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  1. GundamFan0083
    2012-08-02 19:36
    Thank you kyp275 for fighting the good fight in the gun-control thread.
    Your posts have been excellent IMHO, and very appreciated.
    Banning guns does nothing to stop crime.
    I could understand a reasonable request for magazines that are strictly for machine guns (like a 75-150 round drum magazine for rifles or anything over 20 rounds for a pistol) requiring say a special background check (involving mental health records) or maybe even a permit, but not banning them outright, that is totally unreasonable.
  2. Lost Cause
    2012-07-29 21:12
    Lost Cause
    So I pos-repped you and wanted say thanks for defending some of what I said in the Gun Cintrol thread!
    Some of these arguments are just so much hooey it isn't funny! But the ones that scare the hell out of me are the ones that just won't see thru the smoke and mirrors that gun control supposedly does! The criminals are not about to give up their guns just because the law says so...and more than a few law-abiding citizens WOULD rather fight than surrender! Linda
  3. Vexx
    2012-07-24 18:11
    I'd cookie your post about anti-gun cluelessness but it has been too soon since the last one. I am what some call a "gun toting progressive" in current terminology (which is odd because my views haven't changed - the spectrum buttkicked to the right) but it makes me pull my hair out to hear/read nonsense being spouted about firearms, self-defence, etc. I'm all for rational regulation as per "citizen militia" kind of rules... but it is hard/impossible to talk to people who form their ideas off of idiot tv like "Law&Order".
  4. Ray
    2012-07-11 19:51

    Hmm.. Wasn't it you who explained that using an EMP would possibly kill off all the players?


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