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  1. Masterkeyes2
    2008-09-28 22:15
    The message felt like the same as every other mecha/war anime out there "War is bad thus lets stop and maybe conflicts will stop." or "lets make enough war to were people get sick of it."

    But R2 overall still has a good rating IMO as well....just not the end.
  2. Masterkeyes2
    2008-09-28 22:10
    I guess I am also more upset with some loose ends that they didn't tie up. I mean like I said earlier some of it was good but most of it felt painful to watch.
  3. Masterkeyes2
    2008-09-28 22:06
    Personally I obtained a much more pessimist view. I actually like chaotic and darker endings, maybe its the reason I liked Death Notes end. This is just tragic and makes me feel like much. It also seems to perfect the way things worked out.
  4. Masterkeyes2
    2008-09-28 22:02
    So I take you are happy that Nunnally turned out be antagonist material during the end Krimzon?
  5. UltimaWolf
    2008-09-28 21:52
    Sure am! Thanks for letting me know!!
  6. youngde
    2008-09-28 21:46
    Hey Striker. You're back. I thought you got banned.

    Great to see you again. (Even if you do disagree w/ me half the time. Maybe the other half, too. I only read half of what you say )
  7. Hamtaro623
    2008-09-28 21:45
    yah! i would love two... but im kinda new so how would i do that?
  8. kir44n
    2008-09-28 21:08
    I have created the Lelouch Lives Social group! Join & spread the message ^^
  9. kir44n
    2008-09-28 20:16
    I'm of the opinion you should create a "Lelouch is alive" social group =P
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-28 17:45
    Dann of Thursday
    What mannerisms? Jeremiah lost on purpose and was part of the plan, Lelouch smiled because the plan was successful, and Suzaku was sad because he had to kill his friend.

    I think you are really looking much too hard at this. They didn't avoid showing his face. They simply didn't consider him important enough to bother with. He's a stranger of no importance. If he wasn't then they would have shown more scenes of him. He doesn't matter. Stop making this out to be some huge conspiracy.

    It's odd of course, but who knows if she actually saw anything or if it was all a trick. Other than that one bit though, there isn't really anything hinting to his survival. If they had done C.C.'s last line in a way that made it seems she was really talking to the driver than it would have been better.

    Well, the person on Random Curiosity feels that him being alive brings more closure to the plot than what we have with him dead and I agree, but what would it really answer?

    If he does something to indicate it is what we want it to be then fine. If he does do that though, everyone will automatically assume he is alive. I want something though. There is a chance commentary on the episodes as well as the last picture book, but that won't come till April.

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