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For the yuri (╹◡╹)

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  1. kusabireika
    2016-03-31 08:01
    about the rushing part, I take my time on it like uhm doing trial and error before I gave them the finish product beside being hasty will very bad right. ^^

    thx for the concern, I will take care of myself. ^^
  2. kusabireika
    2016-03-31 06:05
    thx, well maybe next time I want to learn all technique and applied that technique into the custom avatar I making. ^^

    uhm because I'm still lacking and it's I only start last month ago so uhm I think my skill and technique in doing avatar is lacking maybe I will be move on the next stage after I gained more experience. ^^

    uhm sorry if it's a silly reason. T_T
  3. kusabireika
    2016-03-30 17:09
    thx, uhm I hope someday I can make my own version of custom gif image. ^^

    also uhm I created my own thread. ^^

    uhm just don't overwork yourself ok. ^^?
  4. kusabireika
    2016-03-30 09:07
    uhm due to you for you simple gif avatar of Koukaku no Pandora I'm sorry if it's a silly reason. T_T

    also thx for the free gif avatars. ^^
  5. kusabireika
    2016-03-30 07:48
    uhm I hope it's ok to add you. T_T
  6. Blue-kun
    2015-07-06 09:13
    Oh, auto adjustment is my favourite there. Took it, if you don't mind! And lol, no problem, I figured I might as well make it clear because not everyone's watched Gunbuster, haha. For reference, it's because of this pose/scene, which is a recurring thing in Gunbuster/Diebuster:

    Thanks once again for the help! Time to show off with Chris striking the coolest robot pose in my avy, haha. :3
  7. Blue-kun
    2015-07-05 20:59
    I have no idea on the transition, so I'll take you up on your offer to just see them. But no need to apologize, haha. Whenever you can do it is plenty fine. Thanks again!
  8. Blue-kun
    2015-07-05 16:04
    Yo! Thanks for the Sympho GX gifs. Just wanted to know if you could make one for that scene where Chris is riding the rocket while striking the Gunbuster pose? haha. As in, arms crossed and looking 'serious', straight ahead! Thanks in advance~
  9. RRW
    2015-02-17 10:33
    I forgot. I think one of those early episode
  10. Nuvi
    2015-02-07 01:21
    That looks absolutely amazing, you're really good at this!
    I'll try V3 for now. *quickly saves all of them*

    Thanks a lot buddy!

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