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  1. Almazluverdis3
    2010-11-25 10:53
    Excuse me, but I've been having some trouble with 'Witches and Woodlands'. The sprites don't seem to appear, with an exception of one Jessica sprite. Is it a problem with my computer, or did I download it/ZIP it down wrong? Also, the backgrounds don't appear, either.
  2. Will Wright
    2010-09-09 07:49
    Will Wright
    I see. Well, the number of tricks is bigger than the Beatles, so making a complete list is problematic. But let me try.

    Let's see:
    -There is a way inside the locked room, even though windows and doors are locked.
    -The room truly is a locked room, however the victim was killed after the police broke inside the room
    -Closed room is made after the murderer has left(one case I read used hot air to do this!)
    -Countless traps involving melting ice
    -Someone is shot through the door, or some kind of small hole inside a wall.
    -Murder happens from the outside of the closed room, usually in some ridiculous fashion(example: Inflatable boats are used to suffocate a victim)
    -The room isn't locked, however a trap makes the police accidentally lock the room themselves.
    -Window trick(victim looks out the window to talk in the cellphone, culprit drops something heavy from above)
    -Victim isn't dead AT THE TIME THE CLOSED ROOM IS DISCOVERED, but dies later.
    -Victim dies elsewhere, body is transported inside the closed room after policemen break in
    -Time difference trick(When was the room locked?)
    -Set the lock from outside
    -Trick involving string and keys
    -Secret passages
    -Variation of the window trick where the victim is shot from someone in a floor lower than the victim, which makes the victim stumble away from the window before dying inside the room.
    -Victim is killed outside the closed room, then transported inside of it using device through the window
    -Killer sets himself on fire
    -Killer slices body of the victim in a thousand pieces, then pretends to be the victim. After the room is broken into, he runs away.
    -Mirror trick hides a part of the room, or makes the illusion that the room is more well locked than it really is.
    -Locked room is only a locked room due to a witness who was fooled by a trick
    -Room was locked after the murder took place

    Hmm...There are thousands of others, I could go on for a while.
  3. Will Wright
    2010-09-08 18:52
    Will Wright
    Sure, I can make something like that. The list would be rather large, but I think I can make something like that.

    First of all allow me to divide the art of a locked room in a few different types:

    1)The room locked from inside.
    This one has been done to death by Umineko, no need for it to be explained.

    2)No footprints in the snow
    A different kind of closed room. We can see how the victim got into the room. The question is how she got there without leaving any signs of being there. This is a hard kind of mystery to pull off, and it's no wonder that Ryuukishi stayed away from it for the most part.

    The following is a list I have for some reason. I remember using it for my own novel, but I don't recall if I made the list myself or got it off the internet. It's far from a complete list of the genre, as the number of locked rooms goes well over a thousand.

    The trick to making your closed room original is by making it have 3 different tricks. 3 tricks make it a mathematical impossibility that someone did the exact same thing as you.
    The victim is seen walking alone in the middle of a snow-covered street. A voice is heard to threaten him, and a shot rings out. An examination of his body shows the shot was fired from close range, but no killer is to be seen and no other footprints are found on the scene. The Hollow Man (U.S. title: The Three Coffins), a novel by John Dickson Carr)

    A man is found with his throat cut on a rock in the middle of a footprint-free stretch of sand wet from the receding tide. The crime is so recent that the victim's blood has not yet clotted, yet the occupants of a fishing boat less than 100 yards away swear they saw nobody approach the rock for hours. (Have His Carcase. a novel by Dorothy L. Sayers)

    A man is seen by several witnesses committing a crime, and is found dead later. Examination of the body indicates he was already dead before the crime was committed. (The Amorous Corpse, a short story by Peter Lovesey;Captain Leopold and the Ghost-Killer, a short story by Edward D. Hoch)

    A man dies in a room at the top of a tower in a Scottish castle that is believed to be haunted, where people have committed suicide in rapid succession. Despite evidence showing the people had no reason to kill themselves, they are shown to have been alone at the time of the murder. (The Case of the Constant Suicides, a novel by John Dickson Carr)

    A man is shot in a guarded room, and the still-smoking gun was delivered next door in a sealed envelope some time previously. (The X Street Murders, a short story by Joseph Commings}

    The murderer is seen entering a room by a witness, but when the room is opened only the corpse of the victim is to be found. (The Hollow Man)
    A man volunteers to spend the night in an attic room reputedly haunted by the spirit of a woman previously stabbed to death there in impossible circumstances. The door is sealed. When the seals are broken, a complete stranger lies there dead from stab wounds and the other man has vanished. (La Quatrieme Porte)

    A man is found dead, and his wife dying, in a room locked from the inside. She had been able to call for help after shots were heard. There is no gun in the room and a search reveals no other person present. (Six Crimes Sans Assassin)

    A woman is found dead in a room with her ex-husband, with the gun that killed her in his hand. Although the gun is proven to have killed her, her ex-husband is a detective whom the reader has grown to trust over a long series of short stories featuring him as the explainer of locked room mysteries. (The Leopold Locked Room, a short story by Edward D. Hoch)

    A man is stabbed to death in a summer house to which every access route is guarded and in which no weapon is to be found. (The Oracle of the Dog, a short story by G.K. Chesterton)

    A horse and buggy vanish in a covered bridge. Their tracks can be seen going in to the bridge, but none come out on the other side. (The Problem of the Covered Bridge, a short story by Edward D. Hoch)

    The audience is allowed to inspect the magician’s cabinet from all sides before he steps inside to perform his vanishing trick and the curtain descends. When the curtain goes up again, the magician is still in the cabinet – strangled. (Death by Black Magic, a short story by Joseph Commings)

    The drunken brother of a billionaire industrialist fires an empty gun in the direction of his brother, who is some distance away sealed inside a safe-room. At that precise moment, the industrialist is shot, and no gun can be found in the sealed and guarded room. (The King is Dead, a novel by Ellery Queen.)

    Those are only a few of the examples. There are thousands of it, and I would be delighted to give you more if you are interested. I could also show you a few books that have locked room tricks, in case you want to read them as well.
  4. alarmadadna hadi
    2010-08-23 19:40
    alarmadadna hadi
    Just wanted to let you know that I was blown away by W&W-2, it was just so much fun and looks like you put a lot of effort in it, the final blow in mammon's challenge was nothing short of genius.
  5. Tyabann
    2010-04-23 19:23
    That's... that's pretty awesome of you.
  6. Tyabann
    2010-04-23 17:11
    I don't like LOVE in my mysteries. I generally agree with Van Dine more than Knox.

    I understand what you're getting at, and I also understand that my impression of Ep6 as being terribly written and heavy-handed has a lot to do with /jp/'s initial reactions, and that I'll probably enjoy it when playing it a lot more.

    But I just do not like the stuff that's revealed in Ep6. The crap about Featherinne and Shkanon makes me physically uncomfortable.

    But, again, you're right. I'll probably like it more when I actually play it.
  7. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-15 03:07
    I've seen the first episode, seems interesting and very similar to Higurashi, I'll keep watching it and see. BTW Ryukishi is involved but it isn't his project. It's hard to tell how much he was involved in this
  8. bereal31
    2010-01-14 21:38
    Did you see the new anime: Ookami Kakushi? Made by the same guy as Umineko + Higurashi, Ryukishi07! =)
  9. Kitsu
    2010-01-14 16:59
    Yup, it just screams Shkannon.

    Well, a lot of people already said that it wasn't denied because the parlor scene wasn't in erika's view so the only thing that "denied" it was that Kanon and Shannon were amost always together.
  10. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-14 01:33
    Ah so it isn't just my impression that the whole first half paves the way to the shkannon theory XD

    What a joke after EP5 almost completely denied it...

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