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  1. MartianMage
    2015-04-03 16:42
    I understand the point that the hero has to have a challenge but that challenge doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be in a form of a rival. A hero can have a challenge without a rival by pitting him against unfavorable odds which the show went for.

    I would agree that the show doesn't really do a good job of giving Inaho's fights tension... I'll agree that much but saying that he wasn't challenged at all? That's the part I have problems with cause Inaho was in a lot of dicey situations in the show.
  2. MartianMage
    2015-04-02 12:18
    Mostly pixiv and boorus too... it's just i never fail to visit everyday so yeah they accumulated =x my PMMM collection is prolly my biggest collection =x
  3. Faerie
    2015-03-31 11:55
    Heya! Been a while!

    Well, I do agree inspiration from western media (and vice versa) is a good thing, even completely normal- it's how creativity happens. Direct copying without adding anything significant or giving new meaning to the appropriated part however is a bit uninspiring. Sadly, this falls into the latter category... Inaho is no Professor X, get out, A/Z. Don't show your face here again!

    Shipping wars aside (funny as it is), I actually thought the Klancain ending was good as a splash of realism. It's the one thing A/Z did well, at least.

    Like you, I'd pick Saazbaum and Slaine on the male side. While I was reasonably happy with Rayet's and Saazbaum's story, sadly there was no satisfying development for Lemrina and Slaine at all. Both seem to have been used almost exclusively as tools to advance Inaho's and Asseylum's story respectively.
  4. Darthtabby
    2015-03-30 01:21
    A few other observations based on some of your old blog posts:

    In your last post on Angel Beats, you talk about people who care about characters more than plot. I think I'm one of them. I like it if an anime has a good plot, but I tend to find the characters more important. I also find a lot of my analysis of series focuses on character motivations.

    I liked your post on Nanoha's most formidable enemy being numbers. I've had similar thoughts myself, though I think I've tended to think of the problem as "cast size bloat." BTW, years ago I had a discussion with another fan about how Strikers could have been better though I don't remember it overly well.

    I should probably stop pushing Macross Frontier so much, but in your article about Haruka Morishima's arc in Amagami, you said you thought the kind of romance it portrayed would have worked better in a mecha series than in a romance series. That comment instantly reminded me of Frontier's rather whimsical fifth episode. The series as a whole doesn't really fit because it does have romantic conflict (in fact it's a central part of the series), but that one episode does have that sort of "whimsically wonderfully winsome" tone to it, and it's a favorite of mine because of that.
  5. Darthtabby
    2015-03-29 21:59
    Haha, I have noticed it can be a little awkward if you know someone else really likes a particular show and you don't. (I sense there's a bit of that on both sides in some of our discussions, actually. ) Though I get the impression you had a genuinely positive impression of Angel Beats, and weren't saying good things about it just to make my brother happy.

    Personally, I didn't hate the show, but I considered it both a mess and something of a laughing stock. Your posts improved my opinion of it somewhat, though I still think it's something of a mess.

    How would you say your understanding of the industry has changed, and how has it affected your thoughts on Code Geass and Angel Beats?

    I'm not sure how true it is, but one of my friends told me that Code Geass R2 was more or less completely rewritten after it got moved to a different timeslot with a different demographic.
  6. Darthtabby
    2015-03-29 19:32
    Sure, I'll take a look at some of them.

    It's been a long time since I watched Angel Beats, but from what I can remember, at one point towards the end it seemed like the show finally had a sense of direction in that the main character was going to help his companions get over their issues so they could move on. And then the show tossed that out and went a different direction with the next episode.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-03-27 00:38
    Going to be going on hiatus until mid-April... apologies but the combination of deadlines and stuff I can attend if I get ahead of schedule kind of demands I go to unusual lengths to minimize distractions.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2015-03-26 17:51
    Hi. Finished uploading cosplay pics from Otaku Expo 2015.
    Here it is, just in case you want to see. ",)
  9. Haak
    2015-03-25 02:57
    I actually disliked the show first, but it gradually grew on me the more it developed. It's difficult for me to compare with Shirobako because that show holds a special place in my heart (l loved the last episode) and they're pretty much apples and oranges, but after watching the most recent episode of Death Parade I had the strong urge to recommend it above all else.
  10. Haak
    2015-03-24 02:26
    Highly recommend it. Imo it's the best series airing right now. Incredibly thought provoking. I can't think of any show quite like it. It's one of a kind.

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