I used of an anime that could have been good but isn't because of fanservice, me calling it a hentai was dramatization. Need another example? Go watch Ikkitousen. Both had potential as Shounen animes, but wanted high ratings through pantyshots and boobs.

    Ikkitousen is indeed a better example... nonetheless, I like the manga (Kan'u, Ryofu, Ryomou) and later anime (Ten'i , Sonken, 'cause of her VA... same as Kotomi, by the way)

    >> Also, Clannad has a ton of character development, devoting 4-6 episodes at a time to flesh out each character, eve the "minor" ones. In addition, people can relate to it, whereas the only way you can relate to Queen's Blade is if you are a mother with some funky disease and you killed your baby with your acid boob milk. Just sayin' ;p

    Hm, CLANNAD (the anime) is not a good example since I dislike both the author, the studio, and the characters are just a rewrite of Canon and Air. But generally speaking narrating an unrealistic tear-jerking background with all the development being your troubled yet nice-guy along with his harem being supportive to magically solve supposedly deep-rooted psychological trauma, does not make up for a story or character development. Should we stick to Key/KyoAni... that unnamed terminally diseased girl has been beaten to death by the author, who even ruined a huge budget on his obsession with Angl Beats! As for the big twist of CLANNAD's two worlds it so trivial outside anime these last 4 millennia that using it in such an uninspired way is just annoying

    All that said, Kotomi's VA, hair colour/style, bust size, skirt length, legwear, and submissiveness, made her also one of my favourite characters... but thanks to H-doujinshi, instead of the source and kiddie adaption, that depict her as another Rei@EVA-copy
  2. Malkuth
    2012-01-07 08:21
    Since it would be OT in the Zero thread, I am replying here...

    ... Queen's Blade is not a hentai, since it does not explicitly depict sexual intercourse of any kind...

    ... and if you get over the acidic boob milk of the first episode, has more story (as in non-random sequence of events)...

    ... and character development (as in ALL the cast's personality changes based on the events taking place around them)...

    ... than CLANNAD managed in double the episodes
  3. DeX-kun
    2009-08-23 21:18
    Ah I see, thanks for the information. Well I think I'll give it a shot, it seems interesting enough.
  4. DeX-kun
    2009-08-22 19:11
    I'd rather continue it my questions here, now about Hayate no Gotoku, does it have romance because I usually like my shows to include romance. I can deal with comedy and such, I'm very open to humor
  5. Ak3mi
    2009-08-13 12:12
    Thanks for the suggestion

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